Our video database

The Great Ape Dictionary video database currently contains ~35,000 catalogued video clips and we are regularly collecting and cataloguing more. We consider these videos to be a data ark that we would like to make as accessible as possible. While we are unable to make the original video files open access at the present time you can search this database to explore what is available, and then request access for collaborations of different kinds by contacting us.

We label all videos in the Great Ape Dictionary video archive with basic meta-data on the location, date, duration, individuals present, and behaviour present. Version 1.0.0 contains current data from the Budongo East African chimpanzee population (n=13806 videos). These datasets are being updated regularly. As well as the database there is a second read.me file which contains the ethograms used for each variable coded, and a short summary of other datasets that are in preparation for subsequent version(s). If you are interested in these data please contact us.

We’re working to make this searchable online, but for now you can access the latest version of the database here. You can then use this form to request access to the video footage specific to your project.