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We label all of our video clips with some basic information about the site, date, individuals, context, and behaviour. You can search through our library to find out how much footage or data exists for that category. The chimpanzee video library currently contains 8,428 video clips and we are regularly uploading more Budongo video and video from other sites.

We’re working to make this searchable online. But for now you can download an excel sheet directory at the bottom of this page. This directory allows you to search through our available video footage by “Context” (list available here) and “Ethogram” (list available here). You can then use this form to request access to the video footage specific to your project.

ClipDateIndividualsClip length (s)Context 1Context 2Context 3Ethogram 1Ethogram 2Ethogram 3Ethogram 4Ethogram 5Comments
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 1 07;58;30 2011-01-16SQ, HW, SI, KT40TravellingAgonisticDisplaytravelsolicit reassurance contactscatter dry leaveswait for companionSi seeks reassurance from KT while KT displays
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 2 08;00;432011-01-16NT, NK, NB (MS, FD)102TravellingRestingtravelsit
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 4 08;05;532011-01-16NB, MS, NT, FD33GroomingRestinggroomrest
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 5 08;12;582011-01-16NT, NB20RestingInspectionSexualmasturbation, otherpart of series of clips

NT plays with NBs swelling (not in full oestrus) - masturbation?
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 6 08;14;412011-01-16NT, NB36RestingInspectionSexualmasturbation, otherpart of series of clips

NT plays with NBs swelling (not in full oestrus) - masturbation?
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 7 08;15;202011-01-16NT, NB25RestingInspectionSexualmasturbation, otherpart of series of clips

NT plays with NBs swelling (not in full oestrus) - masturbation?
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 8 08;16;082011-01-16NT, NB74RestingTravellingresttravel
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 9 08;17;322011-01-16NT10RestingTravellingresttravel
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 10 08;26;562011-01-16 ZD (OK)8SexualLeaf clippingnot full interaction - strips stem
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 11 09;53;272011-01-16MS10DisplayTravellingpant-hootdrumMS displaying
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 12 12;05;242011-01-16HW (NK)12Restingpant-grunt
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 13 12;05;592011-01-16NT, NB, NK15Restingpresent with limbs extended
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 15 12;16;502011-01-16WL11Restingsnare injury
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 16 12;17;122011-01-16WL, HW18InspectionRestinginspect gentials
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 17 12;20;262011-01-16NT, NB37Groominggroom by hand
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 18 12;21;162011-01-16NT, NB15Groominggroomposition seems to effective
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 20 12;28;372011-01-16KL, KC, NT, ZL25Play socialRestingplay sociallyNT tears off leaves but can’t see why
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 21 12;29;192011-01-16KL, KC, NT34Play socialAgonisticplay sociallyNT wants to play with KC - KL briefly tries to stop her but they play anyway

gestures not clear
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 22 12;30;122011-01-16NK, KL, NB, KC, NT, ZL, KM29Agonisticwaa barkpant-gruntin response to others from Sonso, not sure why - another group? pig?
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 23 12;31;202011-01-16MB, ML19ID clipTravellingidentification clipnice clear clip of the two
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 24 12;32;152011-01-16KW, MB, ML, KB7Travellingtravel
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 25 12;33;392011-01-16KZ, NK, ZF13Groominggroom mutuallyBLS followed by groom in alternate location
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 26 12;35;262011-01-16ML, MB20Play socialplay sociallynice play clip - no clear gesture before moving off - beckon?
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 27 12;38;222011-01-16NB, KC, KL11RestingKC following NB trying to smell her swelling
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 14 12;14;462011-01-16KL, KC, NB, NK, ZL, NT, MS77RestingPlay socialInspectionplay sociallypresent with limbs extendedinspect gentials
Budongo 2011-01-16 Clip 19 12;22;222011-01-16KC, ZL (NB, NT, KM) (KL)331Play socialAffiliationplay socially
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 1 08;20;572011-01-18KM, KL, KC8Groominggroom by hand
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 2 08;21;532011-01-18KL, KC10Restingyawn
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 3 08;22;412011-01-18KM, KL, KC16RestingGroominggroom self
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 4 08;23;272011-01-18KM, KL, KC, SQ104Travellingtraveltravelling scratchyawn
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 5 08;26;322011-01-18KC, KM, KL, SQ (KZ)32Travellingtravelpant-hootdrum
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 7 08;31;242011-01-18KZ, ZL, KW, KB, KR, ZD50Travellingtravel
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 8 08;32;212011-01-18SQ, KZ (KW, KB, KR) (OK, ZL)88TravellingInspectiontravelpresent with limbs extendedinspect gentialsdrag branchearly g’s dictated
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 10 08;35;102011-01-18KR (KW, KB, ZG) (KZ, ZL, KM)112TravellingPlay socialrakeplay sociallyKR digging through leaf litter
smelling where ZM sat
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 11-1 08;37;522011-01-18ZL, ZG8Travellingpant-grunt
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 11-2 08;37;522011-01-18KN, KR, ZL (SQ, WL) (KU, KH, KS) (ZG)61Travellingpant-gruntpresent with limbs extendedtravelKR pant grunts to ZL who then presents to her?
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 15 08;42;112011-01-18SQ15Travellingpant-hoot
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 21-1 08;48;332011-01-18ZM, KZ, ZK, KN, KR, KS, WL15TravellingSexualpresent with limbs extended
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 21-2 08;48;332011-01-18ZG, KR, KZ, ZK, ZM (WL, KN)23TravellingDisplaydrag branchdrag dry leavestravel
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 22-1 08;50;542011-01-18ZG, ZK, KZ, WL, ZM, (KN, KR)28TravellingDisplayPlay socialtraveldrag branchplay socially
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 22-2 08;50;542011-01-18ZG, KZ, KL, KC, ZM24Travellingtravelpresent with limbs extended
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 25 11;19;252011-01-18KT12InjuryinjuryKT walking with a strained leg - injury only lasted a couple of days
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 26 11;25;172011-01-18KU, KH13Resting
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 31 11;37;252011-01-18KU, KH, KN, NT18Travellingtravelling scratchstart of sequence unknown
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 32 11;45;522011-01-18NT, ZD86Travellingwhimperscratch against objectZD whimpering (ZL has gone on without him)
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 36 11;52;392011-01-18ZK (ZG)41RestingGroomingscratch selfgrooming scratches but no grooming
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 37 11;53;332011-01-18ZK (ZG)21Groominggroom self
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 40 12;25;212011-01-18KR, KW, KB, ZL14Travellingtraveltransport on back
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 45 13;39;332011-01-18KB, KW78FeedingBeggingpeel with teethwatchtakebeggiveno response waiting - she doesn’t stop what she’s doing and wait for KW to give

doesn’t include gestures
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 46 13;41;052011-01-18KB, KW28Feeding
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 48 13;46;062011-01-18KR, ZD, KB, KW, ZL (KZ)37TravellingDisplaypant-bark
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 50 14;00;122011-01-18ZL, KW, KB, SQ, WL, KZ, KR165solicit supportaggress in sexual frustrationaggressattacksupportWL screams after copulation with KZ to get support - WL attacks KZ, KW goes to help, ZL attacks KW

all too messy to code
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 51 14;04;452011-01-18ZD, SQ, ZL, WL (KZ)25Travellingpant-hootkick buttress
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 52 14;07;402011-01-18ZL, SQ, KZ, ZD (KW, KB, KR)91Groominggroom by handgroom mutually
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 53 14;09;532011-01-18ZL, KR, SQ, KW, KZ, KB, ZD17Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 54 14;10;202011-01-18ZL, KR, SQ, KW, KZ, KB, ZD78Groomingoffer backgroom by handgroom mutually
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 55 14;11;552011-01-18SQ, KZ, KW, ZL, KR, ZD20Leaf inspectionGroominggroom leafwatch
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 56 14;13;072011-01-18SQ, KZ, KR, KW, ZL, ZD100Groominggroom mutually
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 57 14;14;51 2011-01-18SQ, KZ, KW, ZL, ZD, KR33Groominggroom by hand
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 58 14;15;44 2011-01-18SQ, KZ, KW, ZL, ZD, KR45Groominglistengroom leaf
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 60 14;17;522011-01-18SQ, KZ, KR, ZL, KW, ZD18Groominggroom mutually
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 61 14;19;14 2011-01-18SQ, KZ, KR, ZL, KW, ZD (ZG, ZM)50GroomingDisplaypant-hootpant-bark
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 63 14;21;122011-01-18ZG, SQ, ZK (SE, SK, FK)11Displaypant-gruntkick buttress
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 65 14;24;592011-01-18SQ, KR, ZK21TravellingPlay social
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 67 14;26;262011-01-18ST4ID clipidentification clip
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 68 14;26;342011-01-18NK8Displaygallopstart of sequence missing
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 70 14;28;052011-01-18NK10Displaygallopstart of sequence missing
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 71 14;28;342011-01-18ZM, ZK17Travellingtraveltravel hoo? - not coded as not sure
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 73 14;29;112011-01-18ST, NK, KB, KW, ZM (ZK) (KR)57Travellingwhimpertravel
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 75 14;31;442011-01-18PS, KR7Travelling
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 78 14;41;512011-01-18ZL10Feedingsuck
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 79 14;42;352011-01-18ZL11Feedingsuck
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 81 14;48;542011-01-18ST12RestingID clipsitidentification clip
Budongo 2011-01-18 Clip 84 15;00;352011-01-18FK89Feedingpeel with teethsuck
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 5 09;27;272011-01-21MB, ML12RestingID clipidentification clip
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 8 09;31;362011-01-21ZK, ST, ZF (KL, KC)45RestingID cliprestidentification clipwatch
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 13 09;36;122011-01-21OK12Sexualmasturbation, selfOK rubbing her swelling - unclear why, ZM I think passes
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 14 09;37;132011-01-21KW, KB, KZ, KN, KU, KH, WL, KR21Play socialAgonisticplay sociallyfendKB wants to play with KH - KU prevents her
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 15 09;40;332011-01-21ZG, WL, KR, KZ, KB, KW22SexualTravellingpresent with limbs flexedmount in copulationscream face - sex
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 16 09;43;352011-01-21 KW, NK (NB) honey hive53Feedinghoney feeding
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 18 09;45;182011-01-21NK, KW, NB (HT, HY) honey hive189Feedinghoney feedingaggress
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 20 09;48;562011-01-21NB, HT, HR, NT honey hive81Feedinghoney feeding
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 21 09;50;492011-01-21HT, HR honey hive53Feedinghoney feeding
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 22 09;52;002011-01-21NT, HT, HR, KM honey hive58Feedinghoney feedingpant-gruntKM reaches and pant grunts to HT
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 23 09;53;202011-01-21KM, OK honey hive47Feedinghoney feeding
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 24 09;56;322011-01-21NK (ZK, ZM)15AffiliationNK contact grunts to ZM not sure why
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 27 10;02;232011-01-21ST, ZF14Affiliationreassuresolicit reassurance contact
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 28 10;04;082011-01-21ZM, ZK, ZF (ZM pregnant?)70RestingFeedingZM peering at and smelling ZM while she eats - is she pregnant
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 31 10;08;432011-01-21KW, KB (HY?)37Play socialsolicit play with object in mouth
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 32 10;09;232011-01-21HY, KB31Play socialplay sociallytoo dark to code well
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 34 10;13;482011-01-21KM, ST22dictated
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 35 10;15;052011-01-21KU f. KW f. HT f. OK, NB f. FK, WL175TravellingPlay socialtravelpresent with limbs extendedsolicit play with object in mouthinterfere playtransport on backdisturbed by pigs?
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 37 10;20;052011-01-21KW, KB, KH, KC, KU, KL5Travellingpant-grunt
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 42-1 10;35;312011-01-21KC, KL8Travellingsolicit ridingtravel hoo from KC? - very quiet but three note hoo just before KL gets up
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 42-2 10;35;422011-01-21KC, KL4Travellingdictated
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 44 13;51;282011-01-21ZK, NB, NK, ZF20Restingwait for companion
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 45 13;52;592011-01-21ZK, NB, NK, ZF (NT, ZG, ZM)30Restingpant-hootnose wipes before moving off
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 47 13;54;432011-01-21ZM19Feedingfeeding on young leaves of climber
Budongo 2011-01-21 Clip 6 09;28;162011-01-21ZK, ZM, KU, KH (KS) (NK)42Agonisticaggresskick othersolicit support
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 1 08;50;152011-01-22ZD, ZL14Groominggroomeffective - not G
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 2 08;50;372011-01-22ZD, ZL (NK)27GroomingDisplayoffer backgroompant-hootdescend by brachiating
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 3 08;58;232011-01-22NB (NK)9Travellingpant-gruntpresent with limbs flexedpant-hoot
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 4 08;58;462011-01-22NK, NT15TravellingAffiliationdictated
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 5 09;18;552011-01-22NT10TravellingNT coming passed me
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 6 09;24;102011-01-22NB, NT53Beggingbegnot clear that it’s her vocalising
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 7 10;54;202011-01-22HW, NK20Groominggroompant
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 8 10;57;282011-01-22NK, HW10Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 9 10;59;042011-01-22NK, HW12Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 10 10;59;432011-01-22NK, HW10Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 11 11;01;092011-01-22NK, HW15Groominggroomsolicit grooming turnnote the mistake from NK - HW isn’t presenting his chest for grooming he’s looking at something in the distance, NK thinks it’s an indication of where he wants groomed but HW isn’t expecting it there
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 12 11;02;092011-01-22NK, HW22Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 13 11;06;492011-01-22NK, HW15Groominggroomsolicit grooming turn
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 14 11;10;032011-01-22NK, HW23Groominggroomnot clear between grooming and moving
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 15 11;11;002011-01-22NK, HW13Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 16 11;13;312011-01-22NK, HW14Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 17 11;15;122011-01-22NK, HW13Groomingsolicit grooming turn
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 18 11;18;472011-01-22NK, HW14Groomingoffer back
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 19 11;21;312011-01-22NK, HW16Groomingsolicit grooming turn
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 20 11;22;562011-01-22NK, HW11Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 21 11;24;192011-01-22NK, HW (KT)47Groominggroom mutuallyHW pants to NK when KT approaches - seems to want him to stay calm while he’s grooming him, doesn’t want to risk NK getting aggressive to KT when he’s close?
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 22 11;25;222011-01-22NK, HW, KT75GroomingTravellinggroomKT appears to want either NK and/or HW to climb and feed with him
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 23 11;28;222011-01-22NK, HW35GroominggroomHW panting - it seems to NK, while looking at KT who’s making food grunts, keeping NK happy while he pays attention to KT?
Budongo 2011-01-22 Clip 24 11;30;322011-01-22HW, NK (KT)40GroomingFeedingpant-hootKT pant hoots in feeding tree - HW thinks about joining but goes back to NK

don’t know if HW touches KT at the end.. damn
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 1 08;45;112011-01-29ZD, ZK102Play socialplay sociallyplay already started
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 2 08;47;392011-01-29ZK, ZD27Play socialplay socially
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 3 08;48;272011-01-29ZD, ZK (ZG)41Play socialwrestle
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 42011-01-29ZG, ZK, ZD20Play socialRestingwrestlesit
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 5 08;50;492011-01-29ZG, ZK, ZD25Play socialRestingplay sociallysitno clear G
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 6 08;53;082011-01-29ZG, ZK (ZD)27Play socialplay sociallynice play start gestures from ZD
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 7 08;55;292011-01-29ZG, NT (ZK) (FK)45Play socialpeerplay sociallyNo clear G
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 8 08;56;172011-01-29NT, ZK (ZG, FK)35Play socialplay sociallysomersault
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 9 08;57;012011-01-29ZK, ZG, NT16Play socialplay sociallynice play face plus laught to restart play - acceptance touch from night?
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 10 08;57;322011-01-29ZK, NT19Play socialplay sociallyheadstand
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 11 08;58;212011-01-29ZK, ZL (ZD, ZM)28Play socialplay sociallytravelstart not clear
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 12 08;58;522011-01-29ZK, ZM (ZG)58Play solitarysomersaultpush leaf-piletravel and playno clear g to start play
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 13 08;59;522011-01-29ZK, ZM, ZG (ZD) (ZL)41TravellingPlay socialDisplayno clear com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 14 09;00;362011-01-29 ZK, ZM, ZG58Play socialplay with objectsnare injury
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 15 09;02;092011-01-29ZG, ZK25Play socialplay sociallyno real com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 16 09;02;492011-01-29ZG, ZK (PS)38Play socialplay sociallyno real com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 17 09;03;552011-01-29ZG, ZK (FK, PS)21Groominggroomproably a nudge but can’t really see it
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 18 09;04;572011-01-29ZG, ZK36Play socialtake finger in mouthplay socially
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 19 09;05;432011-01-29ZG, ZK22Play socialplay socially
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 20 09;08;022011-01-29ZG, FD25Displaygallopcan’t really see what happens with ZG - not directed display from FD
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 21 09;11;042011-01-29ZG, ZK, HW, ZM (NT)212InspectionPlay socialpresent with limbs extendedplay sociallylong sequences of gestures - between NT and ZK but a lot of distractions around them
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 22 09;15;372011-01-29NT9Travelling
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 22 09;15;372011-01-29NT9Travelling
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 23 09;18;482011-01-29NK (FK)84DisplayRestingalpha malesway and moveidentification clip
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 24 09;38;342011-01-29ZK, NT39Play socialplay sociallynot clear
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 24-1 09;39;322011-01-29dict2dictation
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 26 09;39;442011-01-29ZK dict13Agonisticdictated
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 27 09;42;472011-01-29ZM, ZK25RestingTravellingstart not seen so no timings
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 30 09;48;502011-01-29ZK6AgonisticZK to me
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 31 09;57;192011-01-29ZK (ZG) (NT)47Play socialplay sociallynot clear
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 32 10;04;322011-01-29NT, ZM, ZK175DrinkingPlay socialdrink from streamleaf-spongeplay sociallyZK wants to play, NT still busy leaf sponging
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 34 10;11;442011-01-29NB, ZM, ZK, OK28Groominggroom mutuallynot clearly gesture vs scratch?
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 35 10;13;112011-01-29ZM, ZK, OK18Groomingtoo forceful to be gesture
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 38 10;58;312011-01-29ZG, ZK, ZF58Restingmake cushiontransport in groin pocketCP bark
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 39 10;59;492011-01-29ZK, NT, ZF46Bark eatingPlay objecttransport in mouthplay with objecttearfunction of sumersault G?

CP bark
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 40 11;04;132011-01-29NT35FeedingRestingmake cushionwadgeCP bark
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 41 11;05;132011-01-29NT, ZF (NK)22RestingAgonisticsupplantNK displaces PS
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 42 11;06;132011-01-29NB, NT26Bark eatingtearchewCP bark
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 43 11;06;552011-01-29NB, NT53Bark eatingPlay objecttearplay with object
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 44 11;08;092011-01-29ZF, ZK, NT48RestingPlay objecttakedrapeplay with objectNT steals ZKs bark

no clear com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 45 11;09;452011-01-29NT, ZK, NK, ZF17Play socialplay sociallyalready started
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 46 11;11;542011-01-29NT, ZK, ZM82Play objectPlay socialtug of war with object playtransport in mouthplay with objecttug of war with object play but no clear com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 47 11;14;152011-01-29NB, NT, NK, ZK, ZM65Play objectPlay socialplay sociallyplay with objectdrape
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 48 11;18;352011-01-29NB, NT, NK, ZK, ZM28Play objectPlay socialplay with objectplay sociallytug of war with object playno clear com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 49 11;21;132011-01-29NB, NT, NK, ZK, ZM82Play socialAgonisticsupportplay turns rough - ZM intervenes, NB then intervenes
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 50 11;26;052011-01-29ZK hiccups19Restinghiccup
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 51 11;27;042011-01-29NB, NT, ZK, ZMRestingPlay solitarytoydrapemake ground bed or cushiongroom leaf
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 52 11;30;282011-01-29NT39GroomingLeaf inspectiongroom leaf
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 53 11;37;332011-01-29NT11Play solitarydrapegroom
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 54 11;43;122011-01-29NT20Restingresttoy
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 56 11;59;522011-01-29ZM, ZK10Groominggroom by hand
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 57 12;03;372011-01-29ZM, ZK11Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 59 12;11;572011-01-29ZL, ZD9Groominggroom by handdirected scratch? not the right kind of scratching though.
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 61 12;18;002011-01-29NB, NT, ZM46Play objectdrapetransport on head or nape
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 62 12;19;492011-01-29NT, NB70Play objectGroomingwipe with detached objectgroom reciprocally
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 64 13;16;282011-01-29ZG river cross15Travellingswingcross river no bridge
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 65 14;02;562011-01-29PS, ZK34RestingPlay socialrestplay sociallyno com

travel hoo in back ground (3-note) don’t know who gives it - just before PS starts to play with ZK, in next clip ZM is seen walking away
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 66 14;05;182011-01-29ZK, PS17Play socialTravellingplay sociallytravel
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 67 14;33;502011-01-29ZL drinking11DrinkingTravellinguse bridgedrink
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 68 14;36;172011-01-29PS, ZD, ZK (ZL)27TravellingPlay socialtravel and playno response waiting - no clear com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 69 14;37;342011-01-29KT, ZM, ZK, ZD (ZL)13TravellingPlay socialtravel and playno clear com
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 71 14;43;072011-01-29ZM, ZG, ZD, ZK8TravellingPlay socialtravel and play
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 72 14;50;362011-01-29ZF, ZL dict18TravellingAffiliation
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 73 14;54;252011-01-29NK, HW22Travellingeveryone walking in a line along transect, HW first, NK second. Everyone stops and waits, HW turns to NK pant grunts and then moves away, as if asking permision to leave.. odd - dictated
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 74 15;05;432011-01-29NK, ZF5Groomingoffer back
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 75 15;06;262011-01-29NK, ZF12Groominggroom unilaterally
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 76 15;08;352011-01-29NK, ZF16GroominggroomZF moves before NK scratches
Budongo 2011-01-29 Clip 77 15;11;402011-01-29ZF, NK11Groominggroomnot clear - soliciting turn? no response waiting
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 1 08;01;082011-01-30HW, dyker15TravellingtravelHW doesn’t seem to see the dyker right in front of him
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 2 08;02;382011-01-30KT, HW10Displaydrumpant-hoot
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 4 08;08;092011-01-30HW11Displaypant-hootdrum
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 5 08;34;142011-01-30KT, HW10TravellingGroominggroomtravel
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 6 08;35;012011-01-30KT, HW27GroomingTravellinggroomlip smack
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 7 08;39;472011-01-30KT36Groominggroom self
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 10 08;47;362011-01-30HW, KT9Displaypant-hootdrum
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 11 08;48;522011-01-30HW, KT19TravellingDisplaytravelpant-hootdrumscatter dry leaves
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 12 08;51;132011-01-30HW, KT42TravellingAffiliationtravelpant-hootgroom brieflynice panting while grooming and nice combination vocals but don’t have start of clip
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 13 08;52;042011-01-30HW, KT`10Travellingtravelgroom brieflyHW and KT briefly groom each other while travelling
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 14 08;56;022011-01-30KT (NK, HT, HE, HY) NK47FeedingAffiliationclimbreach wrist towardfill mouth with foodmisunderstandnice clip, lots going on. KT joins tree foot grunting, HT reaches to him, HE pant grunts and tries to reach / hand fling, HT prevents her
note - KT touching NKs testes once he’s climbed

note - HY uses wrong gesture with pant-grunt?
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 15 08;57;352011-01-30KT, HT, HE, HY10Feedingfill mouth with foodswing
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 16 09;29;192011-01-30HW, hyrax hissing?32HW is curious about the noise from the log (later find out it’s made by wood pecker chicks in hole)
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 17 09;31;28 2011-01-30tree hole - hyrax? wood pecker chicks9wood pecker chicks in hole in dead log
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 19 09;41;022011-01-30HT, HE37FeedingBeggingbegtaketolerated pilfering
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 21 09;43;392011-01-30HT, HE34FeedingTravellingtaketransporttoo effective - just a take albeit a tolerated one
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 22 11;03;352011-01-30crowned eagle34nice clip of young eagle - not yet fledged, waiting for parents
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 23 11;04;392011-01-30crowned eagle11nice clip of young eagle - not yet fledged, waiting for parents

can hear it calling nicely on this one
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 24 11;06;352011-01-30crowned eagle21nice clip of young eagle - not yet fledged, waiting for parents
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 25 11;11;182011-01-30crowned eagle34nice clip of young eagle - not yet fledged, waiting for parents
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 26 11;33;322011-01-30ZL, ZD, PS23Neighbour interactionjust after NE community heard close by, ZL etc. approach silently 5-10min later
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 27 11;38;462011-01-30ZL, ZM, ZK, ZD108DisplayAggressionaggress in sexual frustrationfightscreamdrag branchwant to code as interesting start but complex aggression and not all there..
ZL aggresses ZM - sexually motivated, but also happens not long after there were others from WS group heard near by (ZM appears to have been around and silent at the time but it’s not known if she met the WS)
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 28 11;41;142011-01-30ZM (ZK)30AggressionscreamZL aggresses ZM - sexually motivated, but also happens not long after there were others from WS group heard near by (ZM appears to have been around and silent at the time but it’s not known if she met the WS)
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 29 11;42;122011-01-30ZM (ZK)22AggressionscreamZL aggresses ZM - sexually motivated, but also happens not long after there were others from WS group heard near by (ZM appears to have been around and silent at the time but it’s not known if she met the WS)
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 30 11;42;552011-01-30ZM (NB)26Aggressionscreamsupport olderNB arrives to support ZM, barking
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 31 11;43;292011-01-30NT8AgonisticNB and NT arrive and support ZM
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 32 11;44;112011-01-30ZM, ZK45Aggressionscreamnice scream face from ZM
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 33 11;45;072011-01-30ZM23Agonisticscreamnice scream face from ZM
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 35 11;45;462011-01-30NT, ZM10AgonisticAffiliationsniff mouthscreamNT approaches ZM and smells her
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 36 11;46;522011-01-30PS, ZM41AgonisticRestingsitare those travel hoos or just the remains of the scream sessions? check spectro
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 37 11;48;592011-01-30ZM injury13RestingInjuryinjuryapply leaves to injury
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 38 11;49;372011-01-30PS, ZM, NT20InjuryInspectioninjuryinspect woundNT comes to inspect ZMs wound
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 39 11;50;212011-01-30NT, ZMInjuryInspectioninjuryinspect woundNT inspects ZMs injury
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 40 11;51;502011-01-30ZL, ZM (ZK)37AgonisticSexualCopulationpresent with limbs extendedmount in copulationinterfere in copulationscream - sexdart
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 41 11;52;332011-01-30ZM post-cop wipe25RestingSexualpush object intoimmediately following copulation with ZL ZM wipes her
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 42 11;54;342011-01-30NT6Restingyawnturn up lip
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 43 11;56;202011-01-30OK, NB (ZM, NT)84AffiliationRestingpresent with limbs extendedscreambarksupportreally cool clip - vocals seem directed from NB to ZL need to analyse properly with acoustics to check everything
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 44 12;01;092011-01-30ZK, PS (OK)14Travellingtravelgroom briefly
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 45 12;03;312011-01-30ZK, OK, ZK, ZD, ZL, PS34TravellingInspectiontravelpant-gruntpresent with limbs extendedinspect gentials
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 46 12;06;342011-01-30ZM, ZK (ZL)18Travellingtravelcan’t really hear because of the dry leaves.. was it to ZK or someone off screen left
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 47 12;09;052011-01-30ZL, ZM, ZK16Travellingtravelagain another grunt - 2-note, but not sure if it’s to ZK or ZL, check with Anne?
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 48 12;09;392011-01-30ZK, ZL, ZM22TravellingallowtravelZL waits for ZK to move in front of him - doesn’t want him to be last before me? being helpful to reconcil with ZM?
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 49 12;11;192011-01-30ZK, ZL, ZM13Travellingwait for companioncheck for a travel grunt by ZM to ZK
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 50 12;14;182011-01-30ZD, ZL, ZM, ZK100TravellingFeedingpeel with teethwatchZD, ZK watch ZM peel fruit - MYE
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 51 12;16;082011-01-30ZL2RestingID clipidentification clipsit
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 52 12;16;292011-01-30ZM10FeedingTravellingwipe on objectwipes juice from mouth on tree after eating MYE
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 53 12;20;172011-01-30ZL, ZK, ZD, ZM53TravellingPlay socialtravel and playlistenlook aroundwipe on objectfoot-catch play but start of interaction not clear

ZM rough grunts but not sure to whom or why
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 53 12;20;172011-01-30ZL, ZK, ZD, ZM53TravellingPlay socialtravel and playlistenlook aroundwipe on objectfoot-catch play but start of interaction not clear

ZM rough grunts but not sure to whom or why
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 54 12;21;142011-01-30ZK, ZM dict10Affiliationdictated - ZM and ZK move towards others but not sure who it was
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 55 12;37;492011-01-30KB19Play socialAgonisticKB gestures to me then climbs
continues on next clip
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 55-1 12;38;332011-01-30KB12Play socialAgonisticcarries on from previous clip
Budongo 2011-01-30 Clip 58 12;39;362011-01-30PS, KZ11Travellingpant-hootnice pant-hoots from KZ and PS but can’t see the gestures from KZ
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 3 07;59;482011-01-31NT (NB)22TravellingPlay solitaryfallpush leaf-pileplay solotravel
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 4 08;02;182011-01-31NT, ZK, ZM (ZG)67TravellingPlay socialtravel and playdangle
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 5 08;03;342011-01-31ZM, WL, NT, ZK (ZG)20Play socialTravellingplay sociallyno clear G at start, no V until after play starts
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 6 08;04;142011-01-31ZK, NT12Play socialsomersaultsomersault to play stop
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 7 08;05;032011-01-31FD, NK9Affiliationpant-grunt
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 8 08;05;382011-01-31ZG, NK15Restingpant grunt + branch shake - not sure and video unclear so don’t code

scratches before leaving too
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 9 08;08;362011-01-31NT, ZG10TravellingPlay socialsittravelmight be NT inviting for play but not clear
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 11 08;18;202011-01-31ZF, NK19Affiliationdictated
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 13 10;04;342011-01-31ZK, ST (ZL) (ZM)49Play socialAggressionAffiliationaggressreassuremount in copulationinterfere in copulationscream - sexinteresting - ZK fights with ST, ST goes to ZL for support, ZM then presents to ZL, ZL copulates with ZM (ZK interferes)

ZM isn’t usually interested in copulating with ZL - is it tactical?
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 16 10;08;382011-01-31ST, ZK53AgonisticID clipidentification clipaggresssupplantthreaten
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 17 10;41;362011-01-31NK, ZF12Groomingscratch selfgroom
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 18 10;42;422011-01-31NK, ZF18Travellingscratch selftravel
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 20 11;31;162011-01-31NT, ZK22Play socialplay sociallyplay with objectnote the leaf NT puts on her head at the end
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 21 11;31;482011-01-31NT, ZK12Play socialrebuff playplay with object
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 22 11;33;572011-01-31NT shroom24Play objectPlay solitaryplay with objectplay soloNT with shroom, ZK attending but not interested in play
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 24 11;37;562011-01-31NB, NT, shroom8Play objecttransport on head or nape
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 25 11;38;522011-01-31NT shroom11Play objectGroomingplay with objectgroom
Budongo 2011-01-31 Clip 26 11;49;472011-01-31PS, ZK25Play socialdictated
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 1 11;59;182011-02-01bird4bird
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 2 12;49;132011-02-01PS, NK29AffiliationDisplaypant-gruntstrange PS almost runs after NK pant grunting and then reaches out to touch his foot, a little like in travel play game but affiliative
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 3 12;52;282011-02-01NK, PS16Displaydictated

NK pant hoots and slaps, PS then replies with pant hoot and slap - co-ordination?

they were both climbing to feed on FE
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 4 12;55;532011-01-31HW17Displaygalloppant-gruntHW joining NK and PS

not long after NK and HW move together - see next clip
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 7 13;09;512011-02-01NK, HW18TravellingDisplaytravelpant-hootdrum
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 8 13;10;572011-02-01HW, NK26TravellingDisplaytravelpant-hootinteresting change in vocal from HW - check with anne
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 9 13;12;302011-02-01NK display Anne7Displaynick displays past anne as he and HW join others at FSU on road
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 12 13;16;022011-02-01NK, ZF34Feedingclimbpant-gruntpant and food grunt mixture - not clear at start so not coded

also hard to tell what’s for food and whats for pant grunt
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 13 13;22;092011-02-01ZF, NK52FeedingZF scratches before he approaches NK - nervous displacement of gesture?
food/pant grunts
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 14 13;23;442011-02-01ZF, NK16Feedingpant-hootnice pant hoots - not clear why
Budongo 2011-02-01 Clip 17 13;48;252011-02-01FK snake exp150Snake experimentcan’t hear vocals clearly - note the relaxed open mouth faces, non clear G
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 1 10;36;432011-02-03pitsawers4Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 2 10;38;262011-02-03pitsawers5Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 5 10;39;322011-02-03pitsawers51Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 6 10;40;312011-02-03pitsawers ZF expl76Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
zefa explains what happened
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 7 10;42;282011-02-03pitsawers Gideon GPS16Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Gideon GPS
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 8 10;43;052011-02-03pitsawers17Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 9 10;45;222011-02-03pitsawers5Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 10 10;45;542011-02-03pitsawers24Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 11 10;47;412011-02-03pitsawers5Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-03 Clip 12 10;47;472011-02-03pitsawers5Illegal activitypitsawyers up the old logging road, felling cordia
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 1 08;06;472011-02-04ZL, MS54DisplayTravellingpant-hootZL pant hoots and others join
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 2 08;59;542011-02-04KW, KB29Restingpant-hootpick teethpant hoot response but not clear who to
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 2-1 08;59;542011-02-04KW, KB28RestingFeedingpush finger into mouthnot G, KB seems to be trying to work out what KWs been eating
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 3 09;07;462011-02-04KZ, ZF119Affiliationreassureclack teethgroom by handmight be a travel grunt at the end from KW but can’t hear clearly over the leaves
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 4 09;10;492011-02-04KB mouth wiping26Feedingwipe on object
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 5 09;11;462011-02-04ZL23Facial expressionpant-hootpant hoot faces from ZL - he’s on the edge of continuing to make the call but doesn’t?
can’t code as start missing
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 6 09;30;222011-02-04KW, KB (KR)19Travellinggalloptravel
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 7 09;33;082011-02-04KW, KB9TravellingDrinkingdrink from streamuse bridgetransport on backKB waits rather than gestures
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 8 10;26;102011-02-04KW, KB, KZ, ZK (FK, ZL) (ZM)104AggressionSexualAffiliationthreatenaggress in sexual frustrationinterfere in copulationreassurenot all there but some great parts and very clear interference from ZK to KZ when he’s copulating with ZM
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 9 10;33;422011-02-04HW, KR (KW, KB) (KZ)48TravellingInspectionrestpresent with limbs flexedinspect gentialsapparently HW can’t be bothered to sit up and inspect the females so does it with his foot lying down.. neither in oestrus

KZ then passes without pantgrunting - is this because KR and KW had established ‘good relations’ with HW?
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 10 10;40;442011-02-04NB, NT, RE, MS25Travellingtraveltravelling scratchscratches from RE but not clearly directed.. not sure if they’re G or not
Budongo 2011-02-04 Clip 11 10;45;522011-02-04KW, KB, RE (KR, KZ)19TravellingNursingtravelsuckleno clear G
Budongo 2011-02-05 Clip 1 08;00;292011-02-05FD, ZK, ZM, NK, ZG99TravellingPlay solitarypush leaf-pileno real G - lots of pant grunts but off camera
Budongo 2011-02-05 Clip 2 10;51;032011-02-05OK, NK15Groominggroom mutually
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 1 07;43;292011-02-06MS, ZL, ZK (KZ)35Play solitaryPlay objectplay with objectplay solo
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 6 07;52;252011-02-06MS, VR23SexualTravellingrunpresent with limbs flexedsniff finger
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 9 08;02;572011-02-06ZL8RestingID clipsitidentification clip
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 16 08;18;402011-02-06ZD (JM)54Feedingfill mouth with food
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 17 08;20;082011-02-06JN, JM (KZ, JT)52Facial expressionTravellingSexualtravelmountnice facial expression from JM to KZ but is it really communication?
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 18 08;21;152011-02-05JN, KZ, JM, JT65TravellingPlay solitaryPlay socialurinatekill timeJM doing a very cute frog impression
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 19 08;25;132011-02-06JT, JM, JN13Travellingtravel
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 20 08;25;562011-02-06JN, JM, JT26Travellingtravelgreat combinations of gestures to get JM to climb on
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 22 09;20;262011-02-06JT, JM, JN68TravellingAffiliationtravelreassuretransportnice travelling gestures from JN to JM with vocals - note final grunt comes after once JM is on - is it to make sure he stays on this time? satisfaction?

there’s a whimper then a push at the end - to make sure he stays on? not clearly connected though
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 24 09;22;282011-02-06JN, JM, JT12Travellingtraveltransport
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 26 09;23;402011-02-06JT, JM, JN21Travellingtransporttravelnice whimper followed by foot present with nice response waiting
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 28 09;25;152011-02-06JT, JM, JN14Travellingtravelwhimpertransport
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 29 09;25;432011-02-06JT, JN, JM37Travellingtravelpush ahead
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 31 09;31;472011-02-06FK14ID clipRestingidentification clipsit
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 32 09;32;262011-02-06FK (OK)32Display
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 34 09;35;412011-02-06AN, PS14Copulationmount in copulationscream - sexscream face - sexalready started
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 35 09;36;072011-02-06MN, AN, MB16SexualPlay socialplay sociallyrebuff play
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 36 09;37;072011-02-06PS, MN (ML, MB)36Play socialplay sociallysomersaultnice three way play with gesture invites - nice repeat of message from MN to PS
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 37 09;38;512011-02-06JT, NT (ZG)19Play socialTravellingplay sociallysomersaulttravelnot clear at start but nice somersaults
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 41 09;51;292011-02-06HW, KZ18TravellingRestingID clipwait for companiongroom by handidentification clipnice clip but no clear com
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 42 09;53;372011-02-06KZ, HW (OK)38TravellingAgonisticmisunderstandscreamtravelHW passes KZ who is not expecting it and ends up following him screaming like an idiot - someone joins him in support might be KW but it’s unclear
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 43 11;57;272011-02-06MK climber scratch11Groomingscratch-lianaliana scratch from MK - partial one as the climber is already under tension
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 45 12;44;592011-02-06ZL, RE12Groominggroomscratch self
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 46 12;45;182011-02-06ZL, RE6Groomingoffer armgroom mutually
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 48 12;47;492011-02-06ZL, RE7Groomingsolicit grooming turngroom mutually
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 50 12;51;282011-02-06RE, ZL12Groomingoffer armgroom mutually
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 51 12;52;102011-02-06RE, ZL10Groomingsolicit grooming turngroom by hand
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 52 12;55;152011-02-06RE, ZL41Groominggroom mutuallylovely grooming clip - no com
Budongo 2011-02-06 Clip 53 12;59;252011-02-06RE, ZL49Play socialTravellinggroom unilaterallyhoosingle hoo from MK off to left as someone approaches/leaves to the right of the screen

resting hoo
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 2 10;47;322011-02-07KW, KB, ST, HW, NT (KR, KZ) (NK)96Rafia eatingAggressionAffiliationsupplantaggressscreamsolicit supportsupport subordinatescream carries over between sequences - there’s clear response waiting between the gestures but the vocalization continues
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 4 10;50;052011-02-07ZK, NT, NK, ST, ZM, ZF, KB30Rafia eatingPlay socialplay sociallywait turn
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 5 10;50;532011-02-07KW, KB, KZ, NK, ST, ZM, ZK, ZF) (ZG) (FK)341Rafia eatingAggressiongringrin-full-openscreamsupplantnote when ST is screaming after F displaces her she does repeatedly alter her gaze between FK and the direction everyone else left in.
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 6 10;59;432011-02-07ST, FK22Rafia eatingTravellingmove
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 7 11;27;492011-02-07ST, JT, NB (JM)17RestingAffiliationPlay socialrestpresent with limbs extendedplay socially
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 8 11;29;172011-02-07JT34Play socialAgonisticpush leaf-pile
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 9 11;30;152011-02-07SI, JM, ZL, ST84Play socialplay sociallybitenice play but not clear gesturing

JM plays with ZL penis
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 10 11;31;472011-02-07SI, ZL, ST, JM (JT) (KB)21Play socialplay sociallydrag branch
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 11 11;33;222011-02-07JT, SI, JM, ZL, ST38Play socialAgonisticplay starts without G

SI is a bit rough and JM stops playing with him and moves back to ZL
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 12 11;40;322011-02-07ZD, ZL, WL, JM, JT69Play socialplay sociallystart missing - not clear
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 14 11;42;282011-02-07ZD, ZL, WL, JM, JT25Play socialplay sociallydrag other by mouthno clear G - all mixed into play
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 15 11;44;362011-02-07JM, ZD, ZL26Play socialplay sociallydangle
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 18 11;48;572011-02-07JT, JM, JN14Play socialplay sociallydrag other by handeffective from start
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 19 11;50;392011-02-07JT, JM, JN12Play socialplay sociallypokealready started
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 20 11;53;212011-02-07ZL, ST18Restinggrab
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 22 11;55;022011-02-07ST, ZL16Restingreassurenot clearly a G
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 24 12;03;032011-02-07JT, ZL, JM, JN (ZD)245Play socialAgonisticplay sociallylots of nice play but long and confusing..

ZL gets too rough with JT who screams - he then backs out of play and sits and watches for the remainder
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 29 12;10;262011-02-07JT, ZD, JN (JM)47Play socialplay sociallysome nice gestures at start, but play barely gets going and then fizzles
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 31 12;15;332011-02-07ZD, JT (JM)93RestingPlay socialidentification clipwatchsitnote the scratch at the end and the yawn - threat/stress? JT was paying particular attention to me that day, although she was the one who came and sat close to me
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 32 12;23;562011-02-07JM, ZD (ZL)23Play socialplay sociallyZL joins play with ZD and JM as JMs laughter was turning to choak-laugh, ZD then stops - was this ZL preventing a potential aggression between ZD and JM?
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 33 12;24;302011-02-07OK, JM (ZD)55Sexualpresent with limbs flexedmount in copulationpant-gruntJm can’t reach OK so asks her to present a second time laying down - then gets distracted half way through and returns to play
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 34 12;25;512011-02-07OK, JM, ZD20SexualPlay socialmount in copulationplay sociallyJm can’t decide between copulating and playing and tries to do both!
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 35 12;26;312011-02-07JN, JM, ZD (OK, MS/SI)27AgonisticPlay socialpant-gruntscreamplay sociallyOK pant grunts and approachs male but then screams in fear - not sure why
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 36 13;27;202011-02-07BWC hunt audio38Huntinghunthunting barkaudio
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 37 13;27;592011-02-07BWC hunt audio10Huntinghunthunting barkcan see BWC
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 39 13;34;432011-02-07BWC hunt12Huntinghunthunting barkshakey but can see chimp chasing BWC
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 42 13;48;152011-02-07KB12Play solitaryID clipplay solokill time
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 43 13;51;092011-02-07ZK, ZG, NK, ZF (ZM)80SexualAffiliationshake object up and downpant-gruntbranch shaking for ZM to come - start missing, all disturbed by calls to the right of screen

can’t see if ZK gestures with P-G
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 44 13;52;552011-02-07JN, NK8RestingAffiliationpresent with limbs flexedsitnot clear
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 45 13;53;102011-02-07JN, JM, NK, ST (ZM)39FeedingSexualTravellingwatchwait for companiontravel
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 46 13;54;332011-02-07JM, ZK (ZG)15Play socialplay sociallyplay start with ZG but no G
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 47 14;00;282011-02-07dead hyrax23ID clipdead hyrax
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 48 14;06;432011-02-07ST, ZK, ZF, NK84Play socialAgonisticplay sociallyavoidplay with ST but she’s not super keen and there’s a slightly agonistic edge to it all
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 49 14;12;382011-02-07ZG, ST, ZM, ZK (ZF)26Play socialAgonisticplay sociallysolicit reassurance contact
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 51 14;16;252011-02-07ZK, ZG, ZM13TravellingPlay solitarytravel and playnot obviously directed at anyone
Budongo 2011-02-07 Clip 52 14;17;002011-02-07ZK, ZG, ZM, NK (ST, ZF)48AggressionDisplayAffiliationsolicit supportsolicit reassurance contactscreameek complex

note at the end ZK not gesturing he gets tangled in liana
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 3 08;47;302011-02-09NK, ZM10Sexualmount in copulation
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 4 09;01;362011-02-09NT, KZ39Aggressionsolicit supportscreambarknot clear if she’s also gesturing
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 5 09;02;242011-02-09NB, ZM, ZK (NT)33AggressionDisplayattack concertedlybarkretreatNB and ZM fight - good example clip, barking already started at the clip start, no clear Gs
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 7 09;03;312011-02-09NB, ZM, NK (NT)263AggressionDisplayattack concertedlybarkretreatinterfereNB and ZM fight - good example clip, barking already started at the clip start, no clear Gs

NK tries to stop them fighting?
note how NB barks/screams at ZM, while looking back at NK, like gesturing to what you want while checking back to your intended recipient?
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 9 09;42;332011-02-09ZK, ZG, NT, NB, NK16Play socialTravellingplay sociallytravelwait for companion
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 9-1 09;42;332011-02-09ZM, NT, OK, ZK, NB11Play socialTravellingtravel and play
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 10 09;43;542011-02-09ZG7Restinginjurybite from NB
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 13 10;40;522011-02-09NK, MS58AffiliationGroomingscreamreassuregroom by handnice sequence where MS screams and NK reassures him before MS then grooms him
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 15 10;48;592011-02-09MS, NK, NB109Groominggroom by handwatchnotice the difference between the first sets of scratches which are followed by self grooming and the second sets of scratches

not sure where they start though the head scratch doesn’t seem G but the rest in sequence are?
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 19 12;01;082011-02-09ZL, ZK16Copulationinterfere in copulationdoes ZK bite/kiss ZL’s ear while he’s copulating with ZM - not all clear
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 20 12;04;342011-02-09ZM, ZF68AgonisticCopulationscream - sexcopulationscatter dry leavesbend branchnicely chaotic clip - nothing clear enough to code but a good example of what’s it’s like filming aggression cases...
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 22 12;59;072011-02-09KZ, HW22AgonisticGroomingpant-gruntgroom by handnot clear enough to code
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 31 13;32;292011-02-09KR (bag)13Play objectplay with objectKR very interested in Amati’s bag..
Budongo 2011-02-09 Clip 34 13;36;482011-02-09KR, ZL36Play socialgroom by handpositioning looks too effective to be G
Budongo 2011-02-10 Clip 1 07;55;492011-02-10HE, HT9Travellingtransport on back
Budongo 2011-02-10 Clip 4 09;12;532011-02-10KW, KB18Affiliationwhimperextend handKW reaches to KB who reaches back but can’t ‘reach’ her to climb on
KB whimpers and KW comes and picks her up
Budongo 2011-02-11 Clip 1 07;45;502011-02-11ZK, ZG (monday, amati)27Play socialAgonisticZK gestures to Monday and then is frightened off when Monday laughs
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 1 08;13;042011-02-12ZL9DisplayscreamZL screaming and drumming inside the refurb houses
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 3 08;15;252011-02-12KZ, KW, KB72Displaytravelpant-hootgallophitfood grunting from KZ and then a really nice P-hoot and display (KW joins)
gestures missing off the end?
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 5 08;25;542011-02-12ZL6Displaydrag branch
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 7 08;28;212011-02-12KZ, ZG, ZD, ZL40nice display from ZL - KZ reassures ZG

hard to code the vocals again - they’re clearly separate from the gestures

Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 8 08;37;522011-02-12NT, NB, HW, FK22TravellingFacial expressionInspectioninspect gentialstravelnice facial expression from FK
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 9 08;41;302011-02-12KT, NT (NB) (SQ)15AgonisticSexualscreamscatter dry leaves`NB chases SQ who has presumably tried to coerce her..
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 10 08;41;542011-02-12KT9AgonisticSexualscreamscatter dry leavesKT displays
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 11 08;43;162011-02-12MS4AgonisticSexualscreamscatter dry leaveskick buttressMS displays
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 13 09;58;372011-02-12SQ, ZL21AgonisticSexualAffiliationpant-hootkick buttressscatter dry leavesbend branchpant-gruntvery nice display from SQ
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 14 10;27;502011-02-12BWC (SI)53AggressionHuntingfightSI has an argument with a large male BWC - BWC wins...
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 16 10;29;412011-02-12BWC (SI)27AggressionHuntingfightBWC not impressed by SI’s attempts..
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 17 10;30;512011-02-12BWC (SI)17AggressionHuntingfightBWC not impressed by SI’s attempts..
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 18 10;37;262011-02-12BWC (SI)24AggressionHuntingfight
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 20 11;18;382011-02-12NK, KU, KH18TravellingInspectiontravelpresent with limbs flexedgrabpant-gruntdon’t know what Nick’s trying to do - catch her feet? for what? not sure it’s a G
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 22 11;13;182011-02-12NK, ZF, ZK13TravellingAffiliationtravelpant-grunt
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 23 11;16;452011-02-12HW, KU, KH42TravellingPlay socialtraveltravel and playKathy wants to play with HW as they travel but he’s uninterested
Not sure what happens at the end with NK - they all seem to thin k he’s about to display/attack, he sways a bit but nothing very clear
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 24 11;18;012011-02-12HW, KU, KH, FK, KS, NK35TravellingAgonistictravelalpha maleavoidagain NK is annoyed/on edge about something which they all read but I can’t see why..
no clear communication more of a co-ordination thing - seems to be something in his posture and very direct looks but not clear
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 25 17;48;312011-02-12MS56Firesawmill fire
MS pops up some BPY by camp to feed - check calls to see if they’re just normal food grunts, not sure
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 26 17;49;472011-02-12OK18FireOK peering round at where flames are coming from (right of screen)
seems a little on edge but more curious
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 27 17;50;182011-02-12OK39FireOK peering round at where flames are coming from (right of screen)
seems a little on edge but more curious
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 28 17;51;082011-02-12OK, VR73FireOK can’t quite brave it over to join MS in the BPY
VR behind her (more nervous)
flames to the right of screen
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 29 17;53;232011-02-12HW37FireHW super nervous (normally fairly nervous when solo anyway but extremely so today) arriving from behind house three’s toilet, fire to the right of screen
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 30 17;54;422011-02-12HW22FireHW super nervous (normally fairly nervous when solo anyway but extremely so today)
fire to bottom right of screen
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 31 17;55;302011-02-12NK132FireNK walking down past house three toilet towards sawmill fire
on edge but not enough to put him off going there
OK following behind
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 32 17;58;092011-02-12OK37Firenow NK has crossed, OK finally follows

she vocalises - food grunts but higher?
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 33 18;11;272011-02-12fire5Firefire
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 34 18;13;152011-02-12MS14FireMS pops through edge of fire to tree to feed! excited calls - seems to be for food still though
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 35 18;13;402011-02-12OK, MS17Firethey walk out of tree and thorugh the ash away from the fire (out through the old gate)
Budongo 2011-02-12 Clip 36 18;15;592011-02-12OK, MS35Firecrossing the road ahead of the flames
Budongo 2011-02-14 Clip 1 09;39;532011-02-14HW23Transfertransfernice clip of HW transfering between trees
Budongo 2011-02-14 Clip 2 09;50;002011-02-14ZF10Injuryapply leaves to injury
Budongo 2011-02-14 Clip 3 09;52;312011-02-14ZF10Injuryapply saliva to injury
Budongo 2011-02-14 Clip 4 09;54;582011-02-14ZF54Injuryapply saliva to injury
Budongo 2011-02-14 Clip 5 10;43;042011-02-14SQ, AN32SexualcopulationbarkFD barks as SQs copulates with AN
jealousy? reporting? FD has just copulated with AN
Budongo 2011-02-14 Clip 6 10;43;392011-02-14FD, SQ, AN27Sexualwipe with detached objectFred wipes penis with leaves
Budongo 2011-02-14 Clip 7 11;03;552011-02-14ZF23Agonisticgrin-full-openwhimperZF whimpering about something but unclear what
Budongo 2011-02-24 Clip 1 12;46;202011-02-24MS (BE)39SexualDisplaybend shrub in courtshipscatter dry leaveshalfhearted display to Beatrice from MS - don’t know if she’s screaming at him or someone else in the canopy
Budongo 2011-02-24 Clip 2 12;47;162011-02-24RH, RF22AffiliationTravellingFacial expressionreach wrist towardextend arm as ladderRF became afraid and moved to mother who collected her - extends arm to reach/ as bridge - then they move off together
Budongo 2011-02-24 Clip 3 13;03;132011-02-24FA (FL)74TravellingAgonisticwhimpergrin-low-opengrin-full-openscreamnice clip of whimpers and screams from FA as she tries to join FL who’s being chased on the ground but not clear what happens at the end

note apparent stress scratching
Budongo 2011-02-24 Clip 4 13;59;572011-02-24BE, SQ6TravellingInjuryID clipinjuryidentification clipclear view of Beatrices missing arm
Budongo 2011-02-27 Clip 1 07;41;512011-02-27KZ, ZK43Play socialplay sociallyrejectZak wants to play and decides to keep punching KZ until he agrees...!

note the playface despite the fact KZ can’t see him
Budongo 2011-02-27 Clip 2 07;51;292011-02-27OK, KR14Displaythreatennice but start of interaction missed

KR displays at OK who gestures and grunts back
Budongo 2011-02-27 Clip 3 12;53;512011-02-27ZM5InjuryinjuryZM injures left hand
Budongo 2011-02-27 Clip 4 13;02;392011-02-27ZM (NK)132Injuryinjuryapply saliva to injuryaggress in sexual frustrationdeep cuts to hand and forearm
and to right eye
she lost swelling after fight with NK
Budongo 2011-02-27 Clip 6 13;06;142011-02-27ZM (NK)25Injuryinjuryapply saliva to injuryaggress in sexual frustrationdeep cuts to hand and forearm
and to right eye
she lost swelling after fight with NK
Budongo 2011-02-27 Clip 7 13;11;352011-02-27ZM, MS45AggressionVocalizationsupportbarkZM barking in support of ZM who is a distance away
Budongo 2011-02-08 Clip 1 07;20;032011-02-08injured blue monkey12Illnessinjurysick blue monkey - seemed to be dying but Anne reported that it moved away a few hours later - maybe fell out of tree? chimps didn’t seem interested in it
Budongo 2011-02-08 Clip 2 07;20;212011-02-08injured blue monkey31Illnessinjurysick blue monkey - seemed to be dying but Anne reported that it moved away a few hours later - maybe fell out of tree? chimps didn’t seem interested in it
Budongo 2011-02-08 Clip 3 07;20;572011-02-08injured blue monkey12Illnessinjurysick blue monkey - seemed to be dying but Anne reported that it moved away a few hours later - maybe fell out of tree? chimps didn’t seem interested in it
Budongo 2011-02-08 Clip 4 07;21;302011-02-08injured blue monkey13Illnessinjurysick blue monkey - seemed to be dying but Anne reported that it moved away a few hours later - maybe fell out of tree? chimps didn’t seem interested in it
Budongo 2011-02-08 Clip 5 07;36;102011-02-08injured blue monkey4Illnessinjurysick blue monkey - seemed to be dying but Anne reported that it moved away a few hours later - maybe fell out of tree? chimps didn’t seem interested in it
Budongo 2011-02-08 Clip 6 07;36;462011-02-08injured blue monkey6Illnessinjurysick blue monkey - seemed to be dying but Anne reported that it moved away a few hours later - maybe fell out of tree? chimps didn’t seem interested in it
Budongo 2011-02-08 Clip 7 13;04;402011-02-08pitsawing in nature reserve17Illegal activitypitsawing in nature reserve..
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 1 07;20;112011-02-13sawmill fire11Firesawmill fire still smouldering in the am
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 2 07;20;242011-02-13sawmill fire11Firesawmill fire still smouldering in the am
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 3 07;20;392011-02-13sawmill fire5Firesawmill fire still smouldering in the am
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 4 07;20;552011-02-13sawmill fire17Firesawmill fire still smouldering in the am
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 5 07;42;042011-02-13ZF, MS (SI)62Travellingwait for companionthis is a hard one - it doesn’t seem directed to MS (is he waiting for someone in the tree) but there are glances back throughout - clips 5-7 run together
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 6 07;43;232011-02-13ZF, MS (SI)56Travellingwait for companionthis is a hard one - it doesn’t seem directed to MS (is he waiting for someone in the tree) but there are glances back throughout - clips 5-7 run together
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 7 07;46;262011-02-13ZF, MS (SI)47Travellingwait for companionthis is a hard one - it doesn’t seem directed to MS (is he waiting for someone in the tree) but there are glances back throughout - clips 5-7 run together
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 9 07;53;322011-02-13KC, ZK (ZG)44Play socialplay sociallyZK plays with KC, ZG comes over and scoops him up but it’s obscured
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 10 07;59;462011-02-13NB, MS, NT, ZM, ZL10GroomingPlay objectgroom mutuallyplay with objectNT pulling off bark off tree
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 11 08;02;432011-02-13ZM, ZL59Restingsniff fingerZL goes over and smells carefully where ZM has been sitting - is she pregnant?
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 12 08;03;472011-02-13SQ, ZD (NB, MS, NT, ZL) (ZM)79TravellingRestingSexualpant-grunttravelgroominspect gentialspant grunt and bare teeth grin from ZD to SQ but not clear

SQ inspects and smells ZM carefully - pregnant? shows no interest in having sex with her and she’s not in swelling
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 13 08;09;462011-02-13MS, ZL, ZD8AffiliationGroominggroompant-grunt
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 14 08;16;492011-02-13MS, ZL, ZD13GroomingRestinggroomsit
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 15 08;19;152011-02-13ZL, MS, ZD16Groominggroom selfsitlots of scratching none of it clear G
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 16 08;23;512011-02-13ZL, MS, ZD (ZG)37GroomingRestingscratch selfnone of it very clear - might run on into 16
ZD appears to want ZG to come groom him, gives up but not long later ZL goes to him - see clip 17
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 17 08;25;092011-02-13ZD, ZG (ZL, MS)10GroomingRestinggroomlie pronenone of it very clear - might run on into 16
ZD appears to want ZG to come groom him, gives up but not long later ZL goes to him - see clip 17
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 17 08;25;092011-02-13ZD, ZG (ZL, MS)10GroomingRestinggroomlie lateralnone of it very clear - might run on into 16
ZD appears to want ZG to come groom him, gives up but not long later ZL goes to him - see clip 17
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 18 08;30;212011-02-13ZL, ZD10Groominggroomlie supine with legs apartlie-sitsomeone hoos but not sure who - push from ZL is too effective to be G
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 19 08;31;262011-02-13ZL, ZG25Restinglie with back to anothersitscratch self
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 20 08;37;192011-02-13MS, ZD (NB)38RestingGroomingscratch selfsitgroom by handMS scratches as NB approaches - she’s off camera though so not best clip
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 21 08;40;452011-02-13ZD, ZL9Restingscratch selfsitnot sure it’s a G
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 22 08;41;142011-02-13MS, NB, ZD28GroomingRestingscratch selfgroom selfgroom by handself groomingby NB at the end so not a clear G
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 23 08;42;112011-02-13ZD, ZL (ZK) (KL, KM, KC, ZG)109TravellingPlay socialtravelplay sociallymountheadstandsomersaultlots of lovely gestures here

not all of them codable

the ZK KM and ZD KC interactions arn’t clear enough what’s directed to whom

ZK somersaults out of play at the end
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 24 08;44;452011-02-13KC, KL (ZF)19TravellingAffiliationsolicit reassurance contactbitesolicit ridingnot clear if the grab is the only solicitation at the end for riding
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 25 08;46;152011-02-13ZF (MS, ZG)40RestingTravellingsearch for conspecificZF whimpering - not clear why
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 25 08;46;152011-02-13ZF (MS, ZG)40RestingTravellingsearch for conspecificZF whimpering - not clear why
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 26 08;47;002011-02-13ZF, KC (AN)53SexualAffiliationbend shrub in courtshiptouch scrotumZF displays at AN - KC comes and affiliates to ZF - start of display missing
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 27 08;49;192011-02-13KL, KM, KC7Travellingtransport on backtraveleffective climb on
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 28 08;50;022011-02-13NT, NB (me)14Play socialRestingscatter dry leavesstamp bipedalkick buttress
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 29 08;51;322011-02-13NT, AN, NB12Play solitaryRestingsomersault, sidesomersaultplay solo
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 30 09;06;322011-02-13MS9VocalizationDisplaypant-hootdon’t get all of it
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 31 09;11;122011-02-13KT, ZF, AN9DisplayVocalizationpant-hoot
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 32 09;11;242011-02-13(KT, ZF, AN)14VocalizationDisplayAffiliationpant-hoottouch scrotum
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 33 09;51;482011-02-13NB, MS, NT, ZG, KT (ZK, HW, ZL, FK)63Dead wood eatingRestingAffiliationleansiteat dead woodwatchpeerCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 34 09;54;182011-02-13ZD, HW, FK, NT, ZL (CP wood)20Dead wood eatingSexualRestingeat dead woodinspect gentialspresent with limbs extendedCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 35 09;54;482011-02-13ZD, FK, ZL (CP wood)38Dead wood eatingObservation of feeding techniqueeat dead woodpick up discarded foodpeerCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 36 09;56;222011-02-13FK, ZD, NT, ZL (CP wood)31Dead wood eatingObservation of feeding techniqueeat dead woodpeeryawnCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 37 09;57;362011-02-13FK, ZD, NT, ZL (CP wood)14Dead wood eatingObservation of feeding techniqueeat dead woodpeeryawnCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 38 09;58;282011-02-13FK, ZD, NT, ZL (CP wood)7Dead wood eatingObservation of feeding techniqueeat dead woodpick up discarded food
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 39 09;59;372011-02-13FK, ZD, ZL (CP wood)21Dead wood eatingObservation of feeding techniqueBeggingbegeat dead wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 40 10;00;202011-02-13FK, ZD, NT, ZL (CP wood)27BeggingDead wood eatingeat dead woodwatchbegCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 41 10;01;062011-02-13ZL, NT, ZD (CP wood)30Dead wood eatingBeggingGivingbegeat dead woodshare foodCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 42 10;01;562011-02-13FK, ZD, ZL, NT (CP wood)23Dead wood eatingObservation of feeding techniqueGivingeat dead woodgiveaggressCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 43 10;03;282011-02-13ZL, HW, FK, NT, ZD (MS) (CP wood)60Dead wood eatingTravellingeat dead woodpick up discarded foodfollowtravelCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 44 10;04;362011-02-13ZL, ZD (CP wood)18Dead wood eatingTravellingwait for companioneat dead woodCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 45 10;04;572011-02-13ZL, ZD (CP wood)18TravellingDead wood eatingtravelpick up discarded foodtransport in mouthCP wood
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 46 10;05;572011-02-13ZK legpocket8Travellingtransport in groin pocket
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 47 10;07;022011-02-13ZD (SI) (MS) (CP wood)28Travellingtransport in mouthsearch for conspecificwhimperZD wants ZL to wait for him

tries to pant grunt with his mouth full...
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 48 10;11;142011-02-13FK, NB, OK.mov23DisplayTravellingshake object up and downdisplay, chargingpant-hootscream
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 49 10;13;172011-02-13NB, NT9Groominggroom
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 50 10;19;102011-02-13OK, ZL, NB8TravellingAffiliationsitpresent with limbs extended
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 51 10;25;352011-02-13OK, ZL, NB18TravellingInspectionlie pronepresent with limbs flexedpant-gruntinspect gentials
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 52 10;26;472011-02-13NT (me)19Play socialTravellingstamp bipedalscatter dry leaves
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 53 10;28;042011-02-13OK, NT, NB (MS)12Travellingpresent with limbs extendedurinate quadrupedalnot clear
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 54 10;32;012011-02-13ZK, OK, NB27Sexualcopulationpresent with limbs flexeddon’t see if she gestures first
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 55 10;50;002011-02-13NK, MS8Huntinghuntdisplay, chargingfragment
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 56 10;55;492011-02-13BWC hunt14Huntinghunthunting barkhurl selfhunting chaos
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 57 10;59;152011-02-13NK, ZF, ZK (ZM) (meat)19Meat eatingeat meatwadge by adding leafbeg
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 58 11;00;192011-02-13ZM, NK10Aggressionaggressaggress, redirectedscreamalpha malealpha male’s don’t get it all their own way...
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 59 11;01;022011-02-13ZK, ZF (meat)29Meat eatingBeggingeat meattakebegstealing not begging
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 60 11;01;342011-02-13ZK, ZF (meat)29Meat eatingGivingeat meatgiveagain stealing not begging
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 61 11;03;562011-02-13AN, ZF, ZK (meat)51Meat eatingSexualeat meatcopulationscream - sexZefa copulates and leaves! doesn’t then share with AN
continues next clip
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 622011-02-13AN, ZF (meat)11Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegcontinues from previous clip
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 632011-02-13NK, ZF (meat)18Meat eatingAggressioneat meataggressscream
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 64 11;06;302011-02-13ZG (meat)29AggressionMeat eatingscreamsearch for objectZG screaming while searching for meat - was he the one NK agressed in previous clip
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 65 11;22;392011-02-13RE, NK (meat)13Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbeg
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 66 11;23;442011-02-13RE, NK26Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegwatchRE passive begging
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 67 11;25;182011-02-13RE, NK (meat)17BeggingMeat eatingeat meatbegfollowinteresting one - two messages - sort of separate but in same bout at least, could easily also be seen as two separate communications - stay in same state (panting), i’m hungry (food grunts)
vocals are an output for her changing state of self..
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 68 11;28;352011-02-13RE, NK (meat)67Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegwhimper
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 69 11;31;152011-02-13NK, RE (meat)50Meat eatingBeggingeat meatwadge by adding leafbegsniff mouth
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 70 11;35;152011-02-13NK, RE (meat)43Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegwadge by adding leafgrunt, foodRE giving food grunts while watching? very passive begging
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 71 11;36;382011-02-13NK, RE (meat)26Meat eatingBeggingVocalizationeat meatbegscreamwierd vocal from RE
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 72 11;37;322011-02-13RE, NK (meat).mov53Meat eatingBeggingeat meattearwatchscreamgrunt, food
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 73 11;39;342011-02-13RE, NK (meat)28Meat eatingBeggingeat meatgrunt, foodpick up discarded foodwadge by adding leaf
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 74 11;44;272011-02-13NK, ZF, ZK, KR (meat)35Meat eatingBeggingeat meatwatchsitKR gestures to ZK but not sure why - play or agonistic?
ZF hmms
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 75 11;45;332011-02-13NK, Z, ZF, KR (ZM) (RE) (meat)52Meat eatingBeggingRestingeat meatsitwatchpant-grunthoo
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 76 11;46;372011-02-13NK, ZK, ZF, KR (RE) (NB, KW) (meat fight)98to do later - this is why it’s hard to code agressions...
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 77 11;50;172011-02-13NK, ZM meat10Meat eatingDisplayBeggingeat meatwatchdisplay, charging
Budongo 2011-02-13 Clip 78 12;06;222011-02-13KB6Travellingswingbrachiate
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 1 07;37;352011-02-15NT, ZK, ZG, ZM16Travellingtravelfollowscratch self signallingZM scratches as she moves off - gestural?
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 3 08;09;192011-02-15ZM, OK, ZK7TravellingSexualwait for companionpresent with limbs extendednot clear if ZK gestures to OK first or not
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 7 08;14;182011-02-15NT drinking11Drinkingdrink from stream
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 9 08;18;442011-02-15ZM16Travellingpant-hootscratch selfZM pant-hoots in response to other’s calls
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 12 10;38;092011-02-13SQ (AN)92SexualOestrussolicit copulationscreamcopulationscream - sexSQs soliciting to AN - she’s not keen, good vocals but hard to see video

oestrus female in group with no alpha
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 13 10;40;142011-02-15ZF (SQ, AN)86SexualOestrussolicit copulationdisplay as contestpant-hootscreamoestrus female in group with no alpha
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 15 10;43;472011-02-15FD (AN) (HW)41SexualAgonisticOestrusscream - sexsolicit copulationoestrus female in group with no alpha
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 16 10;45;042011-02-15HW, AN120SexualOestrusDisplaysolicit copulationscream - sexbarkoestrus female in group with no alpha

NK joins in this clip
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 18 11;11;172011-02-15KT, AN (ZF) (OK)63SexualOestruscopulationsolicit copulationgroomoestrus female in group - alpha near by
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 21 11;18;112011-02-15PS (ST)22TravellingAffiliationwait for companionallowtravelPS allows ST to move in front of him when she is worried about being at the back near us
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 23 11;26;272011-02-15AN (KT)40OestrusTravellingwait for companionoestrus female in group - alpha near by
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 24 11;28;092011-02-15SQ (KT)41TravellingSexualOestrusclimbSQ finds KT and AN who had sneaked away on their own

oestrus female
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 26 11;30;212011-02-15KT, MS, AN68GroomingOestrusSexualsitgroom brieflycopulationoestrus female

MS climbs up and copulates silently with AN
NK is not in party but not far away
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 27 11;31;542011-02-15AN, KT, MS26VocalizationOestruspant-hootKT pant-hoots, AN joins

no G

oestrus female

NK not far away
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 28 12;10;372011-02-15SQ3InjuryDead wood eatinginjuryeat dead wood
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 29 13;07;56 2011-02-15ZK, ZF, NK, ST (meat)141Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegthreatensolicit supportwadge by adding leaf1st communication is clear - this is then repeated but not sure if it’s a hand fling or a move object from NK
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 30 13;10;312011-02-15ZK, ZF, NK, ST (meat)35Meat eatingAgonisticBeggingeat meatwhimperrejectbegthreaten
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 31 13;11;372011-02-15ZK, ST, ZF, NK (meat)40Meat eatingBeggingGivinggiveeat meatbegnice but hard to see what’s going on

NK get’s annoyed with ZK only when he’s given meat by ZF

great giving clip
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 32 13;12;472011-02-15ST, ZK, ZF, NK (ZM, ZG, KL, KC, KM) (meat)78Meat eatingBeggingeat meatshare foodwadge by adding leafgive
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 33 13;14;432011-02-15(ZG) NK, ZF, ZK (KM, KL) (meat)29Meat eatingAffiliationAgonisticeat meatpant-gruntdisplay towardpant-hootnotice afterwards that ZG sneaks back around and is sitting on buttress
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 34 13;15;312011-02-15ZF, ZK (ZG) (meat)17Meat eatingAgonisticeat meatshake branchthreaten
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 35 13;16;362011-02-15ZG, ZF (KM, ZM) (KC) (ZK) (ST) (meat)67Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegpeerreject
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 36 13;18;112011-02-15ZK, KC, ZF (meat)70Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegpeerchew
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 37 13;20;012011-02-15 ZK, KC, ZF, KM (ZG) (NK, ZM) (ST) (meat)76Meat eatingAgonisticeat meatthreatensupport subordinateshare foodZG hides behind me when threatened by NK and ZF

note how ZK puts the tail down and picks it back up as KC comes - not sure why, he later drops it and KC takes it

ZM barks in support of ZG - increases this when NK joins
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 39 13;21;562011-02-15ZK, ST, ZF (KM) (NK, KL) (KS, KU, KH) (meat)101Meat eatingBeggingAffiliationeat meatbegconsolekiss
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 40 13;23;502011-02-15KC, KM, ZK, ZF (KU, KH, KS) (meat)31Meat eatingBeggingbegeat meatrejectwhimper
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 41 13;24;302011-02-15KS, ZK, ZF, KU, KH (NK) (ST) (meat)31Meat eatingBeggingAgonisticeat meatbegavoidswing
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 42 13;26;442011-02-15ZG (meat)6Meat eatingeat meatsit
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 43 13;33;452011-02-15OK (AB wood)69Dead wood eatingeat dead wood
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 44 13;35;452011-02-15ST (AB wood)22Dead wood eatingeat dead wood
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 46 13;40;122011-02-15HW, KC, NB (KU, KH)31Dead wood eatingSexualeat dead woodsolicit copulationpresent with limbs extendedsniff mouthnice interaction between NB and KH after
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 47 13;41;252011-02-15KH, ST, KU (PS) (KC)52Dead wood eatingAgonisticAffiliationeat dead woodpant-gruntsnifflovely clip but no complete interactions codable..
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 49 13;43;422011-02-15ZG, NB, KC, KL, KM, PS (AB wood)46Dead wood eatingAgonisticeat dead woodplay solothreatenleanNB pant grunts while threatening ZG... WTF
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 51 13;46;222011-02-15(ZG) NB, PS, KM (AB wood)21Dead wood eatinghooeat dead wood
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 52 13;47;102011-02-15NB, PS, KM (ZG) (AB wood)18Dead wood eatingAgonisticeat dead woodnice clip but vocalizations are unclear
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 55 13;52;072011-02-15NB, ST (AB wood)14Dead wood eatingAgonisticeat dead woodwhimper
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 56 13;52;312011-02-15NB, ST dict1Dead wood eatingAgonisticeat dead woodwith previous clip
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 57 13;52;452011-02-15ST, NB (PS) (AB wood)57Dead wood eatingAffiliationeat dead woodconsoleallowfirst interaction with NB not coded

second one with PS is
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 58 13;53;482011-02-15ST, PS (AB wood)23Dead wood eatingeat dead woodallowPS want to turn take at dead wood hole but can’t see exactly what he does with hand
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 59 13;55;082011-02-15PS, KM, HW, ST (AB wood)64Dead wood eatingBeggingeat dead woodwhimperallowwait turnturn taking
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 63 14;02;262011-02-15KM, PS (ZG) (AB wood)16Dead wood eatingeat dead woodscratch selfzig - possible two note hoo - but not sure if it’s just part of feeding grunts
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 66 14;09;192011-02-15ST, KN, OK (SI)46CopulationDead wood eatingSexualsolicit copulationpresent with limbs flexedcopulationscream - sexsniff finger
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 66-1 14;09;192011-02-15SQ, SI, ST, KN (AB wood)19Dead wood eatingAffiliationeat dead woodSQ’s goes out of his way to touch her - but nothing with it to clearly show it’s a gesture..
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 68 14;14;112011-02-15KH, SI13Play socialplaynice play from SI and KH - catch feet play
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 69 14;15;512011-02-15SQ, KH, SI (SE, SK)112Play socialplaystamp in invitationlovely play
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 70 14;17;512011-02-15SQ, SI, SK, KH38Play socialDead wood eatingplay sociallydangleeat dead woodplay but not clear Gs
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 71 14;18;572011-02-15SI, SQ, KH, SK, ST12Play socialDead wood eatingplayeat dead wood
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 72 14;20;422011-02-15SI, KH, SK51Play socialplay sociallyplay, rough and tumbleno clear G
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 73 14;22;342011-02-15SI, KH (SK)34Play socialplay socially
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 74 14;23;312011-02-15SI, OK (ZK, SQ)19AffiliationDead wood eatingpant-gruntpresent with limbs extendedeat dead woodlie
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 75 14;24;212011-02-15ZK, OK, SI, SQ, KH (SK)21Play socialDead wood eatingstampsniffplay sociallyKathy pottering about - stomps but not clear G with goal? play start?
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 77 14;30;412011-02-15FK, HW, MS (RE) (ZG)34Sexualsolicit copulationscreampant-grunt
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 78 14;31;252011-02-15RE dict14Sexualtransferwait for companion
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 81 14;35;372011-02-15RE, FK18Inspectioninspectsniff finger
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 83 14;38;332011-02-15RE, FK (KT)9Restinghooresttwo note hoo from KT - stays resting afterwards
Budongo 2011-02-15 Clip 84 14;52;012011-02-15NK, ST dict19Affiliationdictated - good detail but no vid at all
Budongo 2011-02-19 Clip 1 07;49;252011-02-19MS sawmill ash14Firewalk quadrupedal on knucklesMS walking through the ash after the sawmill fire
Budongo 2011-02-19 Clip 2 08;41;352011-02-19OK (SI) (NB, NT)125OestrusAffiliationpant-gruntwatchmasturbation, selfnot sure what OK is doing here?
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 1 08;48;042011-06-29KB, KW, HW33Play solitaryTravellingplay solopirouetteKB plays on her own
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 2 08;50;472011-06-29SQ, KW (KB)22AffiliationTravellingpresent with limbs extendedpant-gruntreconcilenice

KW pant grunts and presents to SQ as he appraoches, just after KB drops down nearly on top of him and KW immediatley and more loudly pant grunts and presents again, as if in ‘appology’ for KB’s behaviour

sort of mild third party reconciliation?
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 3 09;48;032011-06-29MS (buttress knock)22RestingTravellingknock with one armwait for companionscratch selfMS knocks the buttress while waiting for others - similar to the Tai buttress knock used as an alternative to leaf clipping to solicit copulation

follows into next clip
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 4 09;48;322011-06-29MS (group)40RestingTravellingwait for companionpant-hootdrumkick buttresselevates to pant hooting and drumming - follows from last clip

note the gaze before is in the direction of the recipients despite the fact they’re probably out of sight, he’s not so much checking their attention state as checking their response
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 5 10;33;182011-06-29KR, KZ, KW, KB75Play socialAgonisticplay, rough and tumblebend shrubslap otherfairly antagonistic sibling play
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 6 10;35;132011-06-29KZ, KR (checking for water)10Leaf spongingTravellingleaf-spongewatchKZ checking for water in leaf sponging hole
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 7 10;37;132011-06-29KR, KZ25TravellingPlay socialtravelplay socially
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 8 10;38;162011-06-29KZ, KR184Leaf spongingleaf-spongeKZ leaf sponging
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 9 10;42;372011-06-29KR, KZ15FeedingAgonisticeatapproachthreaten
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 10 15;36;512011-06-29KL, KC17FeedingBeggingeat fruit, pulptakeKC pilfering from his mother’s DD fruit - note - he’s too small to break into them himself
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 11 15;38;212011-06-29KZ (KW)16FeedingTravellingeatwait for companionhooKZ giving hoos while waiting for KW - incomplete sequence

see next couple of clips too
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 12 15;39;292011-06-29KZ27FeedingeatbitehooKZ giving hoos while waiting for KW - incomplete sequence

see prior/next clips too
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 13 15;41;412011-06-29KZ (KW)21Feedingeatwait for companionhooKZ looks up each time and hoos in KW’s direction

see prior clips
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 14 15;47;462011-06-29KC, KL14FeedingBeggingeatbegtakepilfering - possibly effective - no clear gestures
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 15 15;50;232011-06-29KC, KL18FeedingBeggingeatbegtakepositioning in order to steal - nudge not effective?
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 16 15;52;192011-06-29KC, KL26FeedingBeggingeatbegtakepositioning in order to steal - nudge not effective?
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 17 15;54;102011-06-29KC, KL12FeedingBeggingeatbegtakepositioning in order to steal - better clearer gesture
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 18 15;55;122011-06-29KC, KL18FeedingBeggingeatbegtakepossibly effective - no clear G
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 19 15;56;072011-06-29KC, KL17FeedingBeggingeatbegtakepossibly effective - no clear G
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 20 15;57;002011-06-29KC, KL13Feedingeattakestealing again
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 21 16;01;462011-06-29KZ, NK32Affiliationpant-gruntnot clear video
nxt one much better
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 22 16;17;452011-06-29KZ, NK20Affiliationpant-grunttouch scrotumpresent with limbs extendedgroom by handnice combination

all one sequence - panting continues between early grunts
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 23 16;18;242011-06-29HW, NK21AffiliationGroomingpant-gruntgroom by handnot clear if he also object shakes but think it’s just him holding sapling so no clear G

note how HW avoids looking at NK as he moves off - deliberate head turn away
Budongo 2011-06-29 Clip 24 17;14;522011-06-29KZ, NK (ZF)42Affiliationpant-gruntembrace fullnice affiliation between alpha and beta but video not clear
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 1 08;27;092011-06-30KZ11Travellingtravelbanda, displayKZ in the banda
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 2 08;27;532011-06-30KZ (NB, NT)57Displaypant-hootdrumbanda, displayKZ in the banda

NB and NT feeding in ficus

note the scratch before he displays
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 3 08;31;122011-06-30NK, JL?, J? (KB)53AffiliationFeedinggreet
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 4 08;37;262011-06-30KB, RS, R19AgonisticthreatenRose with her new baby - doesn’t want KB to approach
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 5 08;38;232011-06-30KW, KB, RS, R13Travellingextend handextend arm as ladderclimbdon’t think this is a beckon - think KW is reaching then brushes/scratches her head then reaches back down to help KB on

1st reach is clear G
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 6 08;54;002011-06-30HW, RS, R (KM)36AgonisticthreatenbarkclimbRS barking at HW and KM as they pass her with her new baby - not the clearest video
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 7 09;22;542011-06-30NK, KZ16AffiliationTravellingpant-gruntbrachiatealpha malecan’t tell if KZ reaches or object shakes to NK with his pant-grunt
nice NK brachiating
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 8 09;28;072011-06-30KL, KC, NK KM)17Affiliationapproachpantalpha malecode KLs pant but can’t hear KMs
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 9 09;40;092011-06-30RS, RH, RF (NK)22AffiliationLeaf spongingapproachalpha malegreetpantleaf-spongeRose with new baby - not clear if it’s all one p-g or two bouts

RF leaf sponging - try to check for hand
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 10 10;15;392011-06-30FK (SI, NK)14Displaydrumpant-hootFK drum - already started
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 12 10;17;212011-06-30dict2SI not KT - corrected on previous clip indidividuals
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 13 10;21;372011-06-30NK, RH, RF, RS, R, RM25Displaypant-hootdrumkick buttresscomplicated multiple display
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 14 10;25;452011-06-30RM31Leaf spongingleaf-sponge
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 15 10;26;432011-06-30RS R (RM, NK)28Displaypant-hootnice pant hoot from RS but incomplete sequence

sounds like she would have drummed if she wasn’t with the new baby
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 16 10;27;362011-06-30RS, R (R vocal)10Vocalizationbarkbark, infantilenew baby vocal
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 17 10;35;372011-06-30NK, RF, RH, RS, R, HY, HT, SI35Agonisticscreamsolicit supportbarkHY displaying at RS with new baby and then trying to recruit HT

incomplete video
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 18 10;40;202011-06-30RH, RF, HW, RS, R14FeedingObservation of feeding techniquewadgeapproachpeer
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 18 11;38;562011-06-30KT (NK)9Affiliationgreetpant-grunt
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 19 11;40;472011-06-30RH, RF, HW, RS, R, NK23Affiliationpantextend handnice between HW and RS - reach just touches her mouth

HW seems very good with new mothers.. same with RS as with JL
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 20 11;03;122011-06-30RS, R (NK)138Restingcare maternallyscratch selfcare maternallyRose very calm around others with new baby - even when NK arrives etc. (NB Nick = older brother)
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 21 11;12;002011-06-30(group) HW, KT, SQ (RS)16VocalizationDisplaypant-hootdrumnice pant hoot brief drum from SQ in response to group
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 22 11;15;372011-06-30NB, NT, RS, R (RH, RF)62AggressionAffiliationthreatenfightsolicit supportreconcileNight gets too close to Rose, who threatens her, NT screams and Rose screams back, they fight, RH joins, NB joins, NT presents to RH to reconcile?

great clip - too complicated too code? try later
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 23 11;18;452011-06-30ZF, NT, NB, NK (MS)85AffiliationGroomingalpha malealliancegroom, polyadicnice
Zefa and Musa both approach Nick who’s self grooming simultaneously and pant grunt
grooming stand off between them, NK grooms ZF foricing MS to groom him
note NB watching over

too hard to tell who’s pant grunting when to code vocals on approach, later gesture exchanges coded
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 24 11;21;022011-06-30MS, NK, ZF13Groominggroom, polyadicalpha malealliance
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 25 11;26;102011-06-30MS, NK, ZF12Groomingscratch self signallinggroom mutuallyalpha malealliance
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 26 11;29;042011-06-30FK (NK, ZF)17GroomingDisplaygroom mutuallypant-hootdrumkick buttressFrank drumming in background
Budongo 2011-06-30 Clip 27 11;33;072011-06-30NK, ZF14Groomingscratch self signallinggroom reciprocallyNote in the mutal grooming clips - ZF is usually the one who asks first and who moves to groom first, once ZF moves to groom him, NK grooms him back
Budongo 2011-07-04 Clip 1 11;19;112011-07-04Sam dancing3
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 1 07;38;392011-07-05KZ8Travellingbrachiategrunt, food
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 2 08;53;372011-07-05ZL (HT, KU, KY)33Vocalizationpant-hootZL drum and PH - females respond with PH

gets good response but not clear who’s who
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 3 08;54;382011-07-05dict6dictation
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 4 08;55;302011-07-05ZL (KZ) (ZD, ZG)27Displaypant-hootdrumkick buttress
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 5 08;58;192011-07-05stressed BWC65DisplayFeedingpant-hootchimpas are pant-hoot displaying on arrival in FVR behind camp - BWC male is freaked out despite their lack of interest in him
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 6 09;21;312011-07-05(OK) PS39Displaypant-hootpoutslap butress or tree trunkkick buttressshake branchnote the PH face but no vocal from PS

incomplete exchange
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 7 09;23;502011-07-05KB, OK32Affiliationextend hand, palm upwardpresent with limbs extendedsniff
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 8 09;32;092011-07-05KU wiping leaves13Feedingwipe on objecteat leafwipe/rub leaves from FVR onto branch before eating (esp. petioles?)
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 9 10;15;202011-07-05KH (KB)110Play socialplay sociallyslap butress or tree trunkshake branchrebuff playmonitorKB and KH play - but KH everntually goes to mother and rejects KB’s solicitations

first interaction not coded as start missing, nice clip but long
note KB switches hanging arm to slap branch
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 10 11;17;302011-07-05KZ, KR, ZD, KW, KB, ZL (KU, KH. KS) 31TravellingAffiliationtravelgreetinspectnice clip of KZ greeting ZL like the big man..

not sure why he persists? does he want more clear sign of affiliation rather than just recipient in the same state type response?
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 11 11;18;122011-07-05PS, KU, KH, ZL, KR11Travellingtravelpresent with limbs extendedvocals not clear
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 12 11;20;202011-07-05KN, KS, ZL, KZ, KR, KU, KW39TravellingAffiliationtravelgreetmonitornote - when KU hears KS pant grunting to ZL she stops and waits for him to pass under her before walking off - making sure he’s OK?
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 13 11;25;072011-07-05BWC hunt (ZL, ZD, KW f., KZ, PS, OK, KU f.)116Huntinghuntkick buttressmonitor monkeys
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 14 11;27;192011-07-05BWC hunt28HuntinghuntBWC in the trees
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 15 11;45;322011-07-05OK15Vocalizationbarkdon’t know what i kept this?
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 16 11;45;512011-07-05OK (ZL, PS, HT, HE) (KZ)52AggressionDisplaydisplay, chargingscreamPS displays at HT - HT then chases PS screaming away, later they make up

nice aggression clip but vocals incomplete
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 17 11;47;052011-07-05HT, HE (ZD, PS, ZL)28AgonisticAffiliationpant-gruntgreetpant-barkreconcilemis narrated as KU it’s HT

can’t quite see if HT and PS touch at the end
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 18 11;47;452011-07-05PS, ZL5Affiliationpant-gruntshort pg
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 19 11;49;182011-07-05HT, HE, ZL, PS (ZD)17Affiliationpresent with limbs extendedcan’t see if ZD touches KU?
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 20 11;49;492011-07-05HT, HE, ZL, PS20Affiliationreconcilepant-gruntkiss
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 21 13;42;022011-07-05KZ23Feedingpeel with teethKZ peeling DD fruit
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 22 13;49;442011-07-05KZ, KB, KW17RestingGroomingscratchgroomnot sure if the scratch is communicative - intermediary behaviour (grooming KB) so not coded
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 23 13;50;442011-07-05KZ, KW, KB (OK) (KR)178RestingTravellingFeedingscratch self signallingmisc grunt from OK after KW BLSs - in response?
nice climb on me from KW but can’t tell if it contacts
OK grunts again as KW leaves turns to Ph

great travel scratch clip but no clear G
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 24 13;59;112011-07-05ZL (KW, OK)32Restinglistenpant-hootZL turning to look at Ph’s but no vocal response
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 25 14;00;212011-07-05ZL (KW f., OK)40Displaypant-hootdrumdrag branchZL then PS pant hoot and drum in response to KW f’s ph’s which were responses to ZLs original pant hoot - see clip 24
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 26 14;02;232011-07-05KZ (phts)19FeedingRestinglistenpant-hootKZ turns to listen to Ph but doesn’t reply
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 27 14;03;112011-07-05KZ30FeedingRestinglistensitpant-hootKZ turns to listen to OK pant hooting but no reply
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 28 14;06;402011-07-05KZ, ZL24FeedingRestingsithoosingle hoo - resting/no change? ZL out of sight
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 29 14;07;582011-07-05(ZL) KZ32RestingFeedingpant-hootlistenKZ gives ph response facing ZL’s final location

code for PH
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 30 14;27;192011-07-05(phts - NB) KZ52RestingFeedingpant-hootlistenNB pant hoots on arrival
KZ turns to listen
KZ doesn’t reply
Budongo 2011-07-05 Clip 31 14;28;182011-07-05KZ12Travellinghoopant-hootKZ moving over to where NB ph-ing
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 1 10;23;462011-07-07KZ, KR, PS, KW, KB54TravellingPlay solitarypirouettelook aroundtravel and playscratch self signallingnice pirouettes from KB but not directed

nice BLS from KR for travel??
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 2 10;28;212011-07-07KW f., ZD, ZL, PS18Travellingtravelhoonot sure who vocalizes
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 3 10;44;362011-07-07KZ, KB, KR, ZD218FeedingObservation of feeding techniquedig for underground storage organ by handpullwatchshow to sophie - not sure what he’s digging for, looks round on ground after for something and tries a couple of other spots before walking off

KZ digging routes or underground termites? by hand, others observe, doesn’t seem to get anywhere
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 4 10;48;58 2011-07-07KZ digging site3Food processingsome termites to be seen on right hand side of frame? no clear target to dig at though?? roots?
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 5 10;59;272011-07-07KR leafsp49Leaf spongingleaf-sponge
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 6 11;01;022011-07-07KW f., ZD, ZL, PS17RestingPatrollingsitmonitor monkeyssitting on trail looking up - try to hunt a couple of clips later see 11/12
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 7 11;03;262011-07-07KR (FA hoot)11Restingsitlook aroundKR looking round at FA hoot
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 8 11;04;282011-07-07ZL, ZD, KW, KZ, KB19RestingPlay socialrestplay sociallypossible head shake - not clear
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 9 11;07;002011-07-07KW f., ZD, ZL, PS25TravellingPlay socialtravel and playplay facescratch self signallingKB plays with ZD then PS

note small scratch from ZD
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 10 11;10;422011-07-07PS (leaving pre-hunt)7RestingTravellingscratch self signallingsitPS leaves - scratch before leaves

possible response from KW - turns head but might be also a response to hearing him move..?
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 11 11;11;092011-07-07KZ, KW, KB, KR (ZL, ZD)74Huntingmonitor monkeyshunthoofailed hunt attempt
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 12 11;13;332011-07-07KW, KR, ZL, KZ, ZD23Huntingmonitor monkeyshoositno clear response?
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 13 11;14;382011-07-07KW, KR, KZ, ZL, ZD53HuntingRestingmonitor monkeyssithooscratch self signallingthey give in trying to hunt

single hoo’s from ZL - not sure to whom or why
note scratch before leaving
Budongo 2011-07-07 Clip 14 11;15;412011-07-07KW, KR, KZ41HuntingTravellinggrunt, foodscratch self signallinggood scratches before moving off

can’t quite see what happens between KW, KZ, KR at end

shortly after they climbed tree and fed
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 1 07;55;002011-07-08NK32Travellingscratch self signallingbrachiatealpha maleBLS traveling
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 2 07;58;562011-07-08NK exp15Snake experimentsnake exp - NK is nervous already and running before hoo is played anyway
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 3 08;21;592011-07-08house drum6Displaydrumpant-hootprobably ZL
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 4 08;29;572011-07-08KZ65Displaypant-hootdrumhouse drum

KW responds - KZ behaving like the big man as the older males not around
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 5 08;32;042011-07-08KR, KZ (KW)61AgonisticAffiliationaggressscreamslapbarkKZ being a shit to KR at the moment, not sure why but constantly starting agonistic play bouts and bugging her

she screams, KW (feeding in nearby BPY tree) barks in support and KZ stops
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 6 11;39;122011-07-08blue monkey16Illnessblue monkey eating liana and grass - sick?
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 7 11;40;352011-07-08blue monkey35Illnessblue monkey eating liana and grass - sick?
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 8 12;01;392011-07-08ZL, KZ, KR33Leaf spongingTravellingtravelleaf-sponge
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 9 12;02;522011-07-08KZ, ZL, KR23Travellingstand bipedalpeer togetherZL and KR afraid of bird that takes off to the right of the frame (not on film)
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 10 12;04;102011-07-08PS, KB, ZL, KZ, KW, KR, ZD17TravellingtravelpushpulltransportKW encouraging KB to travel with her

can’t see if the last one is a pull
first couple are gestures but on the mech effective side..
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 11 12;07;202011-07-08KW (KB)141Leaf spongingleaf-spongenice long leaf sponge by KW
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 12 12;13;332011-07-08KR23Travellingsithoogrunt, foodtravelsingle hoo off camera don’t know who
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 13 12;15;432011-07-08ZL, KZ, KR, KB, ZD, PS, KW28RestingHuntingmonitor monkeysplay with objectsitKB plays with stick alone while ZD watches
others are monitoring trees for BWC

no successful hunt (only ZL, KZ around)
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 14 12;17;152011-07-08KZ, KB, ZD, KW18Play socialTravellingplay sociallytouchtravellovely little come on g from KW to KB
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 15 12;19;062011-07-08KR18Feedingeat fruit, inner skinnice clip - don’t know species of what KR’s eating
Budongo 2011-07-08 Clip 16 12;20;152011-07-08KR6RestingsitKR doing her Rodan impression
Budongo 2011-07-09 Clip 1 14;58;192011-07-09ZL, ZG30Restinghoositnot sure to whom or why
Budongo 2011-07-09 Clip 2 14;59;502011-07-09ZL, ZG34Restinghoositagain not sure to whom or why
Budongo 2011-07-09 Clip 3 15;01;222011-07-09ZG (ZL)22Travellinghootravel
Budongo 2011-07-09 Clip 4 15;01;522011-07-09ZG46TravellingFeedinghoosittravelgrunt, foodclimbnot sure where the hoo-ing stops and the food grunts start...
Budongo 2011-07-12 Clip 1 07;14;512011-07-12PS, ZG91TravellingFeedingtravelgrunt, foodscratch self signallingZG - the hoo/food-grunt call again..

BLscratch before climbing
Budongo 2011-07-12 Clip 2 10;43;582011-07-12SI9Travellingstand bipedal
Budongo 2011-07-12 Clip 3 10;53;572011-07-12KT, HW17Groominggroom mutuallysolicit groomingscratch self signallingnice little touch in the middle of the two scratch gestures by KT
Budongo 2011-07-12 Clip 4 11;20;372011-07-12KT, ZF (ZL)66Groomingscratch self signallingshake branchlots of BLS exchanges - nice! ZL eventually comes to groom KT who is very determined

not sure what this is about - note ZF is selfgrooming while KT doesn’t start self grooming so ZF’s scratches unlikely to be gestures, can’t imagine that KT demands grooming from ZF so ZL recipient
Budongo 2011-07-12 Clip 5 11;22;072011-07-12MS, SQ (HW) (ZL, NK)25Travellinghootravel
Budongo 2011-07-12 Clip 6 11;25;232011-07-12NK (ZF)14AffiliationGroomingpant-gruntkiss with open mouthscratch self signallingNK is aroused from previous display not on film
Budongo 2011-07-12 Clip 7 11;39;492011-07-12SQ (NK) (SI, ZL, ZD, ZG)41AffiliationTravellingpantpant-gruntgreetwait for companionnote the very defensive hand position of SQ
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 1 08;26;012011-07-13monday laugh50laugh mic test with monday
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 2 09;18;402011-07-13KZ, ZL (WS ph)50Neighbour interactionAgonisticlistenrespond to neighbouring unit groupKZ and ZL here the WSouth neighbour group call

vocalization not clear
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 3 09;21;382011-07-13KZ, ZL22VocalizationNeighbour interactionpant-hootdrumZL pant hoots in direction of FM following KZ drum, FM individuals respond
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 4 10;22;172011-07-13snake exp (KZ, ZL, ZD)231Snake experimenthooavoidscratch self signallingindividuals have already heard warning hoo before video starts - KZ gives two hoos (who does he look back to? was KW behind?)

note scratch from ZL before changing direction

KZ and ZL move around it on the ground, ZD more nervous climbs up and over it in the trees
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 5 10;32;042011-07-13Odong, KZ8AgonisticavoidKZ reacts to Odong waving, probably still nervous after snake exp
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 6 11;54;062011-07-13ZG, PS8Affiliationpanttouch
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 7 14;44;442011-07-13HT, HE14ID clipidentification clipclear visuals of Herry
Budongo 2011-07-13 Clip 8 14;44;592011-07-13HE, HT72ID clipidentification clipclinggreat footage of Herry
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 1 07;55;562011-07-14group patrol, NK, ZF, MS, HW, ZL, SI, KT108Patrollingwait for companiontravelfollowallianceyounger males are presenting to MS near back of patrol - NK and ZF are at the front and can’t see..
how to code function? MS makes no change in his behaviour - looking for reasurance?
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 2 08;02;522011-07-14MS, HW5PatrollingfollowHW prents to MS again but unclear
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 3 08;04;432011-07-14group patrol, NK, ZF, MS, HW, ZL, SI, KT30Patrollingfollowtravelall silent and on edge walking up north
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 4 08;08;22 patrol2011-07-14group patrol, NK, ZF, MS, HW, ZL, SI, KT68Patrollingtravelfollowwait for companiontravelling scratchall silent and on edge walking up north

note the nervous scratching while they wait
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 5 10;55;482011-07-14KZ, NK20AffiliationVocalizationpant-gruntKZ pant grunts to NK as he climbs into BPY to feed
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 6 11;34;062011-07-14MS, ZF, HW, NK (KT)25TravellingAffiliationrestgroomwalk quadrupedal on knuckles
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 7 11;39;172011-07-14SI, NK, MS, HW, NB (NT) (OK)102GroomingTravellingtravelinspection is right at the end - OK to HW
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 8 12;04;592011-07-14MS17InjuryinjuryMS has a cut/hole under his toe - he cleans it by sucking it throughout the day
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 9 12;48;222011-07-14SI, HW (NK)13TravellingAffiliationscratch selftravelpant-grunttravelling scratchthink SI gets up in response to NK arriving not in response to HW scratching

HW travel scratch?
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 10 12;48;382011-07-14SI, NK
Budongo 2011-07-14 Clip 10 12;48;382011-07-14SI, NK5AffiliationTravellingtravelpant-gruntnote SI doesn’t make contact with NK - so no gesture, although his monitors the response closely
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 1 10;12;432011-07-16Roman1Roman working hard
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 2 10;17;222011-07-16ZD (NK) (NT)22Displaypant-gruntdisplay towardnot sure whether or not the armswing from ZD is intentional G or not?
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 3 10;20;292011-07-16NK (ZL)28DisplayAgonisticdisplay, charging
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 4 11;48;412011-07-16HW, NK, FD (ZL)26AffiliationRestingpant-gruntpresent with limbs extendedresttravelling scratchrather odd combination from ZL - approaches NK and FD but presents to FD? FD is the first he has to pass, the PG appears to be towards NK - the response waiting at the end of the vocal is to NK
presenting - more affiliative? to someone with whom you have a bond
pant grunting - more submissive? to someone who you need to grunt to in order to prevent being attacked? You can clearly hear the two separate pant grunts one to FD one to NK - but why not NK directly?
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 5 11;49;542011-07-16MS, NK14TravellingRestingtravelling scratchnote - someone else scratching in background NK looks to them
MS looks up when NK scratches before he moves off
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 6 11;50;472011-07-16MS, NK, NB9Restingpant-gruntsit
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 7 11;51;522011-07-16MS (NK, NB)16AffiliationGroomingpantgroomnote - MS pants as he leaves/moves away
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 8 11;52;282011-07-16MS (NK)19Vocalizationpant-hootpant hoot response to NK drumming
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 9 11;52;562011-07-16MS (NB, NT, PS) dict10dictation - continuation of info from previous clip
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 10 12;05;262011-07-16KS, ZD (PS) (NB) (ZG) (NK)67Agonisticscreamdistress callsupportpant-hootnot sure what went on here? why is ZD screaming?

KZ takes off as soon as ZD arrives screaming

nice vocal behaviour but not sure about functions
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 11 12;08;232011-07-16NK, NT, NB, MS8Groomingrestgroomscratch selfthe scratch at the end is NB
MS approaches NK to groom him
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 12 12;18;542011-07-16NK, KZ (ZL)19AffiliationDisplaypant-gruntbarkthis is complex - are all three vocals within a single bout? they are continuous and yet appear to have separate goals, this makes is seem more and more like the vocalizations are a sort of continual monitoring-feedback loop of information like Dick and Em’s wheelbarrow analogy for play..

pant grunt by ZL later not clear

Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 13 12;23;012011-07-16MS, ZD (NK) (FK) (PS)49DisplayVocalizationpant-gruntalpha maledisplay, chargingvocal responses from MS but they’re in the same direction as he’s already facing

Nick displays - vocal responses but hard to tell who’s who
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 14 12;25;082011-07-16NK (ZG, HW, KT)30DisplayAggressionpant-hootdrumoff video

drumming coding
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 15 12;27;372011-07-16KN, NK37AggressionDisplayscreamdisplay, chargingstart missing
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 16 13;28;38 2011-07-16NK, ZL (MS) (ZD)19AffiliationVocalizationsitpant-gruntpantalpha malecan’t tell who’s who
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 17 13;29;472011-07-16MS, NK, SI, ZL29AffiliationGroomingalpha malekisspant-gruntgroom by handnice little ‘kiss’ from SI but hard to see as clip focuses in
second movement doesn’t contact
Budongo 2011-07-16 Clip 18 13;31;482011-07-16MS, NK, SI, ZL22Travellingtravelfollowtravelling scratchpossible travel scratches - can’t see if MS looks at his fingers afterwardsw
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 1 12;35;052011-07-18KR, KW, KB13Groominggroomscratch selfunclear if G
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 2 12;36;222011-07-18KR, KW, KB22Groominggroomnice grooming video of the family, no G
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 3 12;38;102011-07-18KR, KW, KB41Groomingscratch self signallinggroom unilaterallygrooming scratch - but seems an unecessary communicaiton between daughter and mother?
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 4 12;40;002011-07-18KR, KW, KB12Groominggroom with mouthgroom by handnice video, no G
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 5 12;41;392011-07-18KR, KW, KB16Groomingscratch self signallinggroom by hand
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 6 12;48;182011-07-18KW, KB, KR33Play socialRestinglie-sitplaynice slow play start gesture from KW - knuckles on

damn - there’s a half G from KB at the start but it’s not clear
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 7 12;49;132011-07-18KW, KB, KR24Play socialRestingGroominglie-sitplay sociallygroom self
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 8 12;49;462011-07-18KW, KB, KR43Play socialRestingplay sociallygroom self
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 9 12;50;392011-07-18KW, KB, KR14Play socialRestingplay sociallyrest
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 10 12;51;272011-07-18KW, KB, KR29Play socialGroomingplay sociallyscratch selfgroom by handknuckles on - but in the middle of play

not sure that KWs scratches are gestural she doesn’t seem to be directing them to KB who nevertheless starts to groom
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 11 12;52;282011-07-18KW, KB, KR12Travellingtravelling scratchtravelling scratches?
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 12 13;23;042011-07-18KZ, PS, ZD, ZL18Restinghoorestwhy does KZ have an erection?

single hoo - not sure why
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 13 13;28;582011-07-18OK, NT, NB (KZ, ZD, ZL)35check Brittany’s clip to see who is at the front approaching
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 14 13;32;282011-07-18KZ, ZL, ZD dyker2Restingrestsitall oblovious to dyker crossing
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 15 14;30;302011-07-18KW, KB (KR)47TravellingRestingFeedingavoidtraveltransport in mouthfirst reach might have been to try and catch KB so no G
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 16 14;31;402011-07-18KR, KB24Play socialBeggingplay sociallybeggiveplay invite at start might be missing something just code begging at end
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 17 14;37;332011-07-18ZG, KB163Play socialGroomingRestingliedanglegroomKB is curious about Zig covering his eyes although I think he only does it to half scratch at his bad eye and then leaves the hand there, she tries to see under it and then grooms him

nice clip
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 18 14;48;172011-07-18ZD, KB24Play socialdangleplay sociallynice play - dangle invites
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 19 14;48;592011-07-18ZD, KB55Play socialplay sociallypullnice play but no clear G
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 20 14;50;222011-07-18ZD, KB11Play socialplay sociallylook to start?
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 21 14;54;482011-07-18ZL, KW, KR, ZD (KZ) (KB)80travelling scratchCODE Later - look at travelling scratches
Budongo 2011-07-18 Clip 22 14;57;58 2011-07-18KR, KZ, KW, KB (makarere)80TravellingtravelavoidKW tries to cross road but is frightened by noisy makarere students

think ZL vocalises but not clear
Budongo 2011-07-21 Clip 1 12;26;322011-07-21SQ, KR, KW (FK) (KB, KZ) makarere76Travellingtravelling scratchhoochimps nervous about crossing road - makarere students making noise

single hoo while travelling? climbed after to feed
Budongo 2011-07-21 Clip 2 13;30;162011-07-21ittle frog7little frog
Budongo 2011-07-22 Clip 1 09;36;462011-07-22little frog5little frog
Budongo 2011-07-23 Clip 1 11;33;142011-07-23KU head shake29KU shaking/rocking her head back and forth - there was no clear reason why appart from possibly the bordom of having done nothing for weeks...
Budongo 2011-07-23 Clip 2 11;33;512011-07-23KU head shake11KU shaking/rocking her head back and forth - there was no clear reason why appart from possibly the bordom of having done nothing for weeks...
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 1 08;16;222011-07-25KR, JT, KT15SexualRestingpresent with limbs extendedinspect gentials
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 2 08;16;402011-07-25KW, KB, KT13TravellingDisplaypant-gruntride dorsalKW also gives grunt after but not sure if it’s to KT or for feeding tree etc.
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 3 08;24;202011-07-25OK, HW, ?, NB, ZF8RestingTravellingAffiliationsittravelpant-grunthard to see but ZF is sitting in behind HW so pant grunt was to him - see next clip
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 4 08;24;382011-07-25dict7hard to see but ZF was sitting in behind HW in the previous clip so pant grunt was to him
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 5 08;24;562011-07-25HW, OK, ZF13RestingGroomingremovegroom brieflysitZF sees something on HW’s face - no G
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 6 08;26;042011-07-25SQ, HW, ZF9RestingAffiliationpresent with limbs extendedsitfollowinteresting - is this straight up affiliation or that SQ want’s ZF to follow? follow is the immediate behavioural response so is coded as the goal - keep an eye out for this between the males? maybe a means of subtly soliciting more active support for travelling/patroling/hunting?

note the pant and present by SQ followed by touch from ZF
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 7 08;29;512011-07-25ZD, NB, MS10Restingsitpant-gruntdon’t know who vocals
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 8 09;02;222011-07-25JN, JM, group6Travellingtravelride dorsalJN encourages JM to climb on - very quick at start, no vocal
don’t know who later PG is from
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 9 09;05;352011-07-25group patrol52Patrollingpatrollook upinspect feeding treeinspect feeding trees/monkeys?
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 10 09;11;012011-07-25group patrol (NK, NB f., SQ)16PatrollingFeedingpatrolinspect feeding treetransport in mouthsitDD fruit

can’t hear MS vocal
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 11 09;11;342011-07-25NK, NB, MS, PS, NT8AffiliationTravellingpant-gruntreach wrist towardalpha maletransport in mouthtouches from PS contacted NK with finger tips but hard to see on vid
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 12 10;51;402011-07-25ZL18Travellingpant-hoottravelling scratchnote - good example of travelling scratch given without recipient around here
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 13 11;31;512011-07-25ZL, NK16RestingAffiliationliepant-grunt
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 14 11;32;492011-07-25ZD, NK8AffiliationRestingpant-gruntZD pant grunts as NK gets up to move off
Budongo 2011-07-25 Clip 152011-07-25NK, PS15AffiliationGroomingpant-gruntgroomalpha malecan’t see clearly if there are any G
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 1 07;20;362011-07-26KT11Displaydisplay, chargingdrum
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 2 07;48;112011-07-26HY12ID clipidentification clipcode video of HY
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 3 07;49;572011-07-26ZG, KT8TravellingRestingsitwatchtravelZG to KT, nothing, has he already seen KT?
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 4 08;00;592011-07-26KT (HT, ZG?)17DisplayTravellingpant-hootdrum
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 5 08;02;332011-07-26KT string30TravellingtravelavoiddetourKT finds the string left along the transects

has been traveling north, wants to cross line but then sits for a while before he detours east to walk along it as he seems nervous about crossing it

once Brittany steps over it, he immediately crossed the string
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 6 08;03;532011-07-26KT string37TravellingtravelavoiddetourKT finds the string left along the transects

has been traveling north, wants to cross line but then sits for a while before he detours east to walk along it as he seems nervous about crossing it

once Brittany steps over it, he immediately crossed the string
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 7 08;05;092011-07-26KT string (after BF crossed he crossed)4TravellingtravelavoiddetourKT finds the string left along the transects

has been traveling north, wants to cross line but then sits for a while before he detours east to walk along it as he seems nervous about crossing it

once Brittany steps over it, he immediately crossed the string
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 8 08;05;302011-07-26KT string (after BF crossed he crossed)34TravellingtravelavoiddetourKT finds the string left along the transects

has been traveling north, wants to cross line but then sits for a while before he detours east to walk along it as he seems nervous about crossing it

once Brittany steps over it, he immediately crossed the string
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 9 08;08;052011-07-26KT10RestingsitKT perching
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 10 08;11;132011-07-26KT (KU, KY in tree to right of screen)9RestingVocalizationhooKU and KY are in tree up to right of screen where he glances to after vocal
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 11 08;16;242011-07-26KT10Restingyawnsit
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 12 08;16;482011-07-26KT19Restingfalltravelling scratchpossible travel scratch - KY KU up in tree to right of screen
almost falls off his perch
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 13 08;21;112011-07-26KT (KU, KY)33Displaystand bipedalshake branchdrumpant-hoot
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 14 08;31;252011-07-26KT ph45RestinglistenKT turns to look at Phs but doesn’t reply
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 15 08;32;142011-07-26KT ph15RestinglistenKT turns to look at Phs but doesn’t reply
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 16 09;54;07 KT2011-07-26KT8RestinglistenKT makes odd sneeze grunt
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 17 10;17;062011-07-26KT55Feedinginspect feeding treescratch selfpeel with teeth
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 18 10;18;122011-07-26KT104Feedingpeel with teethinspect feeding treeDD fruit
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 19 10;38;452011-07-26KT6Travellingtravelling scratchtravelling scratch without recipient
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 20 10;53;582011-07-26JB, JL26RestingGroomingsitscratch selfJuliet and the baby sitting up properly
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 21 10;56;152011-07-26JB, JL12Restingsitplay soloJacob at 5 months
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 22 11;33;022011-07-26KT, ZL19Groomingscratchscratch self signallingG scratch from ZL who response waits but KT refuses
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 23 11;37;032011-07-26KT, ZL20Groominglip smackgroom by hand
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 24 11;39;552011-07-26KT, ZL8Groominggroomscratch selfnot sure why KT scratches as ZL already grooming?
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 25 11;42;082011-07-26KT, ZL10Groominggroom by handlie with back to anotherco-ordinated but not clearly G present or scratch
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 26 11;44;032011-07-26KT, ZL46Groomingscratch selfscratch self signallingsit behind anotherjust one G scratch in there - the one with the attention check, the response waiting and no subsequent self grooming
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 27 11;44;562011-07-26KT, ZL (ZD)48Restingrestlie with legs crossednot sure if it’s a G scratch given back and forth between then the response waiting and attention checks aren’t clear - also tends to be when they’ve shifted position
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 28 11;45;522011-07-26KT, ZL8Restingrestlie with legs crossedclear look over to Zalu here but not sure about the message
Budongo 2011-07-26 Clip 29 12;16;492011-07-26KT, ZL75Restingscratch self signallingsitmuch more obviously gestural scratches by Kato after he sits up following calls
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 6 10;30;182011-07-30KZ, NK, ZF, RS, R (ZG)41Groominggroom unilaterallygroom selfpant-gruntclingZG avoids coming close to NK and ZF but doesn’t PG
Rose PGs to ZG but note she has the new baby with her

note - nice how when RS PGs to him ZG looks first to NK and ZF to check that they’re not about to attack him for having approached RS? or to check that the PG is really to him, just in case he immediately stops his approach.
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 1 09;09;032011-07-30NK, MS, ZF30Agonisticthreatenscreamthe arm fling by MS as he screams was the only gesture so codable

MS pant grunts as NK approaches, he then chases MS who screams and hand flings at him, and then moves to ZF, NK then stops and moves away
interesting that MS moves to ZF - because NK won’t display at ZF? but why expect ZF not to also threaten and join with NK
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 2 09;50;182011-07-30RS, R39RestingclingyawnRaffiki with Rose - nice footage
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 3 09;51;092011-07-30RS, R15Restingclingcare maternallyRaffiki with Rose - nice footage
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 4 10;17;572011-07-30ZF, KC (NK, RS)14Play socialplay sociallyKC playing with ZF’s foot - ZF withdraws it
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 5 10;27;512011-07-30OK, ZG, MS (KM) (NK, ZF, KW, KB, RS, R, KZ)57TravellingGroomingtravelpant-gruntgroomwalking through the sawmill

don’t know who PG to who at the start
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 7 10;31;042011-07-30NK, ZF, RS, R, ZG (MS)34RestingAgonisticgroomscreampant-gruntRS pant grunts to NK but it’s not clear it starts out to him, she looks round after starting
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 8 10;39;252011-07-30little frog4little foam frog
Budongo 2011-07-30 Clip 9 10;40;492011-07-30little frog9little foam frog
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 1 07;42;262011-08-02KN, NT, KH (dict)25AgonisticthreatenKN stops NT approaching further
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 2 08;01;532011-08-02NK disp20Displaydisplay, chargingalpha malepant-hootKN stops NT approaching further
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 3 08;28;032011-08-02FK (NB f.)36Displaypant-hootdrumwait for companionnice display from FK
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 4 09;04;352011-08-02FK (ph choice)37Restingpant-hootlistensitscratch selfFK listening to two groups before ‘choosing’ group to join

Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 5 09;24;092011-08-02NK, KN32RestingDisplaypant-hootlistendisplay, chargingNK listening to pant hoots and moves off displaying but doesn’t’ call
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 6 09;25;142011-08-02KT, NK9Affiliationalpha malepantKT pants to NK but it’s not v clear
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 7 09;25;342011-08-02NK, KT134TravellingAffiliationGroomingpant-hootpant-gruntlistentravelpant-hoot to pant-grunt, start missing

most scratching not clearly gestural as self-grooming after

note NK has errection, no females around in oestrus? general excitment

KT very nervous - lovely subtle G from NK to encourage him to reapproach
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 8 09;28;542011-08-02KT, NK36Groominggroom by handgroom with mouthgroom mutuallypantKT is still nervous and pants throughout grooming but it’s not clear where it starts and stops as ‘communication’
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 9 09;29;342011-08-02KT, NK (KM) (KL, KC)31Play socialAffiliationgroom mutuallyapproachpant-gruntKM walks past NK without pg-ting, KL comes and pg-s quietly
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 10 09;33;522011-08-02KT, NK, KC, KL6Groomingscratch self signallinggroom mutuallymore grooming scratches, no vocals
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 11 09;35;102011-08-02KT, NK, KC, KL79GroomingPlay socialgroom mutuallylistenpant-hootplayfumble penisKC to me - KC comes and joins the boys who ignore him, fumbles NK’s penis
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 12 09;36;462011-08-02KT, NK, KC60GroomingPlay socialgroom, polyadicplay sociallyscratch self signallingKC trying to get the bigger boys to play but they’re more interested in grooming
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 13 09;38;402011-08-02KT, NK, KC, KL79GroomingPlay solitaryDisplaygroom mutuallyplay solostampKC to RInaldo on his first day in while he’s trying to approach
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 14 09;40;552011-08-02NK, KT, KC16Groominggroom mutuallylip smack
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 15 09;41;152011-08-02NK, KT, KC16GroomingPlay socialgroom mutuallyplay sociallyslap in invitationKC invites KT to play - can’t see clearly
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 16 09;42;412011-08-02NK, KT, KC34GroomingPlay socialgroom mutuallylip smackslap in invitationplay sociallyscratch self signallingNk reaches over while grooming and unintentionally frightens KC
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 17 09;45;392011-08-02NK, KT (KC, KL)29GroomingTravellinggroom selfpant-hootlistentraveltravelling scratchnice travelling scratches
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 18 09;56;372011-08-02KL17Feedingeateat fruit, unripefeeding on unripe FSu
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 19 09;57;442011-08-02KL, KC (NK)18FeedingDisplayTravellingpant-hootdrumlisteneat fruit, unripe
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 20 10;08;302011-08-02NK, JL, JB23Aggressionattack concertedlystamp otherscreamkickpant-gruntNK attacks JL with baby JB - seems odd as she’s been around for a while now and no problems with new infant since initial introduction - no obvious cause for attack

nice pant-grunt from JB
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 21 10;09;062011-08-02NK, JL, JB21Restingdictated
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 22 10;10;032011-08-02NK, JL, JB39Aggressionshake branchattackscreamJL screaming and presenting after attack - not clear on tape
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 23 10;10;542011-08-02NK, JL, JB6more presenting from JL - start missing
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 24 10;11;132011-08-02FK, NK18Affiliationpant-gruntavoid
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 25 10;16;392011-08-02FK (NK)40Feedingpant-hootsearch for objectpeel with teethFK pant hoots to NK but is more focused on finding food and seems to go on longer than everyone else - because he’s not paying attention?
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 26 10;49;322011-08-02NK, FK, JL, JB, KT (SQ)99AffiliationInspectionVocalizationpant-gruntinspect gentialsinfantile pant-grunts from JB
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 27 10;51;31KT, SQ, JL, JB, NK, ZL13AffiliationRestinggroomwatchKT grooms JL who sits with NK
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 28 10;53;172011-08-02KT, NK, JL, JB, ZL17Restingsitthink JL must pg but can’t hear it - dictated
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 29 10;57;512011-08-02JB, JL yawn12Restingyawnsit
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 30 10;59;582011-08-02JL, JB47RestingPlay sociallie supine with legs apartplayvery sweet - JL and JB at 6months -ish
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 31 11;02;382011-08-02ZL, NK, JL, JB98RestingNursinglie supine with legs apartsucklehoopant-gruntgroom by hand
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 32 11;05;092011-08-02JL, JB28Play socialplayplay faceJL and JB at 6 months
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 33 11;06;442011-08-02ZL, NK, JL, JBVocalizationscreamlistenalpha malepant-hooteveryone turns to look at screams - JL pantgrunts but looks at NK
he doesn’t do anything until KT and JL start phooting
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 34 11;07;232011-08-02ZL, JL, JB33TravellingVocalizationpant-grunttravelscratch selfinfant pg from JB
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 35 11;08;502011-08-02JL, JB44Play objectplay with objectobject play by JB at 6 months
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 36 11;11;002011-08-02JB21Play solitaryplay soloplay with object
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 37 11;12;402011-08-02JB, JL7Restingrestgroom
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 38 11;13;042011-08-02JB, JL (ZL)26Play socialplayembrace full
Budongo 2011-08-02 Clip 39 11;13;482011-08-02JB, JL31 Vocalizationpant-hootdrumcan’t code for Phoots - too many other dominant males around
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 1 08;18;172011-08-21NK, OK52VocalizationAffiliationpant-gruntpant-hootalpha malenot clear who’s calling when

again note how OK monitors NK when the others are phooting
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 2 09;31;382011-08-21OK67Travellingtravelling scratchalpha male
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 3 09;33;542011-08-21NB, NK41Affiliationpant-gruntembrace half
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 4 09;37;522011-08-21NK, NT, NB (FK)41Travellinghoopant-grunttravelouch - new mic set too high
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 5 09;39;112011-08-21NB, NK37VocalizationAffiliationgrunt, foodpant-gruntpresent with limbs extendedpant-grunt
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 6 09;40;562011-08-21NB15Vocalizationpant-hootsemi-phoot from NB
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 7 09;46;552011-08-21BI12ID clipidentification clip
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 8 09;47;142011-08-21BI8ID clipidentification clip
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 9 09;58;062011-08-21ZL, ZD, MI19Groominggroom by handsit
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 10 09;58;402011-08-21ZL, ZD, MI49Play socialplaygroom, polyadicplay faceidentification clipgood clear clip of MI
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 11 09;59;422011-08-21BI30RestingID clipidentification cliplook back
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 12 10;25;022011-08-21NB, NK (ZL, ZD)18RestingAffiliationpant-gruntsitZL out of sight, no G
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 13 10;26;102011-08-21NT, NB, NK10Groominggroomsitnice positioning nudge from NB - clearly ineffectual
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 14 10;27;542011-08-21NK, WL, ST28AffiliationTravellingpant-gruntalpha maletravelride proneWL carrying her new adopted baby sharlot 🙂

not sure about goal here - goal can’t be to make NK travel, it’s a coincidence that he does but then it can’t be defined as stay in same state since he doesn’t
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 15 10;30;002011-08-21WL, ST (NK)14Travellingtravelling scratchidentification clipalpha maledon’t hear vocal
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 16 10;32;362011-08-21NK17Restingmake ground bed or cushionmake day bedrestalpha male
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 17 10;38;182011-08-21JN, NK, JM105NursingLeaf spongingGesturewatchleaf-spongepresent with limbs flexedsucklegreat clip

JMs wants to climb up and leaf sponge but then can’t and instead demands to nurse

nice transfer of goals and nice gestures asking his mother to come to him

gestures coded as beckon - as this is the closest and reflects the desired movement arc rather than simple touch/directed nudge
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 18 10;43;312011-08-21SI, NK22RestingAffiliationbarkmonitorbark grunt? unsure about function or call
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 19 10;57;292011-08-21ST, WL10ID clipidentification clipscratch selfwatchST has been trying to nurse but it’s unclear if she’s getting anything from WL
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 20 11;00;162011-08-21NT, ST, WL, NB, NK, ZF39Play solitaryRestingplaydrumpant-gruntalpha malenight drumming about airplane??

WL pantgrunting alot to NK as the new mother’s do..

not sure if she touches with the left hand
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 21 11;29;152011-08-21ZL, NK, ZF11RestingAffiliationgroom unilaterallypant-gruntassuming this is directed to NK
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 22 11;46;192011-08-21NK, ZF, SQ23TravellingAffiliationpant-gruntalpha maletravel
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 23 12;14;112011-08-21WL, ST2Travellingclingride dorsalWL allows ST to climb on
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 24 12;21;562011-08-21ZF term eat33Termite eatingeat termite soileat termite
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 25 12;47;472011-08-21NB, NK, OK, ST, WL12NursingsuckleST begging to nurse from WL
Budongo 2011-08-21 Clip 26 13;00;502011-08-21NK, NB, ST, WL, ZF32Observation of feeding techniqueTravellingpeerwatchpeel with teetheveryone peering at NB eating but not clearly begging just curious about what she’s eating
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 1 09;12;522011-08-22FK, PS24Huntinghunthunting barkmonitor monkeysfailed
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 2 09;15;002011-08-22SI, NK (hunt)6Huntinghuntmonitor monkeysfailed
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 3 09;15;142011-08-22PS (FK)15Huntinghuntmonitor monkeysfailed
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 4 09;15;502011-08-22FK11InjuryID clipinjuryidentification clip
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 5 09;17;182011-08-22NB, MS (NK)30InspectionGroomingpant-gruntalpha maleinspect gentialsgroom by handfirst grunt wasn’t to NK

see next couple of clips

MS is sitting apart from NK, NB comes, pg-s to NK and sits and grooms with him, MS then immediately also approaches NK (NB doing all the political work for her son again..?)
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 6 09;17;512011-08-22MS (NK, NB)22GroomingAffiliationapproachpantgroom by handsitMS is sitting apart from NK, NB comes, pg-s to NK and sits and grooms with him, MS then immediately also approaches NK (NB doing all the political work for her son again..?)
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 7 09;18;252011-08-22MS, NK, NB (KL, KC)24AffiliationAgonisticpant-gruntavoid
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 8 09;19;012011-08-22KC (JB, JL)32Play socialplay biteKC comes to play with JB
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 9 09;20;062011-08-22KL, JL, JB24Play socialplaycare maternallyJL tries to stop KC poking JB - not sure it’s clearly gestural as could be effective?
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 10 09;20;542011-08-22ZF (MS, NK, NB)22AffiliationRestingapproachgroompantMS pant grunts to ZF (NK present) - hard to see
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 11 09;21;212011-08-22KC, KL, JB, JL8DisplayRestingshake branchsitKC displaying but it’s not clear who to
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 12 09;22;192011-08-22KL, KC, SI15RestingTravellingplaytravelride jockeypullSI wants to play with KC - KC not interested

very nice little pull from KC to signify - lets go - to KL

good example clip?
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 13 09;24;322011-08-22ZF, NK, HW, KM8 Sexualsitpresent with limbs extendedwatchnot exactly a clear gesture but note the little hip flick from KM to HW to show off her swelling and his immediate interest in her
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 14 09;25;252011-08-22FK, NT, KM (KC)26RestingSexualinspect gentialsignoresniffFK wants to inpsect the girls but they have no interest in him

KM is much more interested in PS
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 15 09;26;462011-08-22KM, PS60SexualInspectioninspect gentialsinspect selfnote
coded by BF - she had better angle on this clip
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 16 09;28;142011-08-22MS (NK)15Groomingapproachalpha malegroomMS walking past me to sit next to NK and groom him - can’t hear any vocal
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 17 09;29;362011-08-22KM, PS24Sexualwipe on objectsniffwatchnote: BF also filmed

KM wipes herself on a leaf and then sniffs/inspects it
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 18 09;30;062011-08-22MS, NK (ZF) (KC)24GroomingAffiliationapproachscratch self signallinggroomalliancealpha maleZF approaches NK and MS - MSs been grooming NK, NK immediately gets up and goes to ZF, MS follows them but doesn’t groom anyone
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 19 09;32;552011-08-22FK (ZF, NK, MS)26InjuryGroominginjurypant-gruntgroom unilaterally
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 20 09;34;002011-08-22KM, PS (KC)27note: BF also filmed/coded - check her tapes for better angle
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 21 09;34;462011-08-22ZF, NK, MS, FK (NB)13Groominggroom unilaterallyapproachsit
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 22 09;37;192011-08-22SQ16Restingmake ground bed or cushionmake day bedlie
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 23 09;39;012011-08-22NK, MS, FK, KC (KM, KL)21Play socialplaychasetickleFK playing with KC - catch your feet game
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 24 09;41;392011-08-22NK, MS, JL, JB, FK, SI, KL24Restingride danglingsitgroomnote how FK checks back to NK before he grooms JL
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 25 09;48;182011-08-22KC, JB, JL, FK, KL, ZD, SI23RestingPlay socialGroomingsitplaygroom by hand
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 26 09;48;442011-08-22MS, NK (JB, JL, FK, SI, KL)83GroomingRestingPlay socialgroomalliancealpha malewalk quadrupedal on palmsclingMS is grooming NK again
again NK goes and grooms ZF
again MS sits with them but refuses to groom now he’s been abandoned..

can’t see what’s a G clearly

nice clip of JB stumbling about at 6/7 months old
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 27 09;50;392011-08-22MS, ZF, NK9Groomingignorealpha maleallianceMS still not grooming
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 28 09;52;282011-08-22MS, ZF, NK, KL, JB, JL, FK (KC)38Restingcare maternallyoops - JB gets on the wrong mother... JL a bit freaked out q

JL’s actions seem too effective to be clealry G
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 29 09;55;122011-08-22ZD51Food processingeat leafZD - feeding technique seems odd - rolling the leaves up. check leaf species with GM - is it rough?
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 30 09;57;342011-08-22ZD, KM20Leaf clippingSexualclip leaf by handinspectZD - KM
note|: BF also filming check her tapes for more continuous footage
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 31 09;57;562011-08-22ZD, KM111SexualLeaf clippingCopulationsolicit copulationclip leaf by handthrust bipedalthrust in vacuumcopulationnote: BF also filmed/coded
more continuous footage - code with her clips

miming? is ZD using the pelvic thrust as a gesture, or is he just so desperate to copulate he’s acting out the behaviour - great body reach in the middle as come closer
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 32 10;00;032011-08-22KL, KC, JB, JL (ZF, NK, MS) (FK)138RestingPlay socialTravellingplay sociallycare maternallythrust, misdirectedlie supine with legs aparttravelling scratchKC wants to play with JB - JL a little nervous of it

gesture at the start to stop KC but alot of the rest unclear

OK pant grunts behind - no gestures with it, happens as NK stands up but not clear about exactly why, did she approach? think she was up in a tree
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 33 10;04;0120111-08-22OK, KT (HW, KS)26InspectionRestingGroomingpresent with limbs extendedinspect gentialsgroomOK presenting to all the boys
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 34 14;26;282011-08-22FK (phs)24RestinglistenFK peers in direction of ph-s but makes no response
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 35 14;47;432011-08-22KN, ZL (ZD)17Affiliationpant-gruntclimbKN pg-s and evades ZL
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 36 14;48;172011-08-22FD (KN)30DisplayAffiliationdisplay, chargingshake branchrun bipedalFD displays - KNK pg-s but ignores him

not clear who FD displaying to

begining of display unclear
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 37 14;59;402011-08-22ZL, NK20AffiliationTravellingRestingpant-gruntalpha malesitNK was displaying earlier on hence arousal rating
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 38 15;04;332011-08-22NK (arm cross)6Restingsitarm cross left over right
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 39 15;06;332011-08-22NK (ZL, OK)16Affiliationpant-gruntalpha maleZL pant grunts missing, OK in full - in response to a travel hoo from NK?

too much missing to code
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 40 15;08;222011-08-22KU, KH4Travellingride jockey
Budongo 2011-08-22 Clip 41 15;12;412011-08-22FK17InjuryLeaf sponginginjuryleaf-spongeFK cleaning his cut after he picks at it until it bleeds
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 1 07;57;422011-08-25NT22Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

note - NB was coming into swelling, yesterday when she was trying to free NT of the snare she lost it - now it’s a day later and she’s coming back in
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 2 07;58;082011-08-25NT51Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

fiddling with wire
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 3 07;59;462011-08-25NT91Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 4 08;02;052011-08-25NT48Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 5 08;06;022011-08-25NT68Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 6 14;01;352011-08-25NT6Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

close up of knot
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 7 14;04;362011-08-25NT11Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 8 14;04;522011-08-25NT70Injury (snare)snare injuryNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 9 14;06;082011-08-25NB (SQ) (KL, KC) (NT)124Injury (snare)Agonisticbarksnare injuryapply saliva to injuryNB highly stressed - she’s coming back into oestrus

not sure why though - she and KL giving SQ a hard time

NT sucking on wound
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 10 14;08;262011-08-25NT23Injury (snare)snare injurytravelNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

travelling trailing the long wire
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 11 14;16;502011-08-25NT58Injury (snare)snare injurytravelNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

travelling trailing the long wire - has to keep free-ing herslef as it catches
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 12 14;21;512011-08-25SQ, NB6CopulationcopulationSQ and NB copulate
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 13 14;22;112011-08-25SQ, NB (KL, KC, OK) (KM)37SexualAgonisticscream - sexmountbarknot sure if there was real copulation - is SQ reassuring NB? see videos later in the day
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 14 14;24;472011-08-25OK (NB, SQ)26AgonisticSexualscreamreassurefollowSQ reassures NB - everyone stressed

not sure why NB screaming - day after NT was snared, shes coming into oestrus for first time in a long time...

scream face but no scream from SQ - note it’s given at a time when NB is unable to see it
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 15 14;27;442011-08-25NT (GM)165Injury (snare)Travellingsnare injurytravelavoidNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

struggles to carry fruit, wire keeps catching
comes past me but aviods GM?
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 16 14;30;592011-08-25NT (OK)13Injury (snare)Travellingsnare injurytravelwait for companionNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

struggles to carry fruit, OK waits for her
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 17 14;31;242011-08-25NT27Injury (snare)Travellingsnare injuryeattravelNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

struggles to carry fruit
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 18 14;33;022011-08-25NT, Caro, Jackson17Injury (snare)Travellingsnare injurytravelNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

struggles to carry fruit and free wire
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 19 14;34;132011-08-25NT, SQ, NB29Injury (snare)FeedingGroomingsnare injuryeatgroom unilaterallyNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

struggles to carry fruit and free wire

SQ and NB still hanging out after the sex/stress of the am
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 20 14;35;482011-08-25NT, SQ, NB13Injury (snare)FeedingGroomingsnare injuryeatgroom unilaterallyNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

SQ and NB still hanging out after the sex/stress of the am

NT re-arranging wire
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 21 14;37;442011-08-25NT, SQ, NB12Injury (snare)FeedingGroomingsnare injuryeatgroom unilaterallyNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

SQ and NB still hanging out after the sex/stress of the am

NT re-arranging wire
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 22 14;39;062011-08-25NT, SQ, NB (KL f.)53Injury (snare)FeedingGroomingsnare injuryeatgroom unilaterallyNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

SQ and NB still hanging out after the sex/stress of the am

NT re-arranging wire
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 23 14;40;312011-08-25NT, SQ, NB (KL, KC)36Injury (snare)AffiliationTravellingsnare injuryeatgroom unilaterallyNT with snare injury
she was snared on 24th August

SQ reassuring the still v stressed out NB

note - Caro also filming this section check her clips
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 26 14;50;422011-08-25NT, KC, KM, NB, ZD66Injury (snare)Restingsnare injuryeatlick woundNT getting her snare tangled up while trying to feed
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 27 14;52;362011-08-25NT, KC, ZD, KM, NB, SQ43Injury (snare)Play socialRestingsnare injuryplay sociallyembrace full
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 28 14;53;552011-08-25NT, KM, NB, KC, ZD, SQ49Injury (snare)Play socialSexualslap groundplay sociallysitcopulationinterfere in copulationKC comes to look at NT who rearranges her snare before letting NB groom her

no clear solicitation from KM to ZD or vice-versa

KC interferes and ZD decides to play with him instead..
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 29 14;55;002011-08-25KM, NT, NB, KC, ZD, SQ53AffiliationTravellingreassurefollownicely directed vocals to SQ

NB still stressed and seeking affiliation from SQ before leaving with him

was her goal for him to reassure her or for them to travel together - depends on immediate or longterm nature

support covers both ideas
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 30 14;59;502011-08-25SQ, NT, NB21AffiliationTravellingreassuremountnot copulation - just reassurance mounting like between males
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 31 15;00;222011-08-25NT, NB, SQ50AffiliationscreamreassureNB highly stressed, peeing (and later defecating) SQs comes and rump rubs her for what seems to be a very long time
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 32 15;01;232011-08-25??, SQ, NB27AgonisticDisplayshake branchdisplay, chargingscreamSQs displays but it’s not clear who to - NB screams and runs
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 33 15;02;052011-08-25SQ, NT, NB30AgonisticAffiliationInjury (snare)screamhuntembrace fullsnare injuryNB still screaming
others are calling - they hunt in a moment, not sure when it starts
NB still seeking support from SQ

this time NB mounts SQ although he still seems like the one doing the supporting

not coded as when vocals start/stop is unclear
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 34 15;04;102011-08-25SQ5 Travellinglistentravel
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 35 15;17;012011-08-25HW, BWC14Meat eatingeat meatHW with the tail
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 36 15;18;422011-08-25MS, PS, FK (JN, JB) (KM)164Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbeggivebegging is pretty low key - but nice example

PS doesn’t seem overly keen to share but also not to refuse FK

nice bare-teeth grin from MS to JL - to reduce tension?

some nice hand contact between JN and MS but it’s not all clear

JNs pantgrunts are to FK as he’s starting to display - at the same time she tries to chase KM a little
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 37 15;21;362011-08-25NK, BWC5Meat eatingtransport in groin pocketeat meat
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 38 15;23;052011-08-25JN, JB (ZF, KM, NK)40Meat eatingAffiliationeat meatscreamreassurebarkJL is refused by PS - she screams - NK tries to reassure her with a hand to foot shake - she pulls back but he insists and gently bites her foot - she calms down but barks looking at PS
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 39 15;24;182011-08-25ZF, KM, JN, JB, NK78Meat eatingBeggingAgonisticeat meattouchbegtakeaggressJL still begging actively
she screams as she approaches ZF and touches both NK then ZF to make sure of their tolerace/support because KM is there and threatens her as she approaches

JL barks at KM - ZF puts his hand between them, KM moves away a bit

complicated but lots of nice stuff

drat can’t code first section as there are four of them all involved in the same communication..

last bit - JL tries to block her begging but G?
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 40 15;26;062011-08-25ZF, JN, JB, KM (NK) (KL, KC)119Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegKM half begs from JL and ZF

JL drops out tree when she notices NK dropping the tail and takes it

not sure why KL and KC didn’t make more of an effort for it - they were there before JL gets to the ground

can’t see if begging from ZF is G at the start
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 41 15;28;192011-08-25ZF, KM, NK (KC) (KL)43Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegtakenote the nice KM KL interaction at the end - can’t see KMs hand clearly though so not sure if it’s G
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 42 15;30;052011-08-25KC, JL, KM, NT22Meat eatingeat meattakewadge by adding leaf
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 43 15;33;542011-08-25KM, ZL24SexualCopulationsolicit copulationshake branchcopulation
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 44 15;38;152011-08-25HW, PS (FK) (KM)27Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegpeerwatch
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 45 15;39;352011-08-25NT, BWC24Meat eatingInjury (snare)eat meatsnare injury
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 46 15;40;382011-08-25NT27Injury (snare)Restingsnare injurylick woodlie
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 47 15;44;062011-08-25NT8Injury (snare)snare injuryNT freeing wire
Budongo 2011-08-25 Clip 48 15;54;252011-08-25NT64Injury (snare)snare injurylick woodNT mouthing her hand
has she cut her inner lip on wire?

good example clip
Budongo 2011-08-26 Clip 1 10;08;492011-08-26ZL (KN) (KZ)50SexualCopulationtravelling scratchcopulationscream - sexBF also films

note all the scratching, none of it clear G, but all before moving
Budongo 2011-08-26 Clip 2 11;33;052011-08-26KN, FD32Sexualsolicit copulationshake branchcopulationscream - sexdartBF also films - she will have coded

FD branch shakes at KN to solicit

note she darts away quickly - KN seemed to do this consistently, even before the males had finished at times
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 1 09;11;052011-08-27KY14Restingsitlistenpant-hootKY waiting for KX to finish feeding and come down, listens to PHs but no response
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 2 09;12;102011-08-27KY (NK) (NB)31Restingsitlistenpant-hootKY responding to NK but not NB with Phs

Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 3 09;15;362011-08-27KY (KA)52RestingVocalizationwatchwait for companionlistenpant-hootKY still waiting for KX
KY pant hooting in response to NK?
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 4 09;23;542011-08-27KA KY24Restingpick earsitpick eat and eat it... think it’s an insect rather than ear wax
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 5 09;23;542011-08-27KA KY29Restinglistenpant-hootsitKY pant hooting again but still all the in the direciton she’s facing
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 6 09;29;032011-08-27FD32TravellingtransferFD penduluming the tree to transfer between distant branches
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 7 09;39;342011-08-27KY25RestingVocalizationsitlistenpant-hoot
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 8 09;40;572011-08-27KY (KA)22RestingTravellingtravelling scratchtravelwait for companionpossible travelling scratches
very loud and obvious but ? directed

if not a G why hold your arm out like that?

still waiting on KX

note this continues on in following clips over a long period
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 9 09;46;512011-08-27KY (KX) (KA)141RestingTravellingtravelling scratchtravelwait for companionextend arm as ladderpossible travelling scratches
very loud and obvious but ? directed

if not a G why hold your arm out like that?

still waiting on KX

continues on from previous clip
Budongo 2011-08-27 Clip 10 10;36;332011-08-27FD, NK13GroomingRestingscratch selfgroom selfsitalpha male
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 1 07;58;402011-08-29ZD35Hoot experimentwhimperscreamsearch for conspecifichoot exp

ZD whimpering trying to find ZL who’s moved off without him
don’t think exp set up was optimal as he knew the direction ZL had taken
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 2 08;00;312011-08-29ZD (hoot exp)42Hoot experimentwhimpersearch for conspecificlook aroundhoot exp

ZD whimpering trying to find ZL who’s moved off without him
don’t think exp set up was optimal as he knew the direction ZL had taken
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 3 08;31;032011-08-29dict42can’t find the vocal
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 4 09;38;272011-08-29NT6Injury (snare)snare injuryclimbNT climbing with snare
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 5 09;40;012011-08-29NT42Injury (snare)snare injuryeatNT climbing with snare and trying to feed on BPY fruit
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 6 09;41;112011-08-29NT4Injury (snare)snare injuryNT unhooking snare wire
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 7 09;44;322011-08-29NT58Injury (snare)snare injuryclimbeatNT feeding BPY with snare wire
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 8 09;48;522011-08-29ZD, KB, MI253Play socialplay sociallyfallembrace fullgreat and very long social play clip between the three infants - note how the older two are careful with MI and when she slips KB immediately goes to comfort her and play stops
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 9 09;56;222011-08-29KN, SQ23Copulationmount, misdirectedcopulationnote: BF may have filmed

SQs? trying to copulate and missing entirely
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 10 10;30;522011-08-29KN (KZ) (NB)87Travellinghoonote: BF may have filmed

KN approaches SQ

KZ single hoo as KN comes - not sure about function
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 11 10;48;572011-08-29NB25Travellingdescend by brachiatingtravelNB waits for me to move my bag so she can pass me on the transect - it would have been hard for her to go around through the lantana on either side
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 12 10;57;042011-08-29KM, KZ (HW)50VocalizationTravellingpant-hoottravelinspectgroomNB waits for me to move my bag so she can pass me on the transect - it would have been hard for her to go around through the lantana on either side

what does KM do at the end? sniffs/mouths HW?
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 13 10;58;202011-08-29KZ17VocalizationTravellinghoositsingle hoo don’t know who it’s too - could almost be a single food grunt
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 14 10;58;402011-08-29KZ (NK?)8VocalizationTravellinghoopant-gruntpant grunt to NK? can’t really see what’s going on
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 15 11;08;402011-08-29FK22Vocalizationpant-hootFK turning his head
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 16 11;19;152011-08-29sperm plug9Sexualsperm plug from either KM or KN
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 17 11;20;002011-08-29FK (KC, KL) (KN)252Aggressionscreamaggress in sexual frustrationaggress, redirecteddecieveshake branchGreat aggression clip
KL threatens and chases FK after FK threatens her after KC gets in the way of him trying to copulate with KN
KL screams as she’s attacking and eventually MS also comes but then instead of supporting her attacks her more

note - the wierd ground position that KL takes up even when there’s no apparent reason for her to be flat on the ground, it’s either incredibly submissive (which would be odd as she’s the one attacking FK at the time) or it’s a level of deception so that her screams sound like she’s being more severely threatened?
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 18 11;24;142011-08-29KL (FK) (KC)243Aggressionscreamaggress in sexual frustrationaggress, redirecteddecieveshake branchGreat aggression clip

continues from clip 17
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 19 11;28;322011-08-29KL, KC53Aggressionscreamaggress in sexual frustrationaggress, redirecteddecieveshake branchGreat aggression clip

continues from clip 17
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 20 11;29;272011-08-29KC, KL (NB, ??) (MS) (HW)133Aggressionscreamaggress in sexual frustrationaggress, redirecteddecieveshake branchGreat aggression clip

continues from clip 17
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 21 11;32;012011-08-29KL, KC (MS)50Aggressionscreamaggress in sexual frustrationaggress, redirecteddecieveshake branchGreat aggression clip

continues from clip 17
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 22 11;33;022011-08-29FK3InjuryinjuryFK’s facial injury - this healed within a couple of weeks and is barely visible now
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 23 11;34;062011-08-29KM, MS16CopulationVocalizationcopulationscream - sexscream face - sexdartvocals start before clip

no clear solicitation from MS
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 24 11;35;582011-08-29dictation7can’t hear pant grunt on tape?? in deleted clip?
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 25 14;42;292011-08-29NT41Injury (snare)Restingsnare injurysitno audio - mic must have been off
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 26 14;43;202011-08-29NT13Injury (snare)snare injurysitno audio - mic off
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 27 14;43;482011-08-29NT116Injury (snare)snare injuryapply saliva to injurysitno audio - mic off

NT mouths at injury and wire - trying to clean wound or loosen wire?
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 28 14;46;432011-08-29NT5Injury (snare)snare injurysitno audio - mic off
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 29 14;46;562011-08-29NT61Injury (snare)Restingsnare injuryapply saliva to injurysitno audio - mic off
Budongo 2011-08-29 Clip 30 14;48;092011-08-29NT18Injury (snare)Travellingsnare injuryclimbno audio - mic off

climbing with new snare - note she hasn’t yet started to wrap it round her body so it still gets caught
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 1 08;46;292011-08-31NT32Injury (snare)Restingsnare injurywire starting to cut into flesh - fingers look darker but clip is backlit

note hand position and grey hair easily visible at end of clip
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 2 08;47;182011-08-31NT36Injury (snare)Feedingsnare injuryclimbeatnote wire is placed over shoulder when climbing to keep it out of the way
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 3 08;48;032011-08-31NT30Injury (snare)Feedingsnare injuryeatnote wire is placed over shoulder when climbing to keep it out of the way
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 4 10;08;552011-08-31ZF, NK17Vocalizationpant-hootstampNK and ZF respond - note NK turns to look at calls but ZF looks at NK
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 5 10;10;262011-08-31NK, ZF (HW, KT, MS, KM, FD)20Vocalizationlistengroomignoremore calls and drums from MSs group - NK and ZF look up but this time ignore them
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 6 10;12;362011-08-31dictation6callers in other party were MS, HW, KT, KM, FD
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 7 10;13;522011-08-31ZF, NK (HW, KT, MS, KM, FD) (??)18Groominglistengroomthis time NK doesn’t look at northern calls but does look to a response from a new group to the south
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 8 10;19;472011-08-31SI, ZL, ZD22VocalizationTravellingpant-hootdrumtravelthis time NK doesn’t look at northern calls but does look to a response from a new group to the south
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 9 10;27;482011-08-31ZD, ZL8RestingTravellingtravelling scratch
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 10 10;28;292011-08-31ZD, ZL32TravellingVocalizationtravelpant-hootdrumgallopZL and ZD calling and drumming as they travel - responses from other party
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 11 10;30;492011-08-31ZL ph (FD)102RestingVocalizationFeedingsitgrunt, foodpant-hootrub genitalsZL has joined party - he’s still pant hooting to them but has modified his call to be much quieter than in the previous clips until the end

he seems highly stressed and anal rubs himself?!!

could be a nice example to show that the anal rub gesture has a calming/reassuring effect?
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 12 10;53;592011-08-31HW, MS (ZL)37AffiliationRestingpant-gruntZL grunts as he approaches HW and MS _ could normally assume that a pant grunt/grunt would be always to dominant individual but the response waiting behaviour is to HW?

Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 13 10;54;412011-08-31HW, ZL, MS50RestingGroomingAffiliationsittouchscratchZL touches HW? looks like he starts to groom but then doesn’t seem to be moving fingers, then very aggressive scratch to HW’s head

odd but not clear communication
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 14 11;05;242011-08-31ZL, HW, MS19RestingGroominghoogroomrestHW 2-note hoo

there’s been lots of p-hooting, not clear who it’s directed to
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 15 11;12;592011-08-31ZD, ZL9Groomingscratch self signallinggroom reciprocally
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 16 11;49;252011-08-31ZD, ZL, HW, MS58VocalizationRestingGroominglistenpant-hoothootravelling scratchclack teethnote that they all look to the Phoots then to MS as the dominant in the party for his reaction

lots of scratching but not clear what’s directed

they all monitor MS until he decides not to respond
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 17 11;54;182011-08-31ZD, HW, ZL, MS (GL, GR)30VocalizationRestingTravellinglistenpant-hoottravellooking round to the pant hoots but no responses

travel to first group
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 18 11;56;432011-08-31ZL, MS (NK ph)21VocalizationRestinglistenpant-hootNK pant hoots no response from MS
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 19 11;59;592011-08-31ZL, MS (KM)34InspectionRestingpresent with limbs extendedinspect gentialssniffKM moves to ZL not MS to be inspected

probably MS would not have interest in her unless she was at peak? ZL more likely to have interest throughout oestrus
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 20 12;14;462011-08-31ZL (MS) (ZD) ph36RestingVocalizationTravellinglistenpant-hootpant hoot responses to pant hoots - not sure who first signaller is
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 21 12;16;212011-08-31MS, ZL (teethclack)64Groomingclack teethgroom by handlistenZL travels over to pant hoots but neither of them respond, not sure who first caller is
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 22 12;20;062011-08-31PS (HW)8AffiliationTravellingpant-gruntgreetnot sure HW even see’s the reach he’s storming past so quickly
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 23 12;22;402011-08-31FA, ZD21Play socialplaydangle
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 24 12;23;092011-08-31FA, ZD17Play socialplaydanglenice use of arm swing invite - note the check of FA to ZD before he gestures, he waits until she’s paying attention again

good example clip
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 25 12;27;012011-08-31ZL14VocalizationDisplaypant-hootdrumdisplay towardcan’t tell who it’s directed to (or if)
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 26 12;33;172011-08-31FA, ZD13Play socialdangleplay
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 27 12;40;362011-08-31FL, FA (ZL)16AffiliationRestingpant-gruntrestFL to ZL as he moves
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 28 12;41;002011-08-31FA ls (FL) (ZD)92Leaf spongingleaf-spongeFaida leaf sponging
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 29 12;44;092011-08-31ZD, FA (FL)40Play socialRestingplaysomersaultFA somersaults out of play

not sure that the foot stomps are a gesture - more of a hesitation movement?
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 30 12;55;452011-08-31ZG (ZL) (ZD)15AffiliationRestingtravelpant-gruntdrumZed drums not sure why
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 31 13;13;392011-08-31SI, SQ, NK6AffiliationTravellingtravelgreetnot clear enough to code
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 32 13;50;382011-08-31Jacob & FAs10Jacob tree climbing..
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 33 13;53;072011-08-31FA (FL)26Feedingpeel with teetheat fruit, pulpwhimperFL whimpering - wants FA to come to her

FA eatinging fruit

very latexy
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 34 13;53;482011-08-31FA (FL)6Feedingpeel with teetheat fruit, pulpwhimperFL whimpering - wants FA to come to her

FA eatinging fruit

very latexy
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 35 13;55;322011-08-31FL, FA51AffiliationwhimperrejectFL starts whimpering again she was the one whimpering in the last couple of clips - FA not so keen to come to her mother

she’s been whimpering for a least 2 min
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 36 14;06;212011-08-31ZG, ZL5AffiliationTravellingpant-grunttravel
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 37 14;07;312011-08-31NT14Injury (snare)snare injurywire cutting into fingers now

wounds looks pink and clean, fingers stlll pink
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 38 14;07;592011-08-31NT12Injury (snare)snare injurysitwire cutting into fingers now

wounds looks pink and clean, fingers stlll pink

puts wire over shoulder to walk off

holding hand clear of ground
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 39 14;08;522011-08-31NT19Injury (snare)snare injurysitwire cutting into fingers now

wounds looks pink and clean, fingers stlll pink
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 40 14;09;132011-08-31NT2Injury (snare)snare injurysitwire cutting into fingers now

wounds looks pink and clean, fingers stlll pink
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 41 14;11;072011-08-31NT29Injury (snare)snare injurysitwire cutting into fingers now

wounds looks pink and clean, fingers stlll pink

wire over shoulder
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 42 14;13;542011-08-31NT, ZL45FeedingInjury (snare)snare injurysiteat fruit, pulpZL processing fruit with lots of latex

NT also feeding (scraps?)
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 43 14;15;512011-08-31NT, ZL36FeedingInjury (snare)snare injurysiteat fruit, pulpZL processing fruit with lots of latex

NT also feeding (scraps?)

wire off shoulder while sitting and back on to move
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 44 14;26;132011-08-31Pitsawing cordia32Illegal activitycordia site north off grid
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 45 14;26;512011-08-31Pitsawing cordia26Illegal activitycordia site north off grid
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 46 14;29;372011-08-31FL, NK20AffiliationFeedingpant-grunttravelFL pant grunts as NK approaches
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 47 14;30;302011-08-31(ZF) MS13TravellingRestingfollowMS walks off after ZF both leaving NK behind
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 48 14;33;052011-08-31SQ, MS, NK, SI (FD) (PS)22TravellingAffiliationGroominggroom by handgreetpant-grunttouchkickNK kicks out as PS as though he doesn’t want him touching him but he doesn’t do anything else - strange, he’d normally either ignore him or chase him..

thunder, storm coming
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 49 14;37;222011-08-31group nervous post PSsite30AgonisticInjury (snare)travelpeer togethersnare injurynot sure why they’re all afraid, near pit sawing site, storm coming, but something specific seems to startle them
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 50 14;41;112011-08-31FL, FA15BeggingNursingTravellingwhimperbegsucklenow FA want’s something - FL allows her to nurse

see also clips 49,50,51 - part of a longer sequence, FA clearly wants to LEAVE not too nurse
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 51 14;41;492011-08-31FL, FA9BeggingNursingTravellingwhimperbegsuckleFA pinches FL??

see also clips 49,50,51 - part of a longer sequence, FA clearly wants to LEAVE not too nurse

note she almost climbs on but FL ‘misunderstands’ again
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 52 14;42;172011-08-31FL, FA18BeggingNursingTravellingwhimperbegsuckleFA pinches FL??

see also clips 49,50,51 - part of a longer sequence, FA clearly wants to LEAVE not too nurse
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 53 14;55;252011-08-31NK raindance50Displaydisplay, raingreat rain dance from NK - big storm up north off grid, other males join in too
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 54 14;56;382011-08-31NK raindance7Displaydisplay, raingreat rain dance from NK - big storm up north off grid, other males join in too
Budongo 2011-08-31 Clip 55 14;58;012011-08-31NK raindance10Displaydisplay, raingreat rain dance from NK - big storm up north off grid, other males join in too
Budongo 2012-06-10 Clip 1 09;29;382012-06-10SQ10Travellingpant-hootdrumph dr
Budongo 2012-06-10 Clip 1 09;29;382012-06-10SQ10Travellingpant-hootdrumph dr
Budongo 2012-06-10 Clip 2 10;11;08 2012-06-10FA, FL20Play solitaryTravellingpirouetteclimbtransport on backtravel
Budongo 2012-06-10 Clip 3 10;18;492012-06-10tree frog4tree frog
Budongo 2012-06-10 Clip 4 10;33;512012-06-10KZ, HL, KB, KW42Dead wood eatingAgonisticeat dead woodstamppeerKB displaces HL from feeding spot

deadwood AB/CP?
Budongo 2012-06-10 Clip 5 10;35;512012-06-10HL (KZ, KB, KW)24Dead wood eatingeat dead wooddeadwood AB/CP?
Budongo 2012-06-10 Clip 6 10;36;362012-06-10KZ, HL, KW (KB)16Dead wood eatingeat dead wooddeadwood AB/CP?
Budongo 2012-06-12 Clip 1 13;49;152012-06-12(OK) MS19RestingVocalizationpant-hootpant-gruntsitPant-hoot end from MS in response to Pant-hoot from tree
Budongo 2012-06-12 Clip 2 13;58;352012-06-12NT29FeedingInjuryeat leafinjuryNT’s healed snare injured hand
Budongo 2012-06-12 Clip 4 14;11;492012-06-12NT10InjuryRestinginjurysitNT’s healed snare injured hand
Budongo 2012-06-12 Clip 5 14;09;322012-06-12MS, NB, NT27RestingVocalizationsitmovesingle ho - looking up at tree

resting ho? no pitch change
goes down at end
Budongo 2012-06-12 Clip 6 14;14;562012-06-12NT16InjuryFeedinginjuryeat leafNT’s snare injury
Budongo 2012-06-12 Clip 7 14;15;302012-06-12NT26InjuryFeedinginjurysitNT’s snare injury
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 1 09;26;242012-06-13NK (HW)15VocalizationDisplayTravellingpant-hootgallopscreamHw pant hoots NK joins and runs after him - HW gets nervous, other group responds
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 2 09;28;002012-06-13(HW) NK28VocalizationFacial expressionTravellingpant-hootlistenNK pant hoot faces but doesn’t really respond to HW or others
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 3 10;09;482012-06-13NK12TravellingVocalizationGesturepant-hootdrumNK drum
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 3 10;09;482012-06-13NK12TravellingVocalizationGesturepant-hootdrumNK drum
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 4 10;24;282012-06-13NK, MS (PS, HW)28Travellingjumpwadetravelfollowwater crossing first two jump, NK wades, then MS wades
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 4 10;24;282012-06-13NK, MS (PS, HW)28Travellingjumpwadetravelfollowwater crossing first two jump, NK wades, then MS wades
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 6 10;46;192012-06-13MS (NK) display (BE, WL f.)28DisplayVocalizationdisplay towardshake branchpant-barkalpha maleboys display at the females

females had been silent as the boys moved searching for others, as the boys go to leave (unaware of the females’ presence) one of the females barks - the boys then immediately display at them
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 7 12;09;372012-06-13NB (WL, ST) (NT)23TravellingAffiliationcare alloparentallypant-gruntsitWL and ST pant grunt as they arrive
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 8 12;24;332012-06-13WL, ST4RestingAffiliationcare alloparentallyembrace halflie supineWL and ST
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 8 12;24;332012-06-13WL, ST4RestingAffiliationcare alloparentallyembrace halflie supineWL and ST
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 9 12;54;202012-06-13WL, ST31FeedingAffiliationcare alloparentallyeat leafsitWL and ST
Budongo 2012-06-13 Clip 9 12;54;202012-06-13WL, ST31FeedingAffiliationcare alloparentallyeat leafsitWL and ST
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 1 11;39;002012-06-14SAF14FeedingRestinglie proneeat resinnew SAF curious about us
fairly calm - SI with her a lot
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 2 11;39;542012-06-14SAF2Travellingmovenew SAF curious about us
fairly calm - SI with her a lot
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 3 13;14;122012-06-14MS, JM (NK)20AffiliationRestingmovewhimperkisssitalpha maleJM whimpers slightly and kisses NK on approaching him (he’s being weaned from JN who we think is pregnant)
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 4 13;17;282012-06-14KT, MS26Restingsitscratch self signallingKT grunts then scratches - not sure why, wants to travel?
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 5 13;22;572012-06-14JM, MS, JN15AgonisticTravellingweanscreamtravelJM is being weaned
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 6 13;23;512012-06-14JM, JN31AgonisticTravellingweanscreamtouchtravelJM is being weaned
JN tries to present to climb on then directed nudge but he ignores and she walks off
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 7 13;27;122012-06-14NK, JM30GroomingRestinggroom selfsitalpha male
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 8 13;43;332012-06-14NK, JM, MS, KT, JN12Travellinglistenpant-hoottravelalpha male
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 9 13;47;342012-06-14JM, KT, NK, MS30TravellingVocalizationpant-hootgallopdrumlistensitnote the half touch from JM to MS
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 10 13;50;162012-06-14JM17Restinglie-sithiccup
Budongo 2012-06-14 Clip 11 14;08;032012-06-14MS4Restingsit
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 1 14;53;292012-06-18MB28Meat eatingeat meatsitBWC meat
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 2 14;55;582012-06-18FK54Meat eatingeat meatwadgehold object in groin pocketBWC meat
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 3 14;57;132012-06-18FK, ML45Meat eatingeat meatwatchwadge by adding leafBWC meat
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 4 15;04;252012-06-18FK, ML, MB120Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbeggivepeerwadge by adding leafBWC meat

FK lets ML take the bone from him
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 5 15;07;442012-06-18MB, ML54Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegBWC meat

MB begging - start missing, ML tries to stop him
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 6 15;09;052012-06-18ML20Meat eatingeat meatsitBWC meat

cracking bone - marrow?
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 7 15;10;172012-06-18FK, MB, ML58Meat eatingBeggingeat meatbegplay soloBWC meat

less begging and more just trying to pilfer from MB
Budongo 2012-06-18 Clip 8 15;12;472012-06-18FK, ML, MB, MN52Meat eatingPlay socialeat meatplay sociallybrachiatewait for companionBWC meat

ML waits for MB to climb on but no clear G
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 1 08;18;202012-06-21SI, SQ (FK) (HW)66AgonisticAffiliationclimb verticalpant-gruntscreamtouchsomething between HW and SI but not clear
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 2-1 08;25;562012-06-21SI (FD) (KU)36Sexualtransferbrachiatepresent with limbs extendedcopulationinspect gentialsku carefully checking where nk is before copulating with fd and copulation calling while it happens
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 3 10;45;132012-06-21KN, RS, PS30TravellingRestingwait for companionlistentravelpant-hootdrumzl drum
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 3 10;45;132012-06-21KN, RS, PS30TravellingRestingwait for companionlistentravelpant-hootdrumzl drum
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 4 10;48;272012-06-21ZD, males9Displaydisplay, chargingpant-hootgallop
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 5 10;48;442012-06-21ZD (FD, NK) males20Displaydisplay, chargingpant-hootscreamembrace fullalpha maleFred embraces NK while screaming during display
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 6 10;50;522012-06-21males, FK (RS) (ZL) (SI)33DisplayAggressionalpha malepant-hootdisplay, chargingdrumscreamboys displaying, chase RS as she comes
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 7 10;52;132012-06-21HW, MS, KT, NK, FD, ?? (JN, JM)64TravellingAffiliationtravelkissfollowinspect gentialsprobably something with JM later but too shakey
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 8 10;54;262012-06-21FD, JN, HW, NK (JM)27RestingGroomingdrumgroom by handrestpant-hoot
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 9 10;57;052012-06-21JN, SQ, MS (HW, RS, NK, FD)33RestingGroominggroom selfgroom by handgroom unilaterally
Budongo 2012-06-21 Clip 10 10;57;412012-06-21RS, NK, FD34RestingGroominggroom unilaterallywatchscratch self signallingpant-hootpossibly arm raise from FD to RS but not clear
Budongo 2012-01-09 Clip 1 10;56;282012-01-09neighbour encounter KZ (ZF, HW) (FD)32Neighbour interactionDisplayAgonisticrespond to neighbouring unit groupdisplay, chargingstamppant-hootscreamneighbour encounter to north

nice display stomp from ZF but begining missing

fear grin from fred but already started as he moves into clip - i.e. not intentionally produced to zf
Budongo 2012-01-10 Clip 1 12;33;542012-01-10NT, NK, ZF, NB -bushpigs36PatrollingRestingBush-pigpatrolrespond to bush-piglisten
Budongo 2012-01-10 Clip 2 12;34;322012-01-10ZF, group (bushpig)16Bush-pigAgonisticVocalizationrespond to bush-pigscratch selfclimbbarkstress scratch

bark before bush pig
Budongo 2012-01-10 Clip 3 12;34;542012-01-10group -bushpigs, NK, KZ, NB, ZL187VocalizationBush-pigAgonisticrespond to bush-pigbarkwaa barkdrumscratch selfnice clip for stress example

can hear other monkeys alarming too

bush pigs are crashing around underneath them

Budongo 2012-01-10 Clip 4 12;40;092012-01-10NK post-bushpigs22Bush-pigTravellingRestingrespond to bush-pigclimbsitwait for companionnk still nervous - as he leaves after pig encounter
Budongo 2012-01-10 Clip 5 12;42;032012-01-10NK (ZF) (KZ) (FD) bushpigs70Bush-pigDisplayTravellingrespond to bush-pigdrumwait for companionscratch selftravel
Budongo 2012-01-10 Clip 6 12;43;542012-01-10group post-bushpigs23TravellingSexualAggressiontravelscream - sexshake branchcopulationaggresscan’t code as unclear

but copulation scream I think from AN during copulation with KZ

juliet protects jacob from inquisitive others
Budongo 2012-01-10 Clip 7 12;44;432012-01-10group post-bushpigs, KU, JL17AgonisticAffiliationTravellingaggressbarkscreamhugjl in agonistic encouter with ku - jl craddles jb carefully afterwards
Budongo 2012-01-12 Clip 1 15;36;332012-01-12NT1Injury (snare)injurysnare injurynight’s fingers
Budongo 2012-01-12 Clip 2 15;37;142012-01-12NT11Injury (snare)snare injury
Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 1 13;51;212012-01-17JT (leafsp)17Leaf spongingleaf-spongesearch for objectjanet drops her sponge in the hole and instead of making a new one she’s determined to get her old one back but her hands are too small

Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 2 13;53;042012-01-17JT3Leaf spongingGroominggroom selfleaf-spongejanet drops her sponge in the hole and instead of making a new one she’s determined to get her old one back but her hands are too small

Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 3 13;53;142012-01-17HW, PS, JT3RestingGroomingwipe with detached objectsearch for objectgroom unilaterallyuse toolnice wipe by pascal - seems to be searching for something that bit him, instead of looking with his fingers he covers a larger area in a tough spot with a small leaf whisk

janet drops her sponge in the hole and instead of making a new one she’s determined to get her old one back but her hands are too small

Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 4 13;55;312012-01-17ZD, ZL (JT) (leafsp)61Leaf spongingObservation of feeding techniqueleaf-spongesearch for objectwatchzd and zl come to sponge - note zd’s hands are small enough to fit in the hole more easily compared with jt and zl

zd reuses sponge - zl makes his own

they seemed very keen on the water from this hole, not sure why it’s a normal looking tree hole

janet drops her sponge in the hole and instead of making a new one she’s determined to get her old one back but her hands are too small

Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 5 14;05;582012-01-17NT, NB (OK)21Leaf spongingTravellingVocalizationleaf-spongetravelwatchpant-gruntpant-hootnight now sponges - not sure if it’s her sponge or an old one

they seemed very keen on the water from this hole, not sure why it’s a normal looking tree hole

janet drops her sponge in the hole and instead of making a new one she’s determined to get her old one back but her hands are too small

Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 6 14;06;232012-01-17NT27Leaf spongingInjury (snare)leaf-spongesnare injurynight now sponges - not sure if it’s her sponge or an old one

they seemed very keen on the water from this hole, not sure why it’s a normal looking tree hole

janet drops her sponge in the hole and instead of making a new one she’s determined to get her old one back but her hands are too small

Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 7 14;06;362012-01-17NT7Leaf spongingInjury (snare)leaf-spongesnare injurynight now sponges - not sure if it’s her sponge or an old one

they seemed very keen on the water from this hole, not sure why it’s a normal looking tree hole

janet drops her sponge in the hole and instead of making a new one she’s determined to get her old one back but her hands are too small

Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 8 14;07;582012-01-17leaf sponge hole8Leaf spongingleaf-spongeleaf sponge hole
Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 9 14;08;102012-01-17leaf sponge hole8Leaf spongingleaf-spongeleaf sponge hole
Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 10 14;08;342012-01-17leaf sponge3Leaf spongingleaf-spongeleaf sponge
Budongo 2012-01-17 Clip 11 14;09;002012-01-17leaf sponge6Leaf spongingleaf-spongeleaf sponge
Budongo 2012-01-18 Clip 1 13;01;332012-01-18NK, KT11DrinkingTravellingdrink from streamNK drinking from dried up stream bed in dry season
Budongo 2012-01-18 Clip 2 14;55;032012-01-18KZ (NK)45SexualAffiliationDisplayclip leaf by handpant-gruntpant-barkdisplay, chargingnk approaches displayin

llooks like kz is leaf cliping with a dry twig? he doesn’t eat it, don’t think it can be to nick as he’s not yet near, female in tree? but he seems to pant grunt at the same time - attention torn between someone up and nk coming?
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 1 10;06;252012-01-21KZ, MB, MN, KB, KW, ZD (JT) (MN) (JM) (KR)87InspectionNursingRestinginspect gentialspresent with limbs extendedsitplayplay face, fullnice example clip

note how mb increases the play face as he looks up at karo at the start
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 2 10;17;432012-01-21MB, others21Play socialdrumshake branchplayhoothree note hoo from KZ

hm, ho-oo

two notes, second has pitch change

so coded as travel (2)
i.e. two notes one of them with pitch change
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 3 11;51;032012-01-21KZ35Travellinghiteat antKZ disturbing insects in a dead log that seemed to have bitten him

beats bangs on log to see what comes out?
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 4 11;57;352012-01-21KY, KX, NK10AgonisticAffiliationaggresspant-gruntscreamreach wrist towardnice
continues in next
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 5 11;57;542012-01-21KY, KX, NK26AgonisticAffiliationaggresspant-gruntscreamreach wrist towardnice

continues from previous
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 6 12;02;022012-01-21KN, NT15Play socialInjury (snare)Restinghangwrestle bipedalplay sociallysnare injurybalancenice clip of kn and night playing while nt still has snare - rare for her at this time
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 8 12;06;112012-01-21NT5Play objectTravellingInjury (snare)transport on shoulderplay with objectsnare injurytravelcarries small leafy branch over her shoulder
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 9 12;07;232012-01-21KU, FK, MS (KS)20CopulationAgonisticRestingpresent with limbs flexedcopulationfumble testicles with footinterfere in copulationlie supine with legs apartinteresting - ku cups ms’s testicles with her foot as they copulate..
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 10 12;08;482012-01-21MN4ID clipRestingTravellingidentification clipsit
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 11 12;21;172012-01-21JT20Food processingFeedinguse toolhammer fruit on objecteat fruit, unripetearjanet cracking DD against a trunk

desplasia daweii
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 12 12;23;332012-01-21JT49Play objectOestrusplay with objectplay solowatchjanet object play with DD
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 13 12;24;242012-01-21JT16Play objectOestrusplay with objectplay solowatchheadstandjanet object play with DD
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 14 12;24;442012-01-21JT, OK75Play objectOestrusPlay socialplay soloplay with objectplay face, halfplay sociallyheadstandjanet invites OK to play

arm swing under as a come here?
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 15 12;26;002012-01-21JT, OK34Play socialTravellingRestingheadstandlie supine and shake arms and legswrigglebend branchtraveljanet to me

can’t code - miss too much of the begining - did OK reach first? not clear

brushes off leaves
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 16 12;26;382012-01-21NT, JT13Play socialGroomingRestingplay sociallyrebuff playlie lateralgroom selfcan’t code - missing the start

Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 17 12;28;372012-01-21NT14Injury (snare)Groomingsnare injurygroom selfsit
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 18 12;29;082012-01-21NT17Injury (snare)Restingsnare injurygroom selfsit
Budongo 2012-01-21 Clip 19 12;53;442012-01-21JT24Food processingFeedingpeel with teetheat xylemjanet processing very spiky rattan cane
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 1 13;37;032012-01-25WL, ST47FeedingRestingeatscratch self signallingwhimperadoption

sharlot want’s to nurse - see next clip - never very sure if this is successful from WL?
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 2 13;37;592012-01-25WL, ST10NursingRestingsuckleeatadoption

sharlot want’s to nurse - see next clip - never very sure if this is successful from WL?
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 3 13;38;162012-01-25WL, ST11NursingRestingsuckleeatadoption

sharlot want’s to nurse - see next clip - never very sure if this is successful from WL?
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 4 13;38;382012-01-25WL, ST13RestingFeedingeatwhimperadoption

sharlot want’s to nurse - see next clip - never very sure if this is successful from WL?
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 5 13;38;572012-01-25MK, MI12Play socialplay sociallylie laterallie supine and shake arms and legsbite
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 6 13;39;102012-01-25MK, MI16Play socialplay sociallylie supine and shake arms and legsbitelie lateral
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 7 13;40;592012-01-25MK, MI24AffiliationTravellingpant-gruntpick uptransport with hand supportclingwatchnk arriving
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 8 13;59;102012-01-25NK, MS, ZF44AgonisticAffiliationDisplayalliancealpha malegrin-full-openkissscreamsome sort of stand off and affiliation with nk and ms and zf

not clear enough to code - interesting mouth stroke and facial expressions does zf fumble nk’s testicles
Budongo 2012-01-25 Clip 9 14;32;142012-01-25NK, MK, MI7AgonisticAffiliationpant-gruntfleealpha maleinjurynk hurts his hand in the fight before
00207.11.05KM, KC, HY31PlPQ
01607.11.07ZL, ZD50Gr
02207.11.07KW, KB, KZ, KR49Grdirected push? Mech eff
02307.11.07?? ??11RePQ
02407.11.07KM, NT51Plpoor quality vid
02507.11.07NT, KM12Pl
02607.11.07NR, KM, NT31Pl
02707.11.07KM, ZK, NT, FK51Pl
027(1)07.11.07?? ??77Pl
03807.11.07KB, KR18Pl?
03907.11.07KB, KR, KW155PlGrLP
04207.11.07KZ, KW, KB69LPGrRe
04307.11.07KB, KZ, KW, KT43PlGrLPKW stops KB interfering with GR
05607.11.08NR, NT175Pl
06207.11.08KL, KC, KM??26Re
06407.11.08KC, KL23TrKL helps KC transfer
06707.11.09KB, KR177Af
06907.11.09KR, KB, NT59PlAf
07007.11.09NT, KB, KW, KR52PlTr
07707.11.09KR, NT, KB, KW61Plalready started
07807.11.09KW, KB, NT, KR26Plalready started
07907.11.09KR, NT18Plalready started
08007.11.09KR, NT27Pl
08207.11.09KR, NT28Pl
10007.11.09NT, NR45Pl
10807.11.09KR, NT, KR20Pl
11007.11.09KR, NR, KM35Pl
12607.11.09GS, TK, FD8Gr
12707.11.09GS, FD, TK24Gr
12907.11.09TK, GS, FD60Gr
13207.11.09TK, GS, FD35Gr
13607.11.09TK, FD, GS16Gr
14007.11.09FD, GS14Gralready started
00207.11.09FD, GS15Grflicks away insects?
00307.11.12KC, KM, BH, KL27PlRereach but not clear why?
00407.11.12KC, NT51Plnot clearly gestures
00607.11.12KC, NT4Af
00707.11.12KC, NT9Pl
02707.11.12ZD, KR20Pl
02807.11.12ZD, KR34Pl
02907.11.12KW, KB68LPReunclear
03007.11.12KW, KB, KZ53RePl
03207.11.12KW, KB, KZ29Grdirected scratch
032(1)07.11.12KB, KW, KZ28LIGr
03307.11.12KB, KW, KZ56LIGr
03407.11.12KW, KB, KZ16Grdirected push?
03507.11.12KW, KZ25Gr
03807.11.12KW, KZ22Gr
04107.11.12KB, KW, KZ21Gr
04307.11.12KW, KZ17Gr
04407.11.12RE, ZD24TrAf
04607.11.12ZD, KR, KM13Plnot clear
04707.11.12ZD, KM, KR22Plpirouette but unclear
05007.11.12ZL, KR, ZD, ZK88Pl
05207.11.12KR, ZL465Pl
05407.11.12KR, KB, KW91PlGr
05507.11.12ZL, KR, KB, KW149Af
05907.11.12KY, KX23Re
06007.11.13NR, KR25RePl
06407.11.13NT, KB, KW47PlAgoKW chases NT away
06507.11.13NT, KB, KW32Pl
06607.11.13NT, KW, KB20AgoPlKW chases NT away
06707.11.13KB, KW10AfKW reaches for KB to climb on
07307.11.13NR, NT43Plalready started
07807.11.13KB, KR72Af
08007.11.13LL, KN35Plpause in play
08207.11.13LL, KN47Pl
08307.11.13LL, KN6Pl
08407.11.13KN, LL, KU32PlAgr
08507.11.13KS, ZD66Pl
09007.11.13NT, NB, MS155GrFeTrnice clip
09607.11.14BH7Rabreaking though outside
09707.11.14BH, KC, KL62RaLPbreaking though outside
09807.11.14KC, KL, BH14RaLPbreaking though outside
10007.11.14KM, KC, BH, KL68RaLPbreaking though outside
10107.11.14KM, KC, KL90RaPl
10407.11.14BH, KC, KM, KL185PlRa
10907.11.14BH, KC192PlRa
11307.11.14NT, NB35ReNT picking her nose…..
11407.11.14MS, BB, SQ, NK13AgoGrDisplaying
11507.11.14MS, BB, SQ, NK10GrAgo
12207.11.14BH, KC10Gr
25007.11.16NB, NT, NR, LL17ReTr
26007.11.16NR, NB, NT, LL16TrNR keeping an eye on us
31007.11.16NB, NT, LL, NR10TrNB waits for NT, when NT grabs she moves off
37007.11.16NR10TrPirouettes to get us to stop following
39007.11.16NR40TrGallops away
00807.11.16NT, NR, NB101Gr
01007.11.16NR, NT, NB126BeCynometra
01107.11.16NR, NT, NB60BeCynometra
01207.11.16NB, NT, NR53ReBeLPCynometra
01407.11.16NB, NT, NR181BeBegGrNight begs Bark wad from Nambi
01507.11.16NB, NT, NR67BeBegPlNight begs fom Nambi - nambi takes it back
01907.11.16NT, NR46Pl
02007.11.16NT, NR85Pl
02107.11.16NT, NR, LL88Pl
02407.11.16NT, NB23ReLooking up at BWC
02507.11.16NT, NB, NR56ReBWC - night afraid
03707.11.16NT, NB26ReNight bipedal to see BWCs
03807.11.16NT, NB15ReNight bipedal to see BWCs
038(1)07.11.16NT, NB15ReNight stretching
04107.11.16NR, NB, NT5Tr
04807.11.16NT, NR57Plalready started
048(1)07.11.16NT, NR31PlNT 'steal's NR food
04907.11.16NT, NR19PlNT 'steal's NR food game - NICE
05007.11.16NT, NR62PlNT 'steal's NR food game - NICE
05107.11.16NB, NT18Tr
05707.11.16HL, HY26Pl
05807.11.17ZG, ZM, ZK13Gr
07107.11.17KR, KW, KB72GrLp
07307.11.17KB, KW28Gr
07407.11.17KR, KB69GrLp
07707.11.17KR, KB24Gr
089(1)07.11.17KW, KB11Ls
09107.11.17KW, KB43Ls
09307.11.17KW, KB, KZ29Ls
093(1)07.11.17KW, KB, KZ30Ls
10207.11.17KW, KB, KZ20Ls
10407.11.17KB, KN, KW, FK, KZ103LsLp
10807.11.17RS, KZ12LsReRS is very interested in KZs sponge
10907.11.17RS, KZ63LsRS still very interested in KZ sponging
11007.11.17RS, KZ10LsRS still very interested in KZ sponging
11107.11.17RS, RM49DrAgoargue' over access to hole
11307.11.17RS13Lssponging with mud?
11407.11.17RS32LsDrsponges with mud? Then drinks
11507.11.17RH, RF1Re
11707.11.17RS17Lsleaf sponging
11807.11.17leaf sponge22leaf sponge
11907.11.17RH71Lssponge making
20107.11.18KR, KB18Gr
21307.11.18KR, KB12Af
21707.11.18KB, KR46RePl
22107.11.18BH, KC11TrBH 'steals' KC
22407.11.18BH, KC10TrBH 'steals' KC
22607.11.18BH, KC20TrBH 'steals' KC
22907.11.21KR, NT55Pl
23207.11.21NT, KR32FePl
23307.11.21NT, KR122FeReNT carefully observing feeding technique
25307.11.21ZD, RS, ZL29PlAgo
26107.11.21KR, BH17GrPl
26507.11.21BB, DN48ReGrpresents?
26707.11.21BB, DN30GrRe
26907.11.21BB, DN27GrRedirected scratch
27007.11.21BB, DN6GrRe
00207.11.21NR, ZK, BH, HW46Plunclear
00407.11.21ZK, BH19Pl
004(1)07.11.21ZK, ZG, BH, KM60Plunclear
00507.11.21BH, ZK, KM24Plside roulade to stop play
005(1)07.11.21ZL, KZ40Pl
006(1)07.11.21ZK, KM10Plunclear
00707.11.21KM, ZK, KC, KZ41Plunclear
007(1)07.11.21KM, ZK, BH27Plalready started
007(2)07.11.21BH, KM, ZK40Pl
007(3)07.11.21ZK, KM46Pl
00907.11.21KM, ZK19Pl
02207.11.21NT, KN27Plalready started
02907.11.21NT, NB20FeFood sharing
03507.11.21KR, KS, KN55Pl
03607.11.21KN, KS, KR47Plstick in mouth
03807.11.21KN, KS, KR6Pl
03907.11.21KN, KS, KR40Pl
04007.11.21KN, KS, KR34PlBe
04207.11.21ZL, KS, ZK29Pl
042(1)07.11.21KN, ZL, KS174PlBe
04507.11.21KS, KN30PlRe
04607.11.21KS, KN9Pl
04907.11.21NB, NT, NR10PlTr
05007.11.21NT3TrSide roulade
05207.11.21NT, NB, NR9Tr
06507.11.21NB36LsLeaf stripping for sponge
06607.11.21NT37LsLeaf stripping for sponge
06707.11.21NB, NT13LsBegNT begs for sponge
06907.11.21NB, NT8Lssponging
07007.11.21NB, NT55LsBegGrNT begs for sponge
07107.11.21NB, NT30LsBegNT begs for sponge
07307.11.21NB, NT18Ls
07407.11.21NB, NT22LsNT refusing to give up sponge
07507.11.21NB, NT35LsNT refusing to give up sponge
07607.11.21NB, NT35LsGrReNT drops songe and NB swipes it
07707.11.21NB, NT20LsNICE
08307.11.21NR, NT18LsRe
08407.11.21NB, NR, NT, BB11LsAgo
08707.11.21NT, LL16Pl
08907.11.21NR, LL43LsAgrarguing over access to hole
09207.11.21KR, KC, KL, KS13PlRe
22007.11.22NT, NR17Pl
23307.11.22NT, NR, NB29Re
24307.11.22ZF, ZD10Tr
24807.11.22KR, NT, KB, KW9TrPl
25107.11.22KC, HY, KM, KR16Plunclear
25307.11.22KR, KC, KB, NT, KM115Plalready started
25407.11.22KR, KC, KB, NT, KM50Plalready started
25807.11.22NT, KR, KB, NR, KM, KW7Plalready started
25907.11.22KM, NT, NR27Plalready started
26107.11.22??5Plalready started
26207.11.22NT, NR, KM125Plalready started
26307.11.22NT, NR45Pl
28107.11.22NR, NT, KR, KB, KC65Pl
281(1)07.11.22KC, NT19Pl
29507.11.22NR, NT, KB56Pl
29907.11.22NT, NR, KR18Pl
30107.11.22NT184Lpplay with rock - NICE
30207.11.22KB, KR15LpRe
30307.11.22BH, KC, KB25PlRe
30607.11.22KB, KR, KW23PlRe
306(1)07.11.22KC, KB, KW11Pl
306(2)07.11.22KC, KR, KB, KW15PlGr
31207.11.22N, KC, KB35PlRe
31407.11.22NT, KS37Pl
31507.11.22NT, KS17Pl
31707.11.22NT, KS46Pl
31807.11.22NT, KS13Pl
32607.11.22KZ, KR, KB, KW21PlTr
33107.11.22KS, KN11Pl
33707.11.23NT, KM19Pl
34207.11.23NT, NR21Be
34407.11.23NT28BeReBark eating?
34707.11.23BB2DiDisplays on house
50107.11.26BB, LL11Co
50507.11.26KB, NT15Plalready started
50707.11.26KB, NT73Pl
50807.11.26KB, NT21Plalready started
50907.11.26KB, NT13Plalready started
51007.11.26KB, NT, KR10Pl
51207.11.26KB, NT, KR89PlGrIs KR overseeing KBs play with NT?
51307.11.26KB, NT, KR40PlKR keeps interfering
51407.11.26KB, NT, KR10PlKR keeps interfering
51607.11.26KB, NT, KR74Pl
51707.11.26KB, NT, KR57Pl
51807.11.26KB, NT, KR38Pl
518(1)07.11.26KB, NT, KR35Pl
518(2)07.11.26KB, NT, KR25Pl
518(3)07.11.26KB, NT, KR65PlLi
518(4)07.11.26KB, NT, KR55Pl
00307.11.26KB, NT, NR65PlAf
00907.11.26KS, ZK26Pl
01107.11.26KM, KS, ZK28Pl
01207.11.26KM, KS31Pl
01307.11.26KM, KS34Pl
01407.11.26KS, ZK30Pl
01507.11.26ZK, KS39Pl
01607.11.26KS, ZK84Pl
01707.11.26ZK, KS40Pl
01807.11.26KS, ZK48Pl
01907.11.26KS, ZK24Pl
02307.11.26RE, KS, ZK43PlRe
02407.11.26RE, KS, ZK46PlRe
02507.11.26RE, KS, ZK66Pl
02707.11.26RE, KS, ZK20Pl
02807.11.26RE, KS, KU, ZK26PlTr
02907.11.26RE, KS, KU, ZK31PlTr
03207.11.26RE, ZK8Pl
04207.11.26KS, KN, KU15Gr
04807.11.26BB, KC, TK, KL29GrRe
05407.11.26KM, ZK, ZM, DN37AgrReZK argues with KM, ZM presents to DN is she trying to mobilse him???
05607.11.26BH, TK5AgoReDiTK displaying
05707.11.26KC, KL, DN15ReTrHu
05807.11.26KM, KL14TrHu
05907.11.26TK, BB11TrReHu
06007.11.26TK, DN, BB, KT6TrHu
06207.11.26KT, DN, BB, KM, KL17TrHuClearly patrolling but no gesture, seem to all 'know' what's going on without communication - no vocals either
06307.11.26KT, DN, BB12TrHu
06407.11.26DN, KT9TrHu
06707.11.26BH, BB13HuHunting BWC
06807.11.26audio7HuHunting BWC
06907.11.26KT7HuReHunting BWC
07007.11.26audio7HuHunting BWC
07107.11.26audio30HuHunting BWC
07207.11.26audio9HuHunting BWC
07307.11.26audio, BWC48HuHunting BWC
07507.11.26KT, KZ, MS, ZF, KU, BWC85HuHunting BWC - afraid of adult male BWC
075(1)07.11.26ZF, TK11HuReHunting BWC
075(2)07.11.26HW, BH, KM, KR, KW, KB, BWC, KL, KC46HuHunting BWC escapes!
07707.11.26DN5MeDN has BWC body
07807.11.26DN85Mewadges meat and leaves
08107.11.26DN, TK, KM, KL, KC180MeBegmmmm intestines…
08307.11.26KR9Meeats some fur
08407.11.26TK, DN10MeBeg
084(1)07.11.26KR, KM, KL, KC10MeBeg
08507.11.26TK, KL, KC, DN10MeBeg
08607.11.26TK, KL, KC, DN32MeBegAgo
08707.11.26DN, TK, KR, BH142MeBegAgo
08807.11.26DN, TK4MeAgo
08907.11.26DN, TK, KR32MeAgoBeg
09007.11.26KR, BH, DN, TK21MeBegRe
09107.11.26KR, DN, TK9MeBeg
09207.11.26DN, TK13Me
09307.11.26KS, DN7MeBeg
09507.11.26KS, DN75MeBeg
09607.11.26KS, DN36MeBeg
09907.11.26TK, KS12MeBeg
10007.11.26TK, KS3MeBeg
10107.11.26KL, KC, ZF, BH, KM, KS, KR119MeBegRe
10207.11.26ZF, KL, KC, KM30MeBegKC begs
10307.11.26ZF, KL, KC, KM32MeBegKC begs
10407.11.26ZF, KL, KC24MeBegKC begs
10607.11.26GS, KM, BH, KL26MeBegRe
10807.11.26KL, KC, RE, BH16Re
10907.11.26RE, BH23Pl
11007.11.26KL, KC, RE, BH40PlRe
11107.11.26RE, BH, DN17MeRe
11207.11.26KR, DN, KL, KC, KT, KU, KS, ZM, KN, ZG, ZK, KW, KB40MeReBegAll surround DN and beg - Zefa holds on to carcass, DN allows him to eat from it but doesn't let go
11307.11.26KW, KB, DN56MeBegAgoDN chases PS and KR
11507.11.26KS, ZF8MeBeg
11607.11.26KS, ZF29MeBeg
11707.11.26KS, ZF, KM12MeBegAgo
11807.11.26KS, ZF7MeBeg
11907.11.26KS, ZF, KR20MeBegAgo
12007.11.26KR, KW, DN28AgrAfDiDN has just agressed KR - KW tries to comfort her? but she’s furious and continues to scream and display
12107.11.26DN, KM, KL, KC, KR103MeRe
12207.11.26ZF, ZK, ZM53MeBegAgo
12407.11.26BWC6BWC body
12607.11.26KR, KW, KB, DN, KL, KC, KM59MeRe
12707.11.26KW, KB, DN30MeBegKW steals BWC note - when DN attacks she shields BWC under her but leaves KB on her back!
12907.11.26PS, ZF, LL, ZD29MeReZF has BWC tail
13007.11.26LL, ZD9MeAgo
13207.11.26PS5TrMeruns off with BWC tail
13307.11.26KY, KA21MeBegdon't see outcome
13407.11.26KY, KX, KA20ReMe
13507.11.26KY, KX20ReMe
13707.11.26KY, KX14ReMe
13807.11.26KY, KX14ReMe
13907.11.26KY, KX8ReMe
14007.11.26KY, KX12ReMe
14107.11.26KY, KX19ReMe
14307.11.26KY, KX4ReMe
14407.11.26KY, KX13ReMe
15007.11.27KB, KW73ReLp
15707.11.27KB, KW, KR12LpGr
15807.11.27KB, KW, KR31LpGr
16507.11.27KR, KB, KW12ReLp
16607.11.27KR, KB, KW15ReLp
16807.11.27KR, KB, KW122ReLpdirected scratching?
17307.11.27KR, KW, KZ, KB40PlGr
17407.11.27KC, BH14PlGr
17707.11.27KR, KB, KC, BH14PlTr
17807.11.27KR, KC, BH50PlTr
17907.11.27BH3Trrubbing against climber
18007.11.27BH7Trrubbing against climber
20307.11.30KM, BH38Re
20707.11.30KM, BH25Re
22207.11.30KU, KS11Re
22907.11.30NB, NT50Re
23107.11.30NB, NT3Tr
23307.11.30NR, NB30Grdirected scratch
23407.11.30NR, NB18Gr
23507.11.30NR, NB, NT30Grdirected scratch
25207.12.02NR, NB, NT44PlRealready started
00107.11.30NR, NB24Grbig loud scratches
00407.11.30NT10Lpwith stick
00907.11.30NR, NT35LsNT leaf sponging from tree hole
01407.12.01ZK, LL63DiCoZK solicits from LL and they copulate
01507.12.01ZK13Copenis wiping post copulation
01807.12.01KB, KR 34GrPlKR wants to groom KB wants to play - not very clear though
02107.12.01KB, KR25LpRenot clear that it’s directed
03307.12.01KM, KR34PlFeKR is the one above signalling (dictation wrong)
have coded this as her slapping the leaves using her feet as it is much closer to that than a kick or leg shake etc.
KM more interested in food
03407.12.01KR, KM146PlFeAgoKM still more interested in food

again it’s KR who signalls not KM as dictated

KR slips or KM bites too hard (unclear) and it ends in mild aggression

resumes play at end
03607.12.01KM, KR27PlAgochasing play but quite aggressive following fight earlier

finally get them the right way round..

03807.12.01KR, KM53Plstraight into play pretty much - little G
03907.12.01KR, KM31Plplay already started? hard to tell
04007.12.01KM, KR24Plnot clear
04107.12.01KR, KM46PlKR and KM still play but there’s something going on in the group around them - lots of vocalisations but not sure why

video not very clear
04207.12.01KR, KM63FePlKM bites off branch and hugs it but not clearly G
04607.12.01NR, KR, RE55Plnot very clear vid - quite obscured

NR gestures to RE and KR who are hidden - both approach but only KR ends up playing
04707.12.01NR, KR, RE15PlRenot a complete G from NR
04807.12.01NR, KR, RE25Plstill very obscrued vid with leaves
05007.12.01RE, KR, NR40PlAgosome play already started with KR and NR

blue monkey alarms and then NR screams and climbs up - someone pant grunts below is this because there was a big male approaching??!! - chimps seem to look over at monkey
05407.12.01RE, KM, KC, BH101GrBH chases RE away at first - turns up and RE moves off quickly but then comes back not agressive just dominance
05507.12.01BH, KM, KC, KL78ReBH was in her kidnapping KC phase

KC wants to leave but she won’t let him

KL starts to leave at the end - this is often what BH seemed to be after (getting KL to move on)
06207.12.01MK, MI39Recute
06307.12.01MK, MI22Recute
06407.12.01MK, MI13Recute
06507.12.01NT, NB, NR25Plnot clear
06707.12.01MK, MI8Re
06807.12.01DN, MK7AfGrMK has arrived and affiliates with DN - he positions her then mounts her then grooms her
06907.12.01NT67Recurious about us
07107.12.01MK, MI27Re
07207.12.01MK, MI8Re
07307.12.01MK, MI10Re
07407.12.01NT, MK, MI, NK53ReGrNT fascinated by the new baby she tries to groom but MK shields MI and grooms NK
NT then grooms MK
07507.12.01MK, NK, NT17Gr
07907.12.01NT, NB18PlReNT side roulade - not sure why
08607.12.01NT, KR23PlFeKR more interested in food
09307.12.01NT, NR32Plplay already started - not very clear
09507.12.01NB, NT12BegFeNT begs from NB - not really begging though more just pilfering
09607.12.01NT, KM25TrPlNT and KM play on the transect as the other travel and rest - not very clear
09807.12.01RE34Lsnice footage
09907.12.01RE183Lsnice footage
10007.12.01RE35Lsnice footage
10207.12.01RE, PS13Lsnice footage
10307.12.01RE, PS9Lsnice footage
10407.12.01PS18Lsnice footage
10507.12.01PS29Lsnice footage
10807.12.01KM, KC, KL79FeKM seems to be trying to work out how to process spiky leaves/stem
KC watches closely then does the same thing

at the end KC reaches up and KL picks him up but not clear what’s G and what’s part of action
11707.12.01KA, KI48Plplay with KA and KUKI

KA responds but can’t be bothered moving up to him and he dosn’t move down to her so no play initially - continues over next couple of clips though
11807.12.01KA, KI5PlKA responds but can’t be bothered moving up to him and he dosn’t move down to her so no play initially - continues over next couple of clips though
12007.12.01KI, KA, KE71PlAgonote at the end when KE has approached KA seems much less keen on playing with KI

KE comes down and it ends in a conflict
21207.12.02KR, redtail82GrKR grooming redtail

redtail comes to KR and she gently grooms his back - both a little nervy

he was left behind by group after an eagle alarm caused them to scatter
21307.12.02KR, redtail35GrKR grooming redtail

she reaches out with just one finger to groom him
21507.12.02KR, redtail115GrKR grooming redtail

he again presents back for grooming
21607.12.02KR, redtail28GrKR grooming redtail

she seems nervous of his quick movements
21707.12.02KR, redtail19GrKR grooming redtail

he presents back and head etc.
21807.12.02KR, redtail50GrKR grooming redtail

KR grabs his tail for grooming
he is the one presenting etc. to her - no evidence of any G/positioning from her yet
21907.12.02KR, redtail36GrKR grooming redtail
22007.12.02KR, redtail88GrKR grooming redtail

still interested in tail
22107.12.02KR, redtail243GrKR grooming redtail

still very interested in tail and in inpsecting rtail’s bottom - he turns round but she wants tail end back
22207.12.02KR, redtail15Gr
KR grooms redtail
22307.12.02KR, redtail63GrKR grooming redtail

they’ve separated but then start grooming again

14min of interaction so far
22507.12.02KR, redtail95GrKR grooms redtail

still apart - redtail grooming himself while KR watches
22607.12.02KR, redtail11GrKR grooms redtail

still apart KR still watching him groom himself
22707.12.02KR, redtail7GrKR grooms redtail

still apart
22807.12.02KR, redtail81GrKR grooms redtail

still apart (have been apart for 3min)
22907.12.02KR, redtail49GrKR grooming redtail

still apart - KR has started to scratch a bit but nothing G
23007.12.02KR, redtail52GrKR grooming redtail

still apart - KR slaps branch off camera - redtail approached and self grooms (9.52am - been apart 5min)
23107.12.02KR, redtail39GrKR grooming redtail

still apart - both self grooming
23407.12.02KR, redtail85GrKR grooming redtail

KL was 20m away and KR turns to see her and moves away from monkey (9.57am - 10min after separating) and towards KW
23507.12.02KR, redtail7GrKR grooms redtail

KR has left - monkey stays in position
23607.12.02KR, redtail22Reredtail left behind starts to move in direction his group originally left in (10.00am)

seems in good condition
23707.12.02KR, redtail7Reredtail moving away
23807.12.02KR, redtail20Reredtail moving away
24107.12.02NR, NT27PlGrvery dark
NR wants to play with NT who’s being groomed by NB
24207.12.02NR, NT, NB, WL68PlReplay already started - quite dark
24507.12.02NR, NT, NB36Plstill too dark to see well
24507.12.02NT, NB, NR34Plplay already started
24707.12.02NR, NT31Plnot clear
24807.12.02NR, NT18Plalready started
24907.12.02NR, NT, NB62Plnot clear
25007.12.02NT, NR31Plalready started
25107.12.02NT, NR44Pldark and already started but nice clip
25307.12.02NT, NR12Plagain already started and quite dark but nice clip just no G
00907.12.02NR, NB, NT35ReLpPlNT playing alone with root
01107.12.02NB, NT, NR9Plnot clear too dark
01207.12.02NB, NT, NR19PlReNT still playing with root - NR steals it, nice but no G
01307.12.02NB, NT, NR30PlReplay already started - dictated
01407.12.02KR, NB, NT, NR21Pldictated
not clear
01507.12.02NB, NT, NR28Plstill very obscured

not clear that this is the start - NT with something in mouth
01707.12.02NT, NB, NR29PlTr
NT trying to pull up more root to play with but it’s too strong for her - nice clip
NB moves off and NT follows
02507.12.02KB, NT, KW35Pl
02807.12.02KC, KM, KB36PlGrlots of leaves
03107.12.02NT, KB, KC81Plvery obscured - can’t see enough to code

lots of leaves hard to see - KC wants to play with NT
03407.12.02NT, KR, KB17PlRealready started - no G
03507.12.02NT, KR, KB15Plalready started - no G
03907.12.02NT, KB, KC10Plalready started
04107.12.02NT, KB, KR20Plno clear G
NT starts a little climber scratch at the begining of the clip
04307.12.02KW, KB, KR13Agrfight in the back ground KR scratches (stress?) and follows KW
04407.12.02NT, KR16Plalready started
04607.12.02KW, KB, NT, KR40PlTrNT wants to play with KB or KR but KW moves off and children folloe
04707.12.02DN, JL, WL31Grlinked with next clip - 48
DN giving BLScratches and then shaking objects - JL approaches and then he grooms her
a second great example of the BLS and objects shake combination as a come here and be groomed message
seems more interested in getting WL to come but clip is cut badly..
04807.12.02DN, JL, WL57Grlinked with previous clip - 47
DN giving BLScratches and then shaking objects - JL approaches and then he grooms her

a second great example of the BLS and objects shake combination as a come here and be groomed message
05407.12.02NR7TrNR somersaults
repeated and then a pirouette later all seem to be don’t follow me G
05507.12.02NR5TrNR somersaults
repeated and then a pirouette later all seem to be don’t follow me G
05807.12.02NR, NT6PlTr
05907.12.02NR8TrNR somersaults
repeated and then a pirouette later all seem to be don’t follow me G
06207.12.04NT, NB, NR, ZM, ZK, ZG73TrPlInon transect while travelling
not clear what happens to start play - adults in the way

at the end it’s not play - ZK wants to inspect NR and she’s pushing him away
06307.12.04NR, ZK, ZG, ZM15TrInZK still desperate to inspect NR
06407.12.04MK, MI2Re
07007.12.04NT, ZK, ZG, NK, ZM, TK21TrPl
07407.12.04ZK, ZM, NK, TK, ZG19TrPlnot clear
07507.12.04TK, ZK, ZG, ZM, NK13TrPlnot clear - TK being grumpy
07607.12.04ZK, NK, ZM, KZ, ZG18TrAfZK somersaults but not clear why
KZ arrives pant grunting
07707.12.04NK, KZ7AgoNK frightens KZ
07807.12.04BT, NR45ReBT turns her back to NR and looks at her - NR sits and does nothing - BT moves off
08307.12.04KR, KZ25BegAgonot clear but KR begging from KZ and very cross she’s not getting anything
08607.12.05JN, JM19ReJN pant hooting and barking - JM making faces
09007.12.05KZ, ZD, KR11Plalready started - not clear
09107.12.05KZ, ZD, ZL, TK11PlTrplay already started
09407.12.05ZL, ZD10FeBegZD steals from ZL - not even pifering just theaft!
10207.12.05ZG10Fenice - pith stripping
10507.12.05HW, LL, SQ19GrHW is grooming LL (in swelling max) - SQ arrives and she ditches HW and presents to SQ then grooms him
10707.12.05KW, KB, KR, KA, KY, KX, BT82GrKW grooms BT - KY comes past and KW and family practically jump on her to groom her too
big groom fest
babies want to join in too
10807.12.05BT, KA, KY, KR, KB, KW12AgoKA chases BT away - no G
11707.12.05KR, KB, KW20PlGrReKB wants to play but no one else interested
11807.12.05KR, KB, KW, KA, KY141GrPlKA is scratching but not clear

KY dosn’t Gesture but makes sure KA is looking as she leaves and KA immediately follows

KR scratches lots before following
11907.12.05KW, KB, KY, KX, KR32GrPlKR grooms KY (NOT KW) - KX wants to play but KR not interested
12007.12.05KW, ZG, KR20RePljust starts play not clear G
12107.12.05KR, ZG, KA, BT, KY, KX 71ReFeAgonot sure what they’re eating

KY in the background clearly waiting for KA who’s not paying attention
12307.12.05ZG, KW, KB16PlReno clear G before play starts
12407.12.05KW, KB5Af
12807.12.05KW, KB22LpKB is playing but not G to mother
12907.12.05KW, KB8Aflittle directed push
13107.12.05KR, KB, KW15LpReNO G
13207.12.05KR, KB, KW9LpRe
13407.12.05KR, KB, KW63ReLpAfhiccups 🙂 very cute! nice clip

holds on to her mother for reasurrance? seems no other reason for it - it’s not to KB as she turns to check where KB is
13507.12.05KR, KB, KW9ReLpTrhiccups again - G meaning not clear
13807.12.05KZ4Dibutress drum
14807.12.05TK, NK13Grvery nice clip of TK grooming NK
16307.12.05JL, KZ26CoKZ and JL copulate silently
17207.12.05JL, NR8InNR turns JL like the adult males do to inspect her
17307.12.05NT, KR, KZ23TrPlnot clear
17507.12.05NT15LpNT playing alone
17707.12.05ZM, JL18Agrunclear what’s happenin - think it’s ZM screaming but don’t know why
17807.12.05NR, ZM27AgoRe NR swinging but not clear why
17907.12.05NT, ZM22AgoRenot sure who NT is stomping to
18307.12.05NB, NT19LpReNT playing with bark toy
19207.12.05ZK, ZG, RE7PlReZK gesturing but not clear who too?
19307.12.05ZK, TK19TrPlZK wants to play with TK who’s not amused
19607.12.06ZK, ZM47TrZK struggling to transfer, whimpers- ZM comes back for him and pulls the branch closer so he can cross!!
19907.12.06KB, KW (NK)31Revery nice vocalisation clip - pant grunts from both of them
20107.12.06KR, KM8Plunclear at start
20207.12.06KR, KM6Pl
20307.12.06KM, KR10Plplay already started
20907.12.06KL, KR, KC17FeKR watching KL feed
21007.12.06KL, KR18FeAgoKL gets annoyed with KR getting too close
21207.12.06NR, KR4Agonot clear
21407.12.06KR, KM12Rehand fling from KM? not clear
21607.12.06KR, FK11PlAgoKR moves object at FK
22007.12.06KB, FK, KR19Plno clear G
22307.12.06KW, KR29GrKR wants groomed - KW not interested
22807.12.06KW, KR40Grdon’t see start of scratching sequence at begining of clip from KR
23007.12.06KR, KW12Grnice
23607.12.06KR, KW10Gr
24307.12.06KT, KZ, DN18AgoDiKT and others screaming - don’t know why, DN comes and displays
25007.12.06KW, KR, KB9PlRenice knuckles on to start play from KW
30907.12.11KI, ZK, KE90PlKUKI - but a girl? KETI comes
play already started
31007.12.11ZK, KI, KE53PlAgonot very clear - play already started
little fight at the end
31507.12.11KE, ZK15Agonot clear - still a bit of tension after fight
31607.12.11ZK, ZD68Plgreat example of arm swing at start from ZK
32707.12.11KE, KI, ZK174Plcareful not to mistake reaches for climbers for arm swings etc.
mostly just play very little G
32907.12.11KI, ZK, KE18Plno G
33007.12.11KI, KE, ZK18Plno G
33307.12.11KI, ZK, ZD26Pl
33507.12.11KI, ZD, ZK20Pl
33707.12.11KI, ZK, ZD21Pl
34907.12.11ZG, ZK60Pl
35007.12.11NT, KC16FeRenot very clear
35107.12.11NT, KC20FeReNT wants KC to come to her
35707.12.11NB, NT, KI23PlReplay already started
35807.12.11KA, NR, NT76ReKA transfers to NT’s tree but no clear G
35907.12.11KA, NR, NT30Re
36207.12.11NT, KM12Pldictated
36707.12.11NT, NR, KM38Pl
36907.12.11NT, NR25Plnice arm swing from NT
00107.12.14.NB, NT, NR112PlGr
00207.12.14NB, NT, NR20PlRe
00307.12.14NR, NT42Plalready started
00407.12.14NR, NT54Plalready started
00507.12.14NR, NT39Pl
00607.12.14NR, NT32Pl
00707.12.14NR, NT36Plalready started
00807.12.14NR, NT20Pl
00907.12.14NR, NT17Pl
01007.12.14NR, NT10Pl
01107.12.14NR, NT72PlLPNight sweeping the ground
01207.12.14NR, NT, NB93Gr
01307.12.14NR, NT, NB85Grdirected scratch
01407.12.14NR, NT, NB283Grdirected push 3.40 NICE
01507.12.14NR, NT, NB36Gr
01607.12.14NR, NT, NB31Gr
01707.12.14NR, NT, NB10Gr
01807.12.14NR, NT, NB20Gr
01907.12.14NR, NT, NB14Gr
02007.12.14NR, NT, NB32GrPl
00408.01.02PS, TK8Gr
00908.01.02NK, ZF1Gr
01008.01.02NK, ZF11Gr
01108.01.02NK, ZF6Gr
02108.01.05KT, LL8Grdirected scratch
02208.01.05KT, LL8Grdirected scratch
02508.01.05KT, LL8Gr
02608.01.05KT, LL8Gr
02808.01.05KT, LL8Gr
03308.01.05KT, LL40Co
03808.01.05KT, LL7Gr
04208.01.05KT, LL9Gr
05008.01.05KT, LL31Gr
06808.01.05DN, MS13Gr
068-108.01.05DN, MS8Gr
07108.01.05DN, MS11Gr
08008.01.05MS, HW13Gr
08208.01.05LL, DN6ConAgr
08308.01.05LL, DN34ConAgr
08408.01.05LL, DN40ConAgr
08508.01.05LL, DN49ConAgr
08808.01.05LL, DN79ConAgrCo
08908.01.05LL9ConLL injuries
09008.01.05LL, DN117Con
09108.01.05LL, DN140Con
09208.01.05LL, DN26ConAf
09308.01.05LL, DN18Con
09408.01.05LL, DN11Con
09508.01.05LL, DN20Conanal rub
09708.01.05LL, DN11Con
09808.01.05LL, DN61Con
09908.01.05LL, DN14Con
10008.01.05LL, DN4Con
10108.01.05LL, DN50ConAgrLola holding injured hand
10208.01.05LL, DN16ConAgr
10308.01.05LL, DN13ConAgrCovery brief - Copulation?
10608.01.05LL, DN63Con
10708.01.05LL, DN43ConAgrCo
10808.01.05LL, DN47Con
10908.01.05LL, DN32Con
11008.01.05LL, DN23ConAgranal rub
11108.01.05LL, DN18Con
11208.01.05LL, DN23Con
11308.01.05LL, DN19Con
11408.01.05LL, DN49Con
11508.01.05LL, DN40ConAgrCo
11708.01.05LL, DN5Con
11808.01.05LL, DN28ConAgrCo
11908.01.05LL, DN35ConAgranal rub x2 NICE
12008.01.05LL, DN10Con
12108.01.05LL, DN45Con
12208.01.05LL, DN37Conanal rub
12308.01.05LL, DN20Con
12408.01.05LL, DN7Con
12608.01.05LL, DN71Con
12708.01.05LL, DN9Con
12908.01.05LL, DN47Con
13008.01.05LL, DN12Con
13108.01.05LL, DN17ConGrtries a different approach..
13208.01.05LL, DN42ConGrLola grooms DN?
13308.01.05LL, DN53Con
13408.01.05LL, DN42Con
13508.01.05LL, DN34ConAgr
13608.01.05LL, DN11Con
13708.01.05LL, DN60ConAgr
13808.01.05LL, DN33ConAgr
13908.01.05LL, DN37Con
14008.01.05LL, DN13Con
14108.01.05LL, DN28Con
14208.01.05LL, DN51ConAgrCo
14308.01.05LL, DN41ConAgranal rub
14408.01.05LL, DN27Con
14608.01.05LL, DN61ConAgrCocopulaiton? Unclear
14708.01.05LL, DN15Con
14808.01.05LL, DN4Con
14908.01.05LL, DN9Conanal rub
15008.01.05LL, DN9ConAgrDN tapping her bottom? Strange
15108.01.05LL, DN8Con
15508.01.05LL, DN15Contrying to avoid other group members that have been heard
15608.01.05LL, DN16ConAgr
15808.01.05LL, DN11ConAgr
15908.01.05LL, DN7Conboth now clearly exhausted
16008.01.05LL, DN28ConIn
16108.01.05LL, DN38Con
16208.01.05LL, DN23Con
16508.01.05LL, DN55Con
16608.01.05LL, DN8Con
16708.01.05LL, DN12ConAgr
16808.01.05LL, DN13Con
16908.01.05LL, DN18Con
17008.01.05LL, DN24ConAgr
17108.01.05LL, DN16ConAgrComock copulation?
17408.01.05LL, DN11Con
17508.01.05LL, DN14Con
17608.01.05LL, DN8Con
17908.01.05LL, DN6ConAgr
18508.01.05LL, DN7Con
18808.01.05LL, DN25Con
19008.01.05LL, DN48ConLL holding hand
19108.01.05LL, DN13ConAgr
19208.01.05LL, DN21ConAgr
19408.01.05LL, DN14Con
19508.01.05LL, DN17Con
19608.01.05LL, DN16Con
19708.01.05LL, DN35ConAgrGrCop? - Lola hears others
20008.01.05LL, DN15Con
20208.01.05LL, DN, NK, MS21Conothers arive - LL calling
20308.01.05NK, LL, DN8Con
20508.01.05NK, DN (LL)49Con
20608.01.05LL19ConReLL cleans wounds w. leaves
20708.01.05LL45ConReLL cleans wounds w. leaves
20808.01.05LL22ConReLL cleans wounds w. leaves
20908.01.05LL47ConReLL cleans wounds w. leaves
21008.01.05LL7ConReLL cleans wounds w. leaves
21608.01.06RE, BH43ReGr
21708.01.06RE, BH35Re
21808.01.06RE, BH13Re
22608.01.06TK, NR, ZL19TrDi
22708.01.06BT, BH21Re
24808.01.06KZ, KW17Gr
25108.01.06KZ, KW14Grdirected push good
26308.01.06KZ ,KW18GrRe
27408.01.06MK, MI, RE27ReGr
27508.01.06H, KC, KL, KM, MK, MI, RE44ReGr
27608.01.06MK, MI, RE13Grdirected scratch
28208.01.06MK, MI, RE31Tr
28408.01.06MK, MI39Tr
00108.01.06RE, MK, MI20DiRe
00208.01.06MK, MI8Tr
00608.01.06BH, DN24Re
00708.01.06BH, DN27Re
02208.01.09KI, KK48ReInKI self inspects then Kuki inspects her
02308.01.09KI, KK27ReInKI self inspects
03808.01.09KI, ZK6Co
05708.01.10KI, KK12Re
06108.01.10KW, NK, KC, KL39GrRe
06208.01.10KW, KB, NK, KC, KL40ReKB sick?
06708.01.10KW, KB, KZ55GrKB sick?
06908.01.10NT, NR18PlTr
07708.01.11DN, KM7Ago
08208.01.11DN, NK, MA, BB, MS25Grbig grooming party
08408.01.11DN, MA, BB123Grdirected pushes x3 nice
08708.01.11MK, MI, 47Gr
09708.01.11KR, MK23AgoFe
00108.01.11MK, WL, KR32RaAgoWilma comforts Karo
00208.01.11KR, MK, WL, MS48RaAgoAgr
00308.01.11NT, NB, KR20RaAgo
00608.01.11NT, MI18Pl
00808.01.11MK, MI, MS33RaAgo
01108.01.11MK, MI17RaRevocalising
01308.01.11BH, KR, NK, RE, KW70RaAgo
01408.01.11KR, MS10RaAgo
01508.01.11KR, MS14RaAgo
01608.01.11KR, MS18RaAgoKaro gets so worked up she falls over 🙂
01808.01.11KR, MS28RaAgo
02208.01.11ZF, KW, KR, KZ54RaAgo
03008.01.11ZF, ZM16Ra
03208.01.11ZF, ZM9Ra
03308.01.11ZF, SA, KW, KZ, KR29Ra
03608.01.11ZF, SA13Ra
03708.01.11ZF, SA14Radirected push
03908.01.11ZF, KM15RaAgo
04108.01.11MA, KM, KZ, ZF24RaAgo
04408.01.11KB, KZ9PlRa
04608.01.11KM, ZF, MA16RaKM steals some scraps of rafia
04708.01.11KM, ZF, MA35RaBeg
04808.01.11KM, ZF, MA10RaGr
051-108.01.11PS, KL, KC, KM, KA24RaAgo
05608.01.11KL, MA, KM, PS, BH72RaAgr
05908.01.11KM, KR33RaAgr
06208.01.11KM, KR, BH, KL54RaAgr
06508.01.11KC, KL, KM118RaLp
07208.01.11HT, HL48Ra
07308.01.11HT, HL, HY17Ra
07708.01.11HT, HY5Radirected push
07808.01.11HT, HY8Ra
08308.01.11HT, HY10Ra
09008.01.11PS, HT, HY, HL, KM52RaAgo
09108.01.11PS, HT, HY, HL, KM55RaAgo
10208.01.11SE, KR, ZF21Ra
12508.01.11HL, HT, HY, KL12Ra
12608.01.11HT, HL3Ra
12708.01.11HT, HL5Ra
13108.01.11HT, HL10Radirected push
13208.01.11HT, HL5Ra
13308.01.11HT, HL54Radirected push
13408.01.11HT, HL, KM, HY36Radirected push
13608.01.11HT, HL, HY55Radirected push
13708.01.11HT, HL, HY80Radirected push
13808.01.11HT, HL, HY13Ra
14208.01.11HT, HL, HY53Raritualised directed push?? HT no longer toushes HL
14508.01.11HT, HL, HY31Ra
15108.01.11HT, HL, HY12Radirected push
15208.01.11HT, HL, HY21Radirected push
15608.01.11HT, HL, HY10Rais HL begging or just trying to pick the pieces
16108.01.11HL, KL, KM9RaAgo
20208.01.14MN, FL, ML, FK58GrPl
20408.01.14FL, MN, FA26GrPl
20508.01.14FL, MN, FA11GrPl
20908.01.14ML, FL, MN, FK, FA18GrPl
21008.01.14ML, MN, FL, FA, FK34GrPl
21208.01.14FL, FK34Grdirected scratches
21408.01.14FL, FK8Gr
21608.01.14FL, FK8Grdirected scratches
22108.01.15NR, BB54Rewith Lola's body - looking down
22408.01.15BB56Rewith Lola's body - looking down and smelling tree
22808.01.15KZ35Rewith Lola's body - looking down
22908.01.15KZ30Rewith Lola's body - looking down
23108.01.15NB, BB, KZ53Rewith Lola's body - looking down
23408.01.15KZ11Rewith Lola's body - looking down
23808.01.15KZ, KW, KR21Rewith Lola's body - looking down
24108.01.15KZ9Rewith Lola's body - looking down
24208.01.15NR14Rewith Lola's body - looking down
24308.01.15BB, NB10Rewith Lola's body - looking down
24608.01.15NB, NT, BB22Rewith Lola's body - looking down
24708.01.15BB44Diwith Lola's body
24808.01.15Marion and FA's14with Lola's body
24908.01.15KM, BH18DiRewith Lola's body - looking down
25008.01.15KM, KL14Rewith Lola's body - looking down
25708.01.15KW, KB, NR15Rewith Lola's body - looking down
25808.01.15KW12Diwith Lola's body - looking down
26308.01.15KW33Diwith Lola's body - looking down
26408.01.15KM, NT14Plwith Lola's body
26608.01.15KM, NT53Plwith Lola's body
26708.01.15KM, NT, KR45Plwith Lola's body
26808.01.15KM, NT38Plwith Lola's body
26908.01.15KM, NT, KR48Plwith Lola's body
27008.01.15KR, KM20Plwith Lola's body
27108.01.15KR, KM10Plwith Lola's body
27508.01.15KL, KC21Rewith Lola's body - looking down
27708.01.15NR23Diwith Lola's body - looking down
27808.01.15BH14Diwith Lola's body
27908.01.15NB, NT39Rewith Lola's body
28008.01.15NB, NT7Rewith Lola's body
28208.01.15NT, NK, KR27PlReDiwith Lola's body
28308.01.15NT, NK, KR63PlRewith Lola's body
00208.01.15JT13Diwith Lola's body
00308.01.15JT19Diwith Lola's body
00608.01.15KL, KC10Rewith Lola's body
00708.01.15MS93Diwith Lola's body
00808.01.15MS21Diwith Lola's body
01108.01.15KM, NT28Diwith Lola's body
01308.01.15KM24Diwith Lola's body - KM approaches
01508.01.15NT, NR15Rewith Lola's body - looking down
01608.01.15MS15Diwith Lola's body
01708.01.15NB, NT20Trwith Lola's body - looking down
01808.01.15KM, NR38Diwith Lola's body
01908.01.15KM, NR, KL, KC71DiKL smells body
02008.01.15KM, BH27TrBH smells body
02408.01.15LL4IDLola's body
02508.01.15ZL14Rewith Lola's body - looking down
02608.01.15ZL5Diwith Lola's body
02708.01.15ZL8Diwith Lola's body
03308.01.15ZD, ZL65ReGrwith Lola's body
03608.01.15ZD, ZL21Grwith Lola's body (directed scratch)
03708.01.15ZD, ZL37Grwith Lola's body
04008.01.15HW34Resmells Lola's body
04208.01.15JN18Rewith Lola's body - looking down
04608.01.15JT43Reinspects Lola's body
04708.01.15ZL17Trinspects Lola's body
04808.01.15BB, NK23Trapproach Lola's body - v. nervous
04908.01.15BB17Rewith Lola's body - looking down
05008.01.15BB, NK140Reinspects Lola's body
05508.01.15NK18Resmells leaves near Lola's body
055-108.01.15NK96Diwith Lola's body
05608.01.15KR66Trtouches Lola's body
06208.01.15KW, KB52Discreaming in tree above LL body
06308.01.15KR28Diwith Lola's body
06908.01.15KW, KB16Rewith Lola's body - looking down
00408.01.18KC, KM, KL, BH20ReTr
00508.01.18NK, KL, BH, KM42GrBH and KM peering intently at grooming
00608.01.18KM, NK, KL, BH, NB, NT23GrAgoNB arrives and takes over grooming
00708.01.18NK, KM, BH, NR34Reeveryone peers at kumi - unlcear what she has
01508.01.18BH, NK, KM, KC, Kl, NB, NT48GrRe
015-108.01.18KM, NK, BH, KL, NT, KC, NB40GrPl
02208.01.18KL, KC, KM, NT, BH53PlRe
02408.01.18KM, BH, KL46TeShBH supports KL 'pilerfering' from her
02608.01.18KM, KC25Plalready started
02708.01.18NT, KM, KC, KL48PlTr
02808.01.18KM, NT30Plalready started
02908.01.18KM, BH23Plalready started
03008.01.18KM, NR11Plalready started
03108.01.18NR, KM18Plalready started
031-108.01.18NT, KM, NR57Pl
03208.01.18KC, NT, KM, NR49PlTr
03508.01.18NR, KM, Nt39Pl
03708.01.18birds eggs and nest32birds eggs
04108.01.18NR, NT22Plalready started
041-108.01.18NR, NT10PlGralready started
04208.01.18NB, NT22Gr
042-108.01.18NB, NT11Gr
04508.01.18KR16TrReto whom?
04808.01.18NT, NR23Ls
04908.01.18NR, NT, NB10ReKW screaming - snared
05008.01.18KW and others132DiKW screaming - snared
05208.01.19KM, Kl7Re
10208.01.20DN, ZK, ZG, ZM119ConDianal rub
10308.01.20DN, ZM, ZK60ConDiIn
10408.01.20DN, ZM, ZK91ConDi
10508.01.20DN, ZM, ZK34ConDi
10708.01.20DN, ZM, ZK29ConDi
10808.01.20DN, ZM5ConDiZm unseen
10908.01.20DN, ZM, ZK28ConDi
11008.01.20DN, ZM, ZK36ConDiZM vocalising for help
11108.01.20DN, ZM, ZK13Conanal rub
11208.01.20DN, ZM, ZK48ConAgrZm vocalises and DN attacks her
11308.01.20DN, ZM, ZK9ConAgr
11408.01.20ZM11ConAgraudio ZM screaming
11508.01.20DN, ZM, ZK21ConAgrZm vocalises and DN attacks her - anal rub
11608.01.20DN, ZM, ZK13Con
11708.01.20ZM64ConAgraudio ZM screaming
11808.01.20DN, ZM, ZK129ConIn
11908.01.20DN, ZM, ZK31ConDi
12008.01.20DN, ZM, ZK39ConDi
12108.01.20DN, ZM, ZK5Con
12208.01.20DN, ZM, ZK19ConInanal rub
12308.01.20DN, ZM, ZK11ConIn
12408.01.20DN, ZM9Conanal rub
12508.01.20DN, ZM, ZK14ConDi
12708.01.20DN, ZM, ZK62ConDi
12808.01.20DN, ZM, ZK45ConDi
12908.01.20DN, ZM, ZK32ConAgr
13008.01.20DN, ZM, ZK2ConAgr
13108.01.20DN, ZM, ZK26ConAgr
13208.01.20DN, ZM, ZK115ConDi
13308.01.20DN, ZM, ZK35ConDianal rub
13508.01.20DN, ZM, ZK35ConDianal rub
13808.01.20DN, ZM, ZK12Conanal rub
13908.01.20DN, ZM, ZK63ConDianal rub
14008.01.20DN, ZM, ZK21Conothers vocalising
14208.01.20DN, ZM, ZK12ConDianal rub
14308.01.20DN, ZM, ZK22ConDi
14408.01.20DN, ZM, ZK11ConDianal rub
14508.01.20DN, ZM, ZK65ConDianal rub
14708.01.20DN, ZM, ZK9ConDi
14808.01.20DN, ZM, ZK84ConDiIn
15008.01.20DN, ZM, ZK30ConDi
15108.01.20DN, ZM, ZK23ConDi
15208.01.20ZM, ZG16ConTrZG arrives with help
15408.01.20DN, ZM, ZK26Conothers arriving
15508.01.20DN, ZM, ZK20Conothers arriving
15608.01.20ZK, TK, ZG, DN41ConAffothers arriving
15708.01.20DN, ZM, ZK, TK85ConDiTK follows ZM too
16008.01.20DN, ZM, ZK, TK, GS13ConRe
16308.01.20DN, ZM, ZK46ConDi
16408.01.20DN, ZM, ZK39ConDianal rub
16808.01.20DN, ZM46ConGrZm injured?
17108.01.20DN, ZM56ConGr
17308.01.20DN, ZM, ZK81ConDi
17408.01.20DN, ZM, ZK68ConDi
17508.01.20DN, ZM, ZK16ConDi